Invitation for Tender for Security Company at AES Nigeria Barge Limited

Posted by Chinyere on Thu 21st Feb, 2013 -

AES Nigeria Barge Limited (“AESNBL”), an Independent Power Producer in Lagos, Nigeria with generating capacity of 2S4MW invites reputable security service companies (“Security Company”) to bid for the provision of security services within the premises of its power plant, estate and residents in Lagos and Surroundings. The Security Company will report to AESNBL’s Security Coordinator

Scope of Work
1. Supply of Fixed Security Guards
2. Quick Reaction Force
  • The Security Company will have a permanent 24/7 response capability
  • Its vehicle will have radio link and communications to the Security Company command and control room
  • The Security Company will have a VIP escort vehicle.

3. Alarm systems and response for residences and Estates. This will entail:
  • Minimum 2X (via radio communications) fixed alarm keypad installed that is able to activate, de-activate or initiate panic in selected zones within a residence and estates
  • Magnetic monitoring tags installed on all lower floor windows and doors
  • Motion sensors installed
  • An audible siren installed to deter intruders
  • Allocation of a remote panic button to each resident and estate building which on activation initiates a set response from the Security Company in the form of police, security personnel and communications to the resident from the Central Security Control assigned to or at that residents alarm and panic system
  • All panic ms and monitoring tags are linked to central Security control under the direct control of the Security Company
  • Security Patrol vehicles and quick response officers are assigned to monitor and perform rapid intervention duties 24/7 this is a dedicated functions and should be Bated to and supported by the local police in that area

4.) Management and Supervision
  • The security team at the site must include a contract manager and a supervisor at all times to control the activities of the overall team
  • The security team must be supervised by a designated operations manager who would visit the Siteon a regular basis and liaise directly with AESNBL’s representative. There would be regular minute meetings to record the prowess of the assignment
  • The Security Company must designate the communications and operations center which will manage the contract. This center should be located within 20km radius of the site.
  • The Security Company must accept and act on any recommendations made by AESNBL’s representative following any failure highlighted about security officers whilst on duty.

5.) Personnel: All personnel of the Security Company must be
  • aged between 20 and 40 years
  • proven to be of sound mental and physical health and fitness
  • proven not to be colour blind
  • of sound educational background
  • able to communicate clearly, orally and in writing
  • poised and even tempered
  • decisive and possess initiative.

Interested reputable companies with cognate experience in the industry are invited to register and collect the documents from:

The Security Coordinator
AES Nigeria Barge Limited,
PHCN Compound, Egbin Thermal Station
Via Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Proposal Package
Interested companies are required to submit the information specified below in order to qualify for consideration. Incomplete submissions may lead to disqualification.
  • Copies of Corporate Registration Documents (Certificate of incorporation, Form C02. COT, VAT Registration Certificate, most current tax clearance certificate and memorandum and articles of association
  • List of similar jobs carried out, if any
  • Organizational structure of the company including names of managerial staff, their qualifications and cognate experience
  • Audited Accounts for the preceding three (3) years;
  • Full details of the Company’s profile, which should include the names, telephone number(s), website, E-mail addresses and verifiable contact addresses.
  • Reference Letter from a Reputable Bank.

Submission of Bid Documents and Closing Date for Submission
The bid document must be submitted no 6th March, 2013 with a non-refundable fee of N4,000 in Bank Draft (drawn in favour of AES Nigeria Barge Limited). The package must be hand delivered and addressed to:

The Procurement Manager
AES Nigeria Barge Limited,
PHCN Compound, Egbin Thermal Station
Via lkorodu, Lagos State

Please Note that
  • Late submissions will not be entertained
  • AESNBL is neither committed nor obliged to consider any company or to engage the services of any of the companies submitting bids.
  • AESNBL is not bound to accept the lowest or any other tender.
  • AESNBL reserves the right to inspect or verify information submitted as it deems necessary and reject any or all of the bids.
  • AESNBL will only correspond the companies that are successful in their bids.
  • AESNBL will only correspond with the duly authorised officers of the companies and not agents or persons acting on their behalf.