Request for proposals of SOS Children’s Village Programme Approach, Lagos State

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SOS Children’s Villages international social development organization committed to children’s needs, rights and concerns since 1946.SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria, an arm of SOS Children’s villages International began working in Nigeria 1973 and is one of the 133 Member Associations  worldwide. In Nigeria, the organization is present in five states and the Federal Capital Territory. Nigeria: Isolo and Ejigbo- Lagos State, Owu-Ijebu-Ogun State Jos - Plateau State, lbadan - Oyo State, Kaduna South, Kaduna State and Gwagwalada- Abuja FCT.

Request for proposals of SOS Children’s Village Programme Approach

In line with the organization’s development strategies, SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria proposes to conduct a feasibility study and facility assessment development of its existing programmes, at Ejigbo Isolo, Lagos State and Owu Ijebu Ogun State. To this end, the organization is therefore interested in engaging qualified firms or research organizations, services support organizations, agencies and individual consultants with expertise in Health and Community health Programmes, education, care and protection and development of business plan in INGO sector
The Principal investigator/organization will analyze all relevant information gathered in order to establish situation of our target group according to the local context, proffer most appropriate responses to address issues to the target locations’ situation, identify relevant responses to make such changes, as well as the ‘best-placed’ stakeholders to enable the realization of all proffered suggestions/responses. Succinctly, the organization/principal investigator will proffer recommendation on future programme in the specific location, including modification of existing programme responses and/or putting in place new ones.

Purpose and scope of Assignment:
The goal of the SOS Children’s Village Programme is that “every child develops within a caring family environment to his/her full potential, as self- supporting and contributing, member of society”. Primarily programme interventions are develop and actions taken based on the context analysis linked in the best interest of the child and in partnership with the key stakeholders in the community. Essentially, SOS Children’s villages Nigeria builds on the foundation of existing resources, initiatives and capacities alongside strengthening where required. Against this backdrop, the Feasibility Study, a crucial tool will identify and analyze time situation of our target group in the specified Children’s Village Programme locations and its environs, alongside proffer probable programme responses to address issues identified.

The overall objective of the Feasibility Study is: To provide SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria with essential information for planning the future development of its programmes at Ejigbo, Isolo Lagos State-REF Code RFPLAG 112013 and Owu ljebu, Ogun State- REF Code: RFPOGU 112013 in line with the SOS Children’s Village Programme approach.

Specific Objectives
  • Specify the target group of the SOS Children’s Village Programme in those locations, verifying if existing programme participants and other beneficiaries who fall within the target group.
  • Analyze the current situation of the target group.
  • Define desired changes to their situation.
  • Identify relevant suggestions/responses to make such changes.
  • Identify ‘best placed’ stakeholders to implement relevant suggestion/responses.
  • Make specific recommendations on future programme responses of the SOS Children’s Village Programme in that location, including modification of existing programme responses and/or putting in place new ones.

Expected Outputs
For each location, the following will he expected:
  • A complete report (in English), in line with the continental guidelines for feasibility studies and facility assessments
  • A clear proposal action plan (if relevant) for the development of the functional and financial capacities of the location’s programmes/projects in a hid for more impact, efficacy and efficiency (Business Plan) for a 4-6 year period

Eligibility Criteria & Expected Contents of Request for Proposal
Prospective applicants are requested to submit their Request for Proposal” demonstrating capacity and capability to undertake this assignment. Request for proposal should contain evidence of experience in conducting the feasibility study, as well as competency of the team to undertake this study.

Technical Requirements/Profile of the Principal Investigator
Proven competence in social and operational research particularly in the following domains
  • Alternative care and protection of children
  • Community development
  • Primary health care and formal basic education
  • Excellent analytical, research and report writing skills
  • Training in the social sciences (for example social work, psychology, social pedagogy, community development or economics) is an added advantage
  • Good facilitation and interpersonal skills
  • A deep understanding of:
  • The situation of children without or at risk of losing parental care and relevant national legislation
  • Government programmes,. Policies and strategies relative to children of this target group
  • Child protection in general and major violation of child rights
  • The socioeconomic situation off-solo, lshaga, Ejigbo, Mushin, Oshadi (Lagos State), and OwuIjebu, ijebu Igbo, ljebu Ode (Ogun State,) and its environs
  • Knowledge of the SOS Children’s Villages Organization (added advantage)
Closing date:
10th December, 2013

General Terms & Conditions
All RFPs received will be reviewed based on its relevance, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness in response to the call and should not be more than 5 pages. However, focus will be on the appropriateness of the RFPs in answer to the call, how well the REP activities qualify, and the extent to which the REP meets the stated purposes.
Applicants are expected to indicate with the REF code of the RFP they are responding to (and if both, please state both references “SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria-REF Code” and this should be sent to the contact Address below.

Request for Proposal should be submitted to SOS Children Villages Nigeria via email and courier (both required).

The National Director,
SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria,
18, Church Street, Off Salvation road,
P.O. Box 660 Shomolu, Lagos-Nigeria