Invitation for Tender: Sea Bed Survey Services (Geophysical, Bathymetric and Geotechnical) at Moni Pulo Limited (Petroleum Development)

Posted by Chinyere on Thu 07th Mar, 2013 -

1.) Introduction
Moni Pulo Limited (Petroleum Development) invites interested and reputable contractors with relevant experience and capabilities to apply to tender for seabed survey services (Geophysical, Bathymetric and Geotechnical) over a shallow marine transition zone near shore terrain Nigeria in the northern area of our OML 114 concession.

The objective of the call for tenders is to bid for the seabed survey services of the northern area of OML 114 concession. This includes but is not limited to creating a detailed bathymetric chart of the northern area of OML 114 concession for slope stability assessments, sediment sample locations, vessel navigation and characterize variations in the bottom cover. Also to generate a dense high quality bathymetric dataset and details on the nature and composition of the sea floor features as well as detection of possible hazards.

2.) Scope for work
The following services are required using suitable equipment in water depths less than 20m as follows;
  • Drilling site surveys
  • Field development surveys
  • Debris surveys
  • Ad hoc specific survey request
  • Geotechnical services for near shore activities

It will be a requirement that all data processing, (including laboratory analysis of geotechnical samples) and interpretation will be completed in Nigeria.

Please note that contractors should have capabilities in all the areas of the services needed. The categories are;
  • Geophysical surveys (covering drilling, development and debris surveys)
  • Geotechnical surveys (covering field development surveys)
  • ROV Surveys (for the inspection of seabed features)

3.) Tender documents

To qualify for participation in the tender process, interested Companies must demonstrate ownership of requisite equipment (Vessels, surveys equipment etc), facilities in Nigeria and availability of properly trained personnel to provide the required services outlined in the scope of contract and within the required schedule.

To qualify for consideration, contractors are required to supply two (2) sets of the following documentation with the specific chapters, separated by dividers, in the same order as set out in (A) (S) below here below; in addition two (2) electronic copies (CD ROM) of the tender documents shall be furnished:
  • A separate section summarizing the contents chapter by chapter of the tender document.
  • Evidence of contractor’s registration in Nigeria (certificate of incorporation), Nigerian contractor’s legal status and profile including Nigerian shareholding (evidenced by Form C07) and details of any formal technical support agreements with foreign contractors.
  • Contractor’s general structure and organization, including the branch dedicated to such activities.
  • In case of joint venture with other companies, attach copy of the joint venture agreement, and details of the interest of each of the joint venture partners and the role of each party shall be clearly indicated,
  • Details of company’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Programme together with its HSE Management System. HSE considerations on site and throughout the requirement are part of contractor’s responsibility and the contractor must have proven methods of eliminating risks associated with its own scope of services and all interfaces with others. These methods must be clearly indicated.
  • Safety records detailed for accidents, injuries, damages and summarized near-misses; LTI over the past three (3) years.
  • Details of contractor’s Community Affairs Policy and Programme and records for the past three (3) years.
  • Nigerian content
Moni Pub Limited (Petroleum Development) is committed to maximizing the local content policy of Nigeria. Bidders are to note that evidence of a local content strategy/plan is a compulsory prerequisite.
Furthermore, contractors shall be scored on the following information to be provided as part of Nigerian Content Development policy and therefore an unsatisfactory result may result in disqualification:
  • Ownership structure (%Nigerian/Foreign),
  • Percentage of the Company Nigerian workforce that are in management positions.
  • Credible plan and verifiable plan that this scope of work will be performed by indigenous companies or indigenous companies having genuine alliances with multinational companies
  • Proposed utilization of Nigerian resources (manpower services through sub contracting where applicable, equipment and materials, etc.) in order to achieve the Federal Government target of 45% by 2006 and 70% by 2010 in terms of the value of the relevant contract.
  • Evidence of significant growth capacity building (human/infrastructure) in Nigeria existing over the past three (3) years.
  • In case of a joint venture, attach a copy of the joint venture agreement, and details of the interest of each of the joint venture partners. The role of each party should be clearly indicated.
  • Location and address of the processing facility and project team (of the contractor) in Nigeria with all the required infrastructure and facilities.
  • Training plan for Nigerians. Furnish verifiable evidence of past two years’ training.
  • Evidence of existing maintenance, storage, repair facilities in country.
  • Details of the contractor’s onshore (Nigeria) assets.

Note: Non compliance with Nigerian Content Directives
  • Quality Assurance System certified ISO 9000 or equivalent.
  • Copy of relevant Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Certificate of Registration for year 2012.
  • Details of relevant verifiable experience of similar services that the contractor has undertaken as main contractor in the last five (5) years, within and outside Nigeria on a Nigerian project.
  • Details of relevant verifiable experience of similar services that the contractor has undertaken as main contractor in the last two (2) years, in its Nigerian processing center. This is mandatory.
  • Reference of three major customers that can be contacted for information /reference.
  • Full and detailed Description of location, capacity, equipment etc.
  • Description and specifications of equipment currently owned b contractor together with proof of ownership and safety standards that will be utilized in the execution of the work. Proof of available office, resources, warehouse, equipment, facilities, spares etc. to support your operations.
  • Detailed description of the “best practices” for carrying out the job.
  • Resume of key personnel to be involved in the services.
  • Contractor’s audited accounts and tax clearance certificate for the past three years.
  • All relevant information concerning contacts, telephone, fax, e-mail address of the representatives.

4.) Closing Date/Submission of tender documents
The tender documents should be separated and sealed into two envelopes marked “Technical Tender bid for Seabed Survey Services” and “Commercial Tender bid for Seabed Survey Services”. Delivery shall either be by hand or by courier service to reach the address given below not later than Friday, March 22, 201 3:

General Manager Operations & Engineering,
Moni Pub Limited (Petroleum Development)
5 Odoni Street, Amadi Flats,
Port Harcourt,