Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited (NPDC) - Invitation for Pre-Qualification for Drilling Ancillary Services

Posted by Chinyere on Mon 11th Mar, 2013 -

1.) Introduction
Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited (NPDC) plans to drill and complete some wells in her Land and Swamp concessions Operations

2.) Services/ Materials Required

1.) Services:
Directional Drilling/Measurement while Drilling MWD/LWD):
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of qualified and competent personnel to run and service equipment
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.
  • Provision of certification for all equipment.
  • Maintenance of all equipment supplied by the contractor.
  • Provision of Deflection Tools (Down hole hydraulic Motor with bent sub, whip stock, Jet Bits, Survey tools and all Directional Drilling Tools required to
  • Successfully drill a hole to total depth

2.) Services: Drilling/Workover Fluids Chemical and Engineering
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of drilling fluids products for Water and Oil based Mud systems.
  • Provision of qualified and competent Mud Engineers (Drilling Fluids Specialist) to run the mud and service equipment.
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.

3.) Services: Oil Well Cement, Additives and Engineering
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of equipment, materials and spares.
  • Provision of qualified and competent personnel to run and service equipment.
  • Provision of a QAIQC Plan
  • Provision of Cement Mixing and Pumping Equipment.
  • Provision of Cementing Heads, Bridge Plugs, Wiper plugs and Running Tools.
  • Provision of Retrievable and Squeeze Packers and Tools.
  • Provision of Cement Retainer Mechanical Running Tools and Stingers set.
  • Provision of casing hardware and accessories.
  • Provision of casing and Liner float shoes and collars.
  • Provision of centralizers and stop rings.
4.) Services: Borehole Surveys
Scope of Work:
  • Supply and installation of equipment for gyroscopic multishot survey services o board the rig.
  • Running of gyroscopic surveys and interpretation of survey data acquired from the well.
  • Supply of competent and experienced personnel (minimum of 1 engineer and 1 assistant) to operate the contractor’s equipment
  • Maintenance of all equipment supplied by the contractor.
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.
  • Compliance with the associated safety, quality assurance, reporting on administrative requirements.

5.) Services: Drilling Jars Rental
Scope of Work:
  • Supply of full range of Drilling Jars/Rental Tools. These tools must be able to work in either a water based and /or synthetic based drilling fluid. All primary tools must be of the latest generation.
  • Provision of back-up tools for each service (identical to primary tools) at the well site at no extra cost, plus spares as needed to maintain Contractor’s tools and equipment,
  • Contractor shall keep two (2) copies of the Technical/Reference manuals on the

6.) Services: Casing/Tubing Running
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of experienced personnel.
  • Provision of a casing/tubing crew on a call out basis to run casing/tubing strings in support of NPDC’s Drilling Operations. This crew shall at least consist of on experienced Senior Service Technician; Stabber, Tong Operator, and Torque-Turn Technician.
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.
  • Provision of equipment, materials and spares.
  • Provision of certification for all equipment as well as inspections, repairs and maintenance of the aforementioned equipment.
  • Contractor shall comply with the associated safety, quality assurance, reporting and administrative requirements

7.) Services: Drilling Bits and Bit Engineering Services
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of the needed bit to drill the various hole sizes (26”, 17 ½”, 12 ¼”, 8½”) Bits and other sizes that may be required)
  • Provision of the required nozzle sizes for all the Bits provided.
  • Provision of all tools required to insert and remove the nozzles from the bits.
  • Maintenance of all equipment supplied by the contractor.
  • Provision of certification for all equipment
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.

8.) Services: Solid control Equipment and Services
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of equipment, materials and spares
  • Provision of qualified and competent personnel to run and service equipment.
  • Provision of Secondary mud recovery/cuttings dryer (either vertical or horizontal) with feed pump capable of obtaining less than 5% (50gm/Kg) cuttings oil retention (COR).
  • Provision of low and high speed Centrifuges with feed pumps for drilling fluid solids control to assist in obtaining less than 5% COR. The units shall have independent bowl and scroll speeds for processing the synthetic base fluid.
  • Provision of screw (auger) Conveyors or vacuum system to move cuttings from the rig mud system shakers to the cuttings dryer.
  • Provision of recovery/holding tanks to receive fluids from the centrifuge and dryer.
  • Provision of progressive cavity/diaphragm transfer pump (and spore) each with explosion proof motors.

9.) Services: Tubular Inspection
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of visual inspection or examination of threads and sealing surfaces to detect mechanical damages, corrosion and improper machining practices. This also involves making linear measurement thread length and coupling position.
  • Provision of API full drifting for all tubular.
  • Provision of competent personnel for casing inspection services.
  • Provision of comprehensive QA/QC plan for the inspection services.
  • Provision of Ultrasonic wall thickness inspection of casing
  • Tool Joint dimensional inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) of pipe body and upsets.
  • Hardness testing
  • Thread gauging.

10.) Services: Mud Logging/ADT Services
Scope of Work:
  • Continuous independent measurement, recording and computerized display of all Drilling, Mud Lithology, and Gas parameters while drilling, tripping and If circumstances require, during well control situations (in any requested combination of SI, Metric, or Imperial Units).
  • Remote monitoring of standpipe pressure, pit volumes, flow in and out measurements, temperature in and out, casing pressure and trip tank measurements.
  • Produced comprehensive final well report at the end of each well describing the drilling history of the well, interpretations, conclusions and complete suites of logs, computer printouts and logs.
  • Receive real time data from MWD/LWD Service Company for use on logs, programs and predictions. Ability to transmit real time mud log to Lagos office. Transmit, store and provide data in WITS and ASCII format along with presentation in PDF format.
  • Additional formation pressure prediction services:
    • Total Hydrocarbon, connection and trip gases
    • Interpreted formation lithology - porosity and permeability.
    • Shale density and shale factor measurements.
    • Estimation of formation pressures from wire line logs when run.
    • Preparation of an up-to-date Pressure analysis log based on interpretation of the above parameters including detailed estimated pore pressure, equivalent circulating density and estimated fracture gradient.

11.) Services: Waste Treatment/Management
Scope of Work:
  • Transportation of drill cuttings from site to contractor’s treatment base (Land & Water Transport).
  • Treatment by thermal desorption process, and disposal of drill cuttings.
  • Laboratory analysis of Oil Cuttings, Toxicity, free oil, THC, Mercury and Cadmium, PH, Chloride, B0D50, Dissolved Oxygen and others.
  • Logistics (Labour and equipment and Materials for handling drill cuttings at site.
  • Provision of Centrifuge/Pump.
  • Provision of Mono/Diaphragm Pump.
  • Provision of Cuttings Screw Conveyer (Auger)
  • Provision of Recovery Tanks
  • Provision of Waste Manifests and other logistics support services on site.
  • Provision of one (1) Laptop with waste management software installed.
  • Provision of Supervision/attachment by an Environmental Analyst.
  • Provision of CASHES (Community Affairs, Health, Safety, Environment Protection and Security)

12.) Services: Liner Hanger and Accessories/Running Service
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of down-hole tools capable of performing at temperatures between 38 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Provision of one set of back-up tools for each service provided at no extra charge plus spares to repair tools in the field. Back up tools must be identical to primary tools.
  • Provision of cement/circulating heads of the dual plug type rated to 10,00psi WP with swivel, flag sub, positive ball drop sub, and safety/crosser bushing to be used for liner hanger services.
  • Contractor should be able to conduct a pressure test of liner hanger components prior to freighting to NPDCs drilling locations
  • Contractor shall make available a documentation of Mean Time between Failures (MTBF) for all tools for the post last 3 years in Nigeria and proof of how it was calculated.
  • Provision of non rotating wiper plugs for two plugs and a four plug system, balls packoffs, darts, etc.
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.
  • Tools should be listed according to OD with tool description showing: ID, Maximum Temperature rating, Maximum Pressure rating, Maximum Torque, Maximum Bending
  • Stress, etc.

13.) Services: Consultant Tool Pusher (CTP) Services
Scope of Work:
  • Supervise the contractor on drilling, completion or work over operations on NPDC wells in accordance with the approved programmes and good oilfield practices.
  • Prepare daily operations reports for drilling, completions/workovers and/or any other activities for which the rig was engaged using the prescribed format and keep the Base informed regularly on the activities on the rig.
  • Check and ensure that all materials, equipment and tools required for particular operations on the rig are available in advance of each operation.
  • Ensure strict adherence to approved drilling, completion or workover programmes and equally ensure that the quality of performance of all operations is of high standard in accordance with good oilfield practice.
  • Supervise the activities of Service Companies on the rig and scrutinize all contractors’ and service companies job tickets and all records of consumables.
  • Ensure that Drilling Contractor and Services companies on the rig adhere strictly to all safety requirements and regulations thereby guaranteeing maximum safety to all field personnel at all times.

14.) Services: Fishing Services
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of qualified and competent personnel to run and service equipment
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.
  • Provision of certification for all equipment.
  • Provision of a range of Overshot Bodies and Grapples for fishing all tubular sizes
  • in regular use.
  • Provision of all diameters of drilling jars.
  • Provision of all sizes of Jar Intensifier or Accelerator for fishing operations.
  • Provision of all sizes of Junk Sub and Jet Junk Retriever for fishing operations.
  • Provision of fishing Spears for fishing operations.

15.) Services: Rig Move Services
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of four (4) heavy duty cranes for loading and offloading of rig equipment.
  • Provision of 15 nos low and flat bed trucks.
  • Provision of a QA/QC Plan.
  • Provision of competent truck drivers arid crane operators.
  • Compliance with the associated safety, quality assurance, reporting and administrative requirements

16.) Services: Barges/Boots and Vessel
Scope of Work:
  • Provision of Barges/Vessels appropriately classified and certified as follows:
    • 7,000 BHP straight supply vessel and/or one 10,000 BHP vessel with equipment, materials, spares and services.
    • House Boats (equipped with galley)-20 bed, 40 bed, 60 bed and 80 bed boats
    • Coral Barge- 1000ton
    • Drill Water Barge -1000 ton
    • Portable water Barge- 1000 ton
    • Diesel Barge 1000 ton
    • Transport barge 800 ton
    • Tug boat - 1,500 HP, 1,200 HP, 800HP, 500HP (all 1.5 draft max)

3.) Pre-Qualification Requirements
Only qualified companies backed by proven related experience shall be invited to competitively tender for the above listed services/ supply. To qualify for consideration, potential bidders are required to submit two (2) sets of pre-qualification criteria as listed below with each chapter separated by dividers. In addition to the hard copies, prospective Contractors shall provide one (1) electronic copy (CD ROM) of the prequalification documents.

Please note that failure to submit any of the under-listed documents may compel disqualification of the applicant.
  • Evidence of Nigerian Local Content strategy/ plan and training schemes. In particular, Contractor shall provide staffing plans, training programmes and plans for locally sourced materials and services.
  • Company Profile Evidence of contractor’s registration in Nigeria, Contractors legal status and profile including Nigerian shareholding.
  • Contractor’s general structure and organization, including the branch dedicated to such activities.
  • DPR Registration Certificate for services applied.
  • Audited account for the past three (3) years including evidence of payment of statutory taxes (especially companies’ income tax, for companies operating in Nigeria).
  • Bank reference(s) from reputable bank(s).
  • Evidence/ certificate of performance of similar services in the Nigerian oil industry, in the last two (2) years.
  • List, description and specification of equipment currently owned and employed by contractor, which will be utilized in the execution of the contract,
  • In case of joint venture, attach copy of the joint venture agreement, and details of the interest of each joint venture partner; the role of each party shall be clearly indicated.
  • Details of Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy and programme together with the HSE Management System. HSE considerations on site and throughout the campaign are part of Contractor’s responsibility and Contractor must have proven methods of eliminating risk associated with its own scope of services and all interfaces with others. These methods must be clearly stated.
  • Safety records detailed for accidents, injuries, damages and summary of near misses, and LTIs, for the past 5years

The pre-qualification documents which should be submitted in triplicate through courier service must be sealed and marked “Confidential” NPDC Land and Swamp Drilling Ancillary Services Prequalification 2013 (specify the exact service applied far) at the top corner of the envelope and should reach the address given below not later than 21st March, 2013.

The Secretary, Management Tenders Committee
Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited
62164 Sapele Road
P.M.B 1262
Benin city’
Edo State

Signed: Management