Grannts Program - A call for Expression of lnterest/ Concept Paper

Posted by Chinyere on Tue 19th Feb, 2013 -

Despite obstacles to peace in many parts of the Niger Delta region, there are also pockets of peace to be celebrated and promoted. In some places, these pockets occur as a result of the efforts of committed individuals and organizations determined to generate their own solutions to conflict in their communities. These efforts represent the seeds of a lasting peace which Partners for Peace (P4P) seeks to cultivate.

P4P is a project of the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND). The P4P project is designed to identify and facilitate a network of organizations and individuals committed to promoting peace and reducing conflict in the Niger Delta. The project comprises 3 components: Voice, Network and Action. It facilitates its work by:
  • Recognizing and sharing the experiences of those whose livelihoods are affected by conflict
  • Recognizing and sharing successful efforts at addressing conflict in the Niger Delta
  • Supporting, strengthening and replicating successful efforts at reducing conflict in communities in the Niger Delta
  • Facilitating the development and growth of a multi-stakeholder network of people who can learn from each other and generate collective action for promoting peaceable livelihoods
  • We call on organizations and individuals throughout the Niger Delta to submit proposals for small grants to scale or replicate existing efforts in conflict assessment, conflict early warning, conflict management, or conflict prevention.
  • These efforts can be orIented in peace building efforts, conflict prevention I management, economic development, advocac or mediation. The goal of the small grants program is to promote social capital -  a culture of peace - to create an enabling environment for market-led development across the region.

Application Closing Date
15th March 2013

How To Apply
If you would like to apply for a small grant, please visit the foflowng  and download the attached Request for Concept Form and send all relevant documentation to: If your concept is in line with P4P’s approach and objectives, we will follow up with a request that you send a full application.