Solicitation For Pre-Qualification Of Contractors

Posted by Chinyere on Wed 27th Feb, 2013 -

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in furtherance of its mandate is planning to undertake a developmental project for the even, rapid and sustainable development of the Niger Delta Region and is seeking to hire specialist contractor for the execution of the under listed project.  The NDDC, therefore request for the solicitation for prequalification from top flight, knowledgeable, competent and experienced contractors whose areas of competence and core business fall within the project classification.
The projects are:

Project Description | State
  1. Construction of Esit Eket internal roads phase 2. Akwa Ibom
  2. Construction of link Road (22km) from Coast to Apoi Creek in Southern Ijaw | Bayelsa
  3. Foreshore wall / Reclamation at Abari in Delta State | Delta
  4. Sand filling and Land Reclamation of Torugbene Burutu | Delta
  5. Construction of Udo Ofunma Ajakuroma Road with link Bridge across Ofunma Phase 2to connect Ofunma and Ogbodu/Ogbiribri communities of Delta State (22km) | Delta
  6. Umuekemai-Agbeja Umullabia Eke Umuada-Orgi Road with Loop from Umuezeala-Umukahia Ngboroko Road, Mbano | Imo
  7. Sandfilling and shore protection/ land reclamation works at Ogan Ama, Dumo in Okirika LGA | Rivers
  8. Dualization of Edepie Junction to Kolo/Oloibiri Phase 1 | Bayelsa
Solicitation For Pre-Qualification

Every interested and suitably qualified contractor with real operating and relevant experience is invited to submit its solicitation for pre-qualification document to be used for pre-qualification exercise

A. Corporate

  • Evidence of registration with CAC
  • Clear indication of a verifiable head office address
  • Corporate profile of the company indicating ownership structure
  • A confirmable evidence of up-to-date Annual Returns;
  • A confirmable VAT certificate with evidence of remittance;
  • A confirmable evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate for the past 3 years duly certified by FIRS
  • Proof of contribution to ITF
  • Sworn affidavit that the company is not bankcrupt
  • Sworn Affidavit that the contractor/key personnel are not ex-convicts or bankrupt
  • Evidence of financial capability and banking support including banks reference and recent statement of account
  • A statement of interest including a statement of availability to undertake the job (within agreed time frame)
  • An undertaking/ Assurance for the delivery of the project in line with project brief.

B. Technical

  1. Area(s) of specialty
  2. Technical capability of the company/including CV/photocopies of certificates of relevant staff
  3. Evidence of track records in the execution of similar projects
  4. Evidence of payment for similar job done in the past with verifiable names and telephone numbers of contact persons from the awarding institutions
  5. CASHES and quality Assurance policy of the company.
  6. Any other relevant information that will facilitate the evaluation of the company.

Evaluation Criteria
Contractors are expected to comply with the above requirements as failure may lead to the cancelation of the contractor’s submission.  Contractors are to submit only genuine and verifiable documents as contractors who submits fake or fraudulently obtained documents will be disqualified and the attention of relevant security agencies may be drawn.  All solicitation for prequalification will be based on the contractor’s technical and corporate capabilities.

Other Relevant Information

  • The selection of contractors for this project will follow the provision and procedures outlined in the Public Procurement Act 2007.
  • Only Contractors who have been successfully pre-qualified will proceed to the next stage of the procurement process and would be duly notified through a publication on the NDDC official website
  • Contractors can seek clarifications or request for additional information by writing to the office listed below before the deadline of the submission, from 11 am to 4pm Mondays through Fridays (except public holidays)
  • Contractors are advised not to try to influence the selection process as this will lead to their immediate disqualification.  Such contractors may also be barred from seeking other job opportunities from the Commission.
  • All cost incurred by any Contractor in the preparation and submission of the document are to be borne entirely by the Contractor.
  • The Commission reserves the right to reject any/all of the documents and to terminate the entire selection process at any time without any liability to the Commission.

Closing Date
Wednesday, April 9th 2013

Validity of the Expression of Interest
Solicitation for pre-qualification written in English language must be submitted in an addressed envelope marked at the top left corner “SOLICITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION” to the address stated below 

The Managing Director/CEO
Niger Delta Development Commission
167, Aba Road, Port Harcourt
Rivers State