Usaid fhi360 Invitation to Express Interest in Renovation of an MDR-TB Laboratory

Posted by Chijindu on Mon 10th Sep, 2012 -

Invitation to Express Interest in Renovation of an MDR-TB Laboratory

 Family Health International (FHI 360) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting the government of Nigeria (GON) to enhance sustained cross-sectional integration of HIV/AIDS and TB services by building Nigerian capacity to deliver sustainable high quality, comprehensive, prevention, treatment, care and related services in all the 36 states and the FCT.

FHI 360 desires to use part of the grant to complete renovation of a Multi-Drug Resistance TB Laboratory (MDR-TB) at Nigeria Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). Expression of Interest for this purpose is invited from interested companies as per below instructions. It should be noted that this is invitation for EOl should not be construed as the Tender/ Request for Proposal (RFP) in any form and would not be binding on FHI 36O in any manner whatsoever.

Sealed Expression of Interest prepared in accordance with the procedure enumerated in this advert should be submitted to:

Associate Director, Procurement, Contracts & Grants 
FHI 360, Plot 1073 JS Tarka Street Garki
Area 3,

Brief Scope of Work:

The scope of work entails Installation of Air handling Unit (AHU) and related equipment, Civil Works, electrical works, cabling, control logics, and duct construction.

Supply and installation of Dedicated air handling unit, controls and exhaust air system and commissioning there off. This facility must be compliant with BSL3 Requirements for air flows and containment. Also, Installation of a mechanical system must be suitable for BSL 3 facility and supporting areas at National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Lagos Nigeria.

Facilities shall be used for the manipulators of Micro Bacterium Tuberculosis 

Pre-qualification Requirements

The application should be accompanied with the following information:

1.) Company / Organization profile giving details of current activities and management structure with below details:

  • Telephone and Fax number
  • E-mail address
  • Name and designation of the person authorized to make commitments to fhi360
  • Year of establishment and constitution of the organization 
  • Whether the firm/ company has any widely accepted certification. lf yes, furnish certified copies.

 2.) List of projects in the last two years in which the firm /organization has delivered services similar particularly capacity to manage an MDR-TB laboratory project. The list should clearly indicate name of the project, country, year accomplished, value, client’s name, and short description of the project.

3.) Evidence of incorporation.

4.) Annual report including balance sheet and profit and loss account statement for the past three years.

5.) A write-up on the understanding of this assignment

6.) Capability Statement

7.) Copy of Health Safety Environment Policy.

Agencies expressing the interest will be short listed who either singly or in association with HVAC specialists, are capable of rendering high degree of professional services in the field of work mentioned above and such short listed agencies may be invited later to submit their proposals. Among other things the agency must broadly fulfill the following criteria;

  • It should be a reputed and established company/organization. 
  • It should have been In existence for minimum five years.
  • It should be presently rendering their services of similar nature of work for at least one HVAC Plant systems, in any Government Sector or large reputed Private Sector enterprises, for at least last two consecutive years satisfactorily.
  • It should have good understanding of and sensitivity to Governmental functioning.
  • It should have presence of key professionaI with at least 5 years experience in HVAC  Installation systems with a copy of their CV and credential attached to the application.

Closing Date:

The EOI should be submitted on or before Thursday, 13th September, 2012. All questions prior to the date of submission must be sent to

Senior Procurement Officer, Procurement Unit
FHI 360, Plot 1073 JS Tarka Street Garki
Area 3, Abuja
Tel: 09-4615555