Invitation For Pre-qualification of Contractors for Comprehensive Facilities Management of NNPC Towers

Posted by Ijeoma on Mon 11th Nov, 2013 -

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) intends to pre-qualify Contractors for Comprehensive Facilities Management of NNPC Towers, Abuja.

Accordingly, NNPC hereby invites reputable, competent and experienced compares for the pre-qualification exercise. Registration with relevant professional bodies will be an added advantage. Companies with less than annual turnover of NS Billion and Tax Clearance Certificate to match need not apply.

Scope of Works

The scope of the Contractor’s Works shall include but not limited to Facilities Management of the following:
  •  Building Fabric Maintenance
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System and Associated Equipment
  • Lift UPS System and other Associated Equipment
  • Power Generating Plants (Electric Generators)
  • Electrical Distribution System, Cabling and Associated Equipment
  • Water Supply (Bore Holes) and Plumbing System
  • Sanitary/Sewage System
  • Architectural Finishes
  • Horticulture
  • Office & Office Environment cleaning, Waste Disposal, Fumigation and Pest Control
  • Operation & Maintenance of Cleaning Cradles
  • Office space Commercial space (Convenient shops, Banks, Restaurants, etc.), Open space and General purpose Fit outs
Pre-Qualification Requirement

Interested firms should submit pre-qualification documents detailing the company’s capabilities and financial status as follows

General Company Profile
  •  Name and Address of Company with telephone no. email, fax, etc
  •  Legal status (Public Liability Company, corporation, etc.) registered capital, paid up capital, date of establishment, Nationality and country from which control is exercised, providing full details of ownership
  •  Evidence of Company Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria
  •  Evidence of Tax Payment Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) Years,

 Technical Capacity and Capability

  • Detailed Company Profile including Organizational Structure, key professional staff with good knowledge base in Facility Management and their qualifications
  • Verifiable evidence of having successfully executed similar works for the past five (5) years   Provide details of such works which are considered relevant in demonstrating ability to successfully undertake this work. This should include:
    • Title and brief description of project
    • Client
    •  Scope of works performed
    •  Date of award of Contract
    • Contractual period for execution of project
    •  Actual period of execution
    •  Reasons for discrepancies between (e) and (f) above, if any
    •  Nature of Contract (Fixed lump sum, reimbursable, etc.)
    •  Name and Address of referee in Clients Company for each referenced project (provide telephone numbers and email addresses for quick reference)
    •  You should provide NNPC with Letter of Authority to confirm previous relevant experiences as claimed
    •  Copies of Completion Certificates of completed projects/Evidence of progress of ongoing Facility Management Contracts to be attached
    • For a Joint Venture or partnership, the previous experience being claimed must include those executed by the joint Venture for the partnership
    • Any other information that could further attest to the ability of Company to perform Facility Management of this magnitude
Financial Capability
Company’s audited accounts and financial Reports for the past three (3) years
Evidence of accessibility to credit facilities or additional funding from reputable
 Class A Banks. Bank Reference from class A Bank.

Nigerian Content Requirements

In line with the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry Content Development Acts respondent are to include in their pre-qualification documents, evidence of Nigerian Content compliance.
Documents to support this should include:
  • Organizational structure indicating Nigerian Professionals, skilled and unskilled personnel to be engaged on this project
  • List of equipment, materials and goods that are to be locally sourced on this project
  • Where an indigenous company is in a Joint Venture, partnership or consortium- evidence of such a relationship in form of exclusive binding agreement’ pre-bid agreement signed by the Chief Executives of both Companies and Partners
  • List of equipment, materials and goods that are to be locally sourced on this project
  • Verifiable evidence of existing/establishment residence Nigeria with available and local support facilities
  • Full compliance policy statement for the Federal government of Nigeria Content
Non Compliance with the Nigerian Content is a “fatal flaw”

Compliance with Other Nigerian Laws

Also be included are evidence of compliance with the following
 Provide with verifiable evidence, list of relevant equipment owned and/or to be sourced by the company
Company’s obligations to pay taxes, pensions and social security contributions in line with section 16 (63 d of the Public Procurement Act (PPA), and Section 1(2) of the pension reform act
 Company’s CASHES and QA/QC policy, HIV policy, Demonstrable ability to handle host community issues and details of safety records for accidents, injuries, damages for the past three(3) years e.g. lost time incidence, downtime, etc.
Any additional information that will enhance the potentials of the Company

Closing Date:

Submissions should reach the Address on or before 3.30pm, 29th November, 2013.

Submission of Pre-Qualification Requirements
The requested information and any supporting documents in respect of this requirement should be submitted in “one bound copy of application letter and supporting pre-qualification information documents in addition to an electronic copy of CDs list be packaged in one (1) sealed envelope which must be marked” as indicated below:

“Pre-Qualification for Comprehensive Facilities Management of in Pc Towers, Abuja” and submitted to the office of:

The Company Secretary,
Room 107,1st Floor, Block A,
NNPC Towers,
Herbert Macaulay Way,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Note: that only pre-qualified Contractors shall be invited to collect the bid documents. NNPC reserves the absolute discretionary rights to either accept or reject any documents, and it shall not be required to assign a reason for refusal to invite any Contractor to participate in the exercise or to enter any correspondence concerning the selection of any Contractor for he works.  All information shall be to your account.

This advertisement and any related process neither creates any commitment by NNPC nor establish any legal relationship with NNPC.