Call for the Application of a Project Act Film Production Fund (FPF), Nation Wide

Posted by Ijeoma on Thu 14th Nov, 2013 -

Call for the Application of a Project Act Film Production Fund (FPF), Nation Wide

Qualified Nigerian film makers are invited to apply for grants under the Film Production Fund FPF). FPF is a component of the Presidential intervention scheme for the Nigerian film industry. Please see details below.

The objective of the FPF Fund is to enhance the competitiveness of the Nigerian film industry, grow market share internationally, and ultimately provide more income and job opportunities.

Description of the FPF
The Film Production Fund (FPF) is a N700 million instrument of the Project ACT-Nollywood initiative. It allocates grants to production companies and independent producers for the making of films. The fund is open to both commercially oriented films (like feature films) and non-commercial films (like documentaries).

The grants are used to subsidize any/all of the following:

  • Pre-production (scripting, budgeting, location, cast and crew);
  • Production (shooting, film set);
  • Post-production (editing, sound, and graphics); and
  • Marketing/distribution/exhibition (selling the movie to audiences)

The FPF contributes to high quality film projects with grants of up to N1O million to support the further development of the Nollywood film industry and film making talent, Projects with exceptionally high potential to bring Nigeria to the forefront of global movie-making, celebrate core nation-building and unity values that the country strives to build on, promise artistic excellence, exhibit accomplished storytelling, and offer Nigerian and global audiences a variety of the rich cultural perspectives on daily life in Nigerian’s diverse cultural landscape, may receive additional funding.

Eligible formats include feature films1 documentaries, animation, short films, TV formats. Movies may be in English or from any of the three main regional genres; a limited number of films in other indigenous languages may be considered.
The Film Production Fund (FPF) is open for applications from 11th November, 2013 for 3 months Approved projects must begin implementation in 2014. Disbursements are made per agreed milestone in the grant agreement.

  • The FPF will provide, grants to eligible “film production” proposed by a group of Nigerian film makers, preferably a film production company that includes actors, scriptwriters, camera crew, makeup artists, cinematographers, production sound mixers, etc.
  • Established and new filmmakers are eligible to apply provided they prove expertise
  • Applicants must be Nigerian, whether based in Nigeria or in the Diaspora
  • Eligible movie projects must be shot for the most part in Nigeria
  • All submitted synopsis and treatment of movies Must be in English
  • To be approved, applicants must present evidence of some level of commitment either in cash or kind towards their project and must also present a sound business plan.
  • To be eligible to participate, applicants ‘will be required to register on the website, fill out and submit the application form.
  • Eligible candidates will be required to send in specific documents as stated on the application portal.

Grant Administration
  • Applicants whose online application is successfully shortlisted shall be notified by email and invited to send the full script; an interview may follow.
  • Successful applicants will be required to sign a Grant Agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Grants will be disbursed into a Nigerian bank account under the name of the grantee production company. Disbursement will be based on agreed milestones as set out in the Grant Agreement.
  • Applicants who fail to meet agreed milestones will be asked to refund the grant money already disbursed.
  • Successful grantees must Send monthly updates on the status of the project for which the grant was awarded and the uses of funds to date.
  • Successful grantees must fill the evaluation form provided within 3 months from the completion of the grant’s deployment and state the grant’s impact clearly and its contribution to the quality and commercial sustainability of the production project.
  • For feature films and other commercially oriented productions, the performance of the production project in terms of revenues earned or social impact should be provided within 3 months of release.
  • For documentaries and other non-commercially oriented productions, a comprehensive and professional Summative Evaluation/Impact Assessment should be provided within 6 months of release.

Closing date:
11th February, 2014.

Pre-qualification/Eligibility criteria Notice:
To access the assessment process for the FPF, application must meet the pre-qualification criteria:

  • Applicant must be a Nigeria filmmaker (valid identity document) or Nigerian Production Company regularly registered in Nigeria (CAC certificate of incorporation).
  • Proof of address (e.g. Utility bills etc)
  • Evidence of commitment (e.g. counterpart funding or copies of agreement with production financiers) towards the film project
  • Applicants must have a valid e-mail address
  • Applicants must register online with the Project ACT-Nollywood with the website below:

Applicant must submit the following:

  • A complete online application form
  • Scanned valid ID of the production company’s CEO
  • Where applicable, evidence of membership to a film professional organization
  • Synopsis or Treatment of the movie
  • CV of the film director detailing qualifications and experience
  • Previous film(s) of filmmaker(s) if applicable where the films are more than three (3), a 5-10 minute show-reel of the films should be provided
  • List of cast members in the leading roles (if available)
  • Complete production budget
  • Complete production schedule
  • One pager about how the grant will be deployed

Criteria for Selection by Panel of Assessors

An Assessment Panel shall competitively select projects based on the following criteria:

  • Originality, relevance and appeal-potential of the story
  • Story technique
  • Commercial viability/Sound business plan
  • Credible marketing and distribution plan
  • Proposed cast and crew (including confirmation letters by key cast)
  • Expertise and Track record of the individual or production company.