Execution of projects under the 2012 Capital Budget at National Gallery of Art

Posted by Kelvin on Mon 10th Sep, 2012 - nigeriantenders.com

National Gallery of Art
(A Parastatal Under the Federal ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation)

The National Gallery of Art intends to undertake the execution of the under listed projects under the 2012 capital budget of the Gallery. To this end, qualified contractors are invited to tender for the projects.

1) Description of Works
The following are the projects for execution.


Lot Number

Project Description


CON – 01

Construction of Ancient Nupe Gallery of Art and Cultural, Niger State


CON  - 02

Oriental Heritage Galaxy Centre, Mbutu


CON  - 03

Construction of Multipurpose Hall/ ICT centre & Cultural Gallery, Okoh Anambra


CON  - 04

Construction of Ancient Gallery of Art  Ukpor, Nnewi South, Anambra


CON  - 05

Construction of Kulili Gallery of Art Certre Kulili- LAU, Taraba


CON  - 06

Construction of Ufesoido Community Art Centre and Culture Gallery , Akpu

2) Eligibility
Interested Contractors are required to forward their following documents along with Financial Bids

a) Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (Limited Liability only)

b) Evidence VAT Registration, remittance and TIN number

c) Company current Tax clearance Certificate for the past three years 2009, 2010 and 2011;

d) Details of Company Profile including Curriculum Vitae of at least four professional most qualified staff and other resources .

e) Evidence of Financial Strength and Banking Support;

f) Evidence of similar job experience in the past five years.

g) Name, email addresses and telephone numbers of contact person for the project.

h) Bids for lot numbers 1 , 2,3 & 6 must be accompanied with 2% bid security.

i) Evidence of payment of non -refundable fee of N20,000 only per lot.

j) A letter authorizing National Gallery of Art to verify claims with relevant bodies or agencies.

k) firms Audited Account for year 2009, 2010 & 2011

l) Sworn Affidavit that the firm and none of the principle or associate of the firm is an ex-convict or bankruptcy

m) Provide ONLY coloured photocopy of the documents listed in a, b, & c above.

n) Financial and Technical bids must be in four (4)copies each.

3) Collection of Tender Documents
The Bid documents are to be collected and submitted at the Procurement Unit, federal Secretariat, Plot 04, Phase II, Block E, room 801, 8th floor, upon payment of non-refundahle tender fees of N20,000.00 per each lot to National Gallery of Art, Bank ECO/ Oceanic Acc. No.0901301007912

4) Submission of Bid Documents

(i) Technical documents should be placed in one envelope, sealed and boldly marked  "TECHNICAL BID”

(ii) Financial bid should be placed in another separate envelope

(iii) The name of the company and title of the projects lot number should be clearly written on the reverse side of the envelopes

(iv) Insert the Envelopes containing Technical and profile documents and the financial bid in another bigger A3 envelope, seal and addressed to:

Procurement Unit
National Gallery of Art
Federal Secretariat, Plot 04, Phase II,
Block 5, Floor 8 & 9 Shehu, Shagari Way,
P. M. B. 456, Abuja.
Tel: 6712950, 092905225,
E-mail: info@nga.gov.ng, www.nga,gov.ng

5) Late Submission/ Disclaimer
Late submission will not be accepted. By this notice, National Gallery of Art is neither committed in any way to award, any form of contract to any company: nor shall any organisation submitting documents be entitled to claim an indemnity from the Gallery.

6) Closing/ Opening of Bids
All submission of bid documents ends on 24/09/2012, at 12.00 noon and bids shall be opened at 2.00 p.m. same day in the Gallery’s Boardroom. All bidders and interested members of relevant Civil Societies are advised to be present.

Director General
National Gallery of Arts