Re-Invitation for Pre-qualification and Tender for the Projects at Federal Capital Development authority, Abuja

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Federal Capital Development authority, Abuja, Nigeria
Office of the Executive secretary

Re-Invitation for Pre-qualification and Tender for the Following Projects

This is an invitation to all competent and reputable Construction Companies with interest in Constructing a Concrete Fence to the Residence of the Honourabie Minister FCT and the Rehabilitation and Upgrading of the Palaces of Four Chiefs at Abaji, Karshi, Bwari and Gwagwalada to submit their pre-qualification bidsin line with the new requirements recently approved by BPP.

2. Description of Works
Lot I: Construction of reinforced Concrete Perimeter Fence and Accessories to the Residence of the Honourable Minister, FCT.
lot II: Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Chief Palace at Abaji.
Lot III: Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Chief Palace at Karshi.
Lot IV: Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Chief Palace at Bwari.
Lot V: Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Chief Palace at Gwagwalada.

3. Scope of Works
3.1 The Scope of Works for Lot I is as follows:
The Reconstruction work comprises excavating for new line fence; casting reinforced concrete foundation and mounting precast concrete columns and panel walls complete with plastering and painting; installation of high quality Gate and repair of the existing Gate House. The works also include the provision of electrified wire to the top of the fence wall.

3.2 The Scope of Works for Lot II- V are as follows:
The works are of simple nature and involve the renovation of some facilities which includes but not limited to painting, removal and replacement of dilapidated building fabrics. Additional facilities comprising the construction of new works with reinforced concrete and blocks bedded and jointed in cement mortar (1:6)on strip foundation and plastered both sides and painted in emulsion.

4. Collection of Bid Documents
Interested Companies are to collect tender documents from the office of the Director Department o Procurement, FCDA Area 11 Garki Abuja upon the evidence of payment of non-refundable fee of N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Naira only) for LOT I and N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira only) for each of LOTS II-V in favour of Federal Capital Development Authority for each Lot in Aso Savings and Loans PLC. Companies that had made these payments based on the initial advertisement should use the original receipt for clearance.

5.1 Technical Proposals
Interested Companies are invited to express their interest in NOT more than one lot by submitting the following documents:

(a) Evidence of incorporation of the Company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) including Articles and Memorandum of Association of the company and upto date Annual retums with the CAC (forms C02 & C07 to be included)

(b) The Company must show evidence of the following:
(i) Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years supplied with the company’s Tax identification Number (TIN) 
(ii)Pension and Social Security Contributions
(iii) Registration with Pencom.
(iv) Remittance to pension fund Administrator

(c) A sworn Affidavit to the effect that;
(i) The Company is not in receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy.
(ii) The Company does not have any Directors who has been convicted by any court in Nigeria and any other country for criminal offence in relation to fraud or Financial impropriety.
(iii) No present or former Director of the company is a shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in any of the relevant commttees of the FCDA or BPP.
(iv) All the documents submitted for the pre-qualification bid are not only genuine but correct.

(d) A chart indicating the number and categories of Nigerians that are to be employed by the company on this project.

(e) Evidence of payment of Training Contributions to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

(f) Evidence of compliance with the Employees’ Compensation Act; i.e. Remittance of 1%of the total emolunnent of your workers to the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).

(g) Audited Account of the Company for the last three (3) years Duly endorsed by a firm of Chartered Accountants.

(h) List and verifiable documentary evidences of similar and other jobs succeesfuty executed (or being executed) within the last three years including their letters of award, contract agreements and relevant completion certificates or certificates of valuation where the jobs are on-going.

(i) Verifiable list of major construction equipment and facilities including registration numbers, chassis numbers, location (where they can be inspected) and remark on whether these are owned, hired or leased.

(j) List of key technical personnel stating their roles, designation, qualifications and years of experience with the guarantee that a minimum of three(3) relevant Registered Professionals shall be deployed to the project. Copies of endorsed educational and professional certificates of key staff are to be attached.

(k) Company's policy on Community Social responsibility with verifiable evidence.

(I) Letter aulhorizing FCDA’s representatives to cross-check The submitted company's Bank account.

(m) Bank statement of the company for the last one (1 ) year.

(n) Interested companies must show evidence ot their ability to Perform under restricted high security environment and the capability of providing temporary enclosure to the property during construction.

NB: Originals of documents 5.1 (a-f) above must be produced for sighting during the opening session.
PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBMISSION OF FAKE DOCUMENTS IS A FRAUDULENT PRACTICE WHICH IS PUNISHABLE UNDER THE RELEVANT LAWS. All companies will be assessed strictly on proofs of documents submitted to back up their claims.
(ii) Documents provided in response to .5.1 (a-n) should be arranged as LISTED

5.2. Financial Proposals
The following documents shall be issued to interested Companies as the specifications required for the Financial Proposals.
(a) A set of drawings for the works giving the specifications required for the construction.
(b) A blank copy of the Bills of Quantities for the Works to be priced by the interested Company strictly in compliance to the instruction therein.
In addition to the pricing of the Bills of Quantities a responsive Bid must be inclusive of the following:
(C) Completion period for the construction of the works.
(d) Validity Period of the Proposals from the date of submission.
(e) Two copies of the Receipt of payment of Tender Fees.

6. Submission of Documents
The completed Tender shall be submitted as follows:
A hard Copy and an Electronic copy (PDF format in CD) of the Technical Proposals shall be placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked TECHNICAL PROPOSAL. However, Two copies of the Financial Proposal shall be signed and sealed separately and placed them in a bigger envelope clearly marked "FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and with a warning "DO NOT OPEN AT THE SAME TIME WITH THE TECHNICAL PROPOSAL’.

Only companies whose technical proposals are adjudged successful shall have their financial proposals opened for assessment.
The envelopes containing the Technical and Financial Propasals shall be placed into an outer sealed envelope marked "PROPOSALS FOR THE (Specify the Lot number and Description)" Please NOTE that any company showing interest in more than one lot shsll be considered non-responsive.

Closing Date:
The bid Shall be returned to Capital Procurement Division of the Department of Procurement FCDA, Room 0.005 F.C.D.A. Secretariat, Area 11,  Garki Abuja on or before 12.00 noon four (4) weeks from the date of the publication i. e. 3rd October, 2012. All bid documents will be opened on the same day and venue by 2.00 pm in the presence of all Bidders or their representatives.

Director, Procurement
For: Executive Secretary