Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Clinical Facility Management at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)

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1.0. Background
The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, is the only State-owned Tertiary Institution providing Specialist Healthcare to Lagosians. Established in 1999 with a vision is to provide high quality health care services in a friendly environment where patients’ satisfaction is the ultimate. The 660-bedded facility offers services in multitude of specialties.

Sprawled across several acres of land, the Institution consists of various buildings housing the various out-patients, surgical, diagnostic and administrative services.

In compliance with international best practices, LASUTII wishes to continue the culture of facility management to ensure professional maintenance of its structures.

2.0. Objectives
  • To provide the required clinical facility management support to facilitate the efficient functioning of all medical equipment within LASUTH.
  • To attain the maintenance and repairs of all medical equipment including the replacement of spare parts.

3.0 Scope of Work

The services to be provided are;
The company would ensure the provision of service technicians to perform maintenance activities and entre a 4-6 hour response to a call-out on faulty equipment.
The Equipment Management System to be followed include;

A. Medical Equipment Documentation
  • On commencement of operations and receipt of jointly audited equipment, all relevant information will be documented to provide a valuable database of manual and contract details.
  • The title of the user(s) responsible for the operation and management of each piece of equipment should be clearly indicated on the tag or label.

B. Maintenance and Support
Maintenance must be carried out specifications with use of OEM spare parts and can depending on tyre of equipment and need, be jointly determined as scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

(I). Preventive Maintenance
  • On a quarterly basis, equipment will be checked, cleaned, adjusted and serviced with operational checks carried out to ensure optimal performance and when found to be necessary, parts will be replaced.
  • Power surge protectors (Ups etc.) for the equipment must be replaced on a yearly basis to ensure adequate protection of government investment.

(ii). Corrective Maintenance
  • Actual repairs of any faulty equipment or breakdowns outside of the schedules preventive maintenance (unless otherwise earmarked as the responsibility of the supplier or under the warranty period) with an agreed upon ceiling for cost of spare-parts/repairs to be effected.

(iii). Orientation for Medical Equipment Users
  • Orientation of the effective use of equipment must be conducted for relevant health users especially with change of staff (through employment or deployment)
  • Operational methodology for sustenance and environmental consideration

(iv). Medical Maintenance and Support Documentation
  • Documentation must be provided for both preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Documentation must be provided for OEM support agreement and warranty
  • Check list of maintenance activities and the relevant individual log books (or maintenance records) detailing calibration exercises conducted, quality control procedure carried out as well as maintenance activities implemented are to be duly filled for record purposes
  • Equipment job card must be issued for each encounter to give a log and history of the particular equipment in question.
  • Work order sheets must be issued in the event of an equipment failure/breakdown

C. Quality Assurance
Calibration, safety and performances Measurement of equipment must be routinely undertaken and strictly adhered to.

4.0. Requirement
All intending Clinical Facility Managers are expected to have relevant Professional experience in the managerial/maintenance of a health facility with similar capacity. In addition, each applicant must provides:
  • Certificate of incorporation/Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission including Articles of Association
  • Current Tax clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years including for the Directors
  • Evidence of Company Financial Standing and 3 audited financial report for the past 3 years
  • Evidence of current Registered with State Consultancy Board/State Tenders Board in appropriate category of Consultant/Contractor
  • Profile of organizations including list and relevant Academic Qualification(s) of Directors
  • Evidence of successful facilities management with maintenance skill in a Health Facility with similar capacity of Medicine of International/Local standard with a minimum of (5) years experience in such institution
  • Evidence of previous but similar job done in the last three (3) years
  • Evidence of Registration with relevant Professional Body(ies) (of both the organization and individual Directors)

5.0. General Information:
  • Applicants are to submit five (5) copies of all documents specified above and a soft copy on a CD- ROM
  • All enquiries regarding the details about this advertisement should be directed to: The Chief Medical Director, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, 1-5 Oba Akinjobi Rd, Ikeja, Lagos between 10.00am and 4.00pmfrom Monday to Friday.

6.0. Closing Date

27th February, 2013

7.0. Submission
All submissions for the Expression of Interest should be in sealed Envelope and marked Expression Of Interest In The Facility Manager For Management And Maintenance Of Biomedical And Clinical Equipment: Lagos State University Teaching Hospital and submitted either by Hand Or Courier Services to reach the address stated below.

The Chief Medical Director
Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)
1-5 Oba Akinjobi Road Ikeja, Lagos

It should be noted that this invitation does not constitute commitment on the part of Lagos State Government and / or the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital to award the project to any consortia expressing interest. Furthermore, the submission of documents shall not entitle any of the interested parties to any claims against LSG and / or LSMH by virtue of such consortia having responded to the EOI invitation.

Alt costs incurred by respondents as a result of this £01 invitation and any subsequent request for information shall be respondent’s account only.

Prof. D. Adewale Oke
Chief Medical Director