Invitation to Tender for Procurement of Goods/Rehabilitation and Completion of Construction Works in Respect of 2013 Regular Capital Budget

Posted by Chinyere on Tue 26th Feb, 2013 -

The Management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokota is desirous of procurement of items of Furniture and Fittings, 2000KVA Gen. Set and 2MVA Transformer, Medical Equipment and Instruments, Completion of Rehabilitation of Medical Gas Pipeline, Hospital Road Network, Argungu Rural Health Centre Road Network, Institute of Child Health (UDUTH) and Rehabilitation of Main Clinic and Staff Quarters at Rural Health Centre, Argungu. In addition, the Management also requires to complete the Upgrading of Hospital Telecommunication Network and Remodelling of the Minor Theatres.

Project Description
The projects which are for Procurement, Completion of Construction Works and Rehabilitation Works are of different Lots and are as follows:

Lot 1:
Procurement of Furniture and Fittings for Donated Medical Library.
  • Office Tables & Chairs
  • 1 ½ HP Split A/Cs
  • Scanners
  • Desktop Computers (Complete Systems)
  • Office Fridges
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers

Lot 2:
Completion of Upgrading of Hospital Telecommunication Network to cover Donated Medical Library and other Service Areas of the Hospital.
  • Excavation
  • Underground Cabling (Housing Estate)
  • Distribution frame with chrome magazines
  • Line protector
  • Library Surveillance System

Lot 3:
Procurement of 2000KVA Gag. Set and 2MVA Transformer (1 No each) to serve Newly Constructed Students’ Hostel, Multipurpose Centre and Critical Areas of the Hospital.

Gen. Set
  • 2000KVA
  • 12V Charge alternator
  • Dry type filter
  • Micro processor control panel
  • Alternator power-20wen- 2080 KVA
  • 12V battery rack & cable
  • Model-MPS2000-1
  • Standby power-2200 KVA
  • Alternator-Stanford make - P1734F
  • Stamford alternator
  • Skid and vibration Isolators
  • Main line circuit breaker
  • Key starter panel
  • 4pole MCB
  • 8hr Operation base tank
  • Prime Power 2000 KVA
  • Engine-4016TAG2
  • Engine Main power- 2208 KVA

  • 630 mm2 x 70mm 2 cables
  • - 4000Acharge over
  • -4000AGearswitch
  • - 4000A circuit breaker

Lot 4:
Completion of Rehabilitation of Medical Gas Pipeline.
  • Replacement of entire Medical Gas Supply lines to critical areas
  • Replacement of On-line Valves

Lot 5:
Procurement of Medical Equipment and Dressing Instruments for Completed Amenity Ward and Brachytheraphy Block.
  • Portable X-Ray Machines
  • Ultra-Soun4 Machine
  • Electrocardiograph (ECG) Machine
  • Endoscope Machine
  • Echo Machine

Lot 6:
Completion of Construction of Brachytheraphy Block.
  • Completion of Block works
  • Mechanical and Electrical Fittings
  • Finishing

Lot 7:
Completion of Construction of Perimeter Wall at Argungu Rural Health Centre.
  • Excavation
  • Blinding & foundation strip
  • Block work
  • Copping
  • Security fence wire
  • Rendering Painting

Lot 8:

Completion of Rehabilitation of Hospital Road Network.
  • Patching of potholes
  • Clearing of existing surface
  • Scarifying
  • 75mmAsphalting
  • Drain channels
  • Road marking

Lot 9:
Completion of Rehabilitation of Argungu Rural Health Centre Road Network.
  • Clear top soli
  • Laterite
  • and compacting
  • Road dressing I surfacing with 12mm aggregates
  • Concrete kerbs with backing
  • Drains

Lot 10:
Remodelling of Minor Theatres to serve as Brachytheraphy Machine Dome.
  • Dismantling of existing structures
  • Block work partitioning
  • External walls - doors & windows
  • Installation of equipment
  • Painting and decoration

Lot 11:
Rehabilitation of Main Clinic and Staff Quarters at Rural Health Centre, Argungu.
  • Reroofing
  • Mending of roof leakages & curling Repairs
  • Repair of floors
  • Mending of cracks
  • Remedial work on roof gutters
  • Plumbing works
  • Electrical works
  • Painting and decoration

Lot 12:
Completion of Rehabilitation of Institute of Child Health.
  • Demolitions
  • Retiling
  • Plumbing Repairs/Works
  • Electrical Repairs/Works
  • Water Reticulation
  • Borehole repairs
  • Partitioning
  • Windows & doors repairs
  • Painting and decorating

3.) Tender Qualification
The following are the qualifications of would be Contractors.
  • Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Company Profile reflecting executive capacity, plant and equipment owned and personnel.
  • Must show evidence of previous experience in construction and supply.
  • Must present the last Three (3) Years Tax Clearance Certificates.
  • Company’s VAT Registration Certificate,
  • Payment of non-refundable Tender Bid Fee of N25,000.00 for each Lot tendered for.
  • Submission of 2% Bid Security (for Lot 3 & 5) only.
  • Evidence of Certificate of Compliance issued by National Pension Commission, in compliance with the provision of Section 16(b) (d) of the Public Procurement Act (2007) as amended.
    • Evidence of Compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Act Section 6 (i - iii) as amended,

4.) Closing Date/Submission
  • Interested Contractors/Supplies should contact the Office of the Assistant Director, Procurement Planning in the Administrative Block of the Hospital for payment of Tender Bid Fee and Assistant Director Works and Services for collection of necessary documents.
  • Tender Bid submission addressed to the Chief Medical Director, UDUTH, Sokoto should be sealed arid clearly marked “T.B” and delivered/slotted into the Tender Box, in the Administration Block Entrance Lobby.
  • The submission for Tender Bid must be made within 8th April, 2013
Assistant Director (Procurement Planning)
For: Chief Medical Director