Invitation for Expression of Interest for the Global Health and Economic Initiatives in Nigeria, Abuja

Posted by Ijeoma on Thu 12th Dec, 2013 -

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi) is a non-profit organization that promotes socio-economic development by supporting global health and economic initiatives in Nigeria. It was established as an affiliate of the Family Health International (FHI36O) to sustain FHI’s achievements in strengthening indigenous organizational capacity in Nigeria. AHNi currently has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

Invitation for Expression of Interest for the Global Health and Economic Initiatives in Nigeria

The AHNi HQ is calling for Expression of Interest from established and newly registered service providers for the following services:

  • Ref Number: EOIAHNI01
  • Description of Goods/Services: Medical Laboratory/Consumables

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI02
  • Description of Goods/Services: Medical /Laboratory Equipment

  • Ref. Number: EQIAHNI03
  • Description of Goods/Services: Branding and Corporate Gifts

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI04
  • Description of Goods/Services: Office furniture

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI05
  • Description of Goods/Services: Proprietary/Thirty-Party Software (Anti-virus, Desktop Publishing, Accounting, etc)

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI06
  • Description of Goods/Services: Enterprise Resource Planning Software/Deployment

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI07
  • Description of Goods/Services: Website Design & Maintenance

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI08
  • Description of Goods/Services: Imported Goods Clearing Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI09
  • Description of Goods/Services: Newspaper Adverts and Publications

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI10
  • Description of Goods/Services: Printing Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI11
  • Description of Goods/Services: Generator Companies

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI12
  • Description of Goods/Services: Generator Repair Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI13
  • Description of Goods/Services: Insurance brokers

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI14
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply of Home Based Care Kits

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI15
  • Description of Goods/Services: Car Hire Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI16
  • Description of Goods/Services: Renovation/Upgrading of Health facilities

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI17
  • Description of Goods/Services: Security Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI18
  • Description of Goods/Services: Vehicle maintenance/services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI19
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply of Vehicles

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI20
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply and installation of Air-conditioning and its accessories/parts

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI21
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply of Diesel

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI22
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply of IP Phones

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI23
  • Description of Goods/Services: Provision of Window Blinds for Offices

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI24
  • Description of Goods/Services: Provision of Office Partitioning

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI25
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply of Office Cleaning Consumables:

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI26
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply Installation and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers:

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI27
  • Description of Goods/Services: IT Equipment and consumable

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI28
  • Description of Goods/Services: Internet Service Providers

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI29
  • Description of Goods/Services: Cleaning Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI3O
  • Description of Goods/Services: Catering Services

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI31
  • Description of Goods/Services: Supply of Vehicle Operational Supplies

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI32
  • Description of Goods/Services: Office Stationeries- folders, clips, photocopy papers

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI33
  • Description of Goods/Services: Office Equipment (Photocopiers, UPS, Projectors)

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI34
  • Description of Goods/Services: Electrical installations

  • Ref. Number: EOIAHNI35
  • Description of Goods/Services: Provision of Facility maintenance services

All companies/service providers interested, are requested to pick up AHNI Vendor registration form from the below address:

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative
Godab Plaza
Plot 1073 J. S. Tarka Street. Garki, Area 3
Abuja, Nigeria

You can also receive an e-copy of this form, by sending an email to this address ( using this Subject: ‘Request for Registration Form’. An auto responder will email the form to your inbox. Kindly print and complete the form as required and submit to the address below. Email Submissions are not allowed.

All submissions must be made with the following relevant documents:
  • Legal registration document of the company;
  • Company Profile:
  • Evidence of financial standing/Bank Reference Letter;
  • Evidence of relevant contracts handled in the past;
  • Reference contact list (Client’s List);
  • Evidence of Tax Identification Number;
  • Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Certificate of Professional Registration where required (SON, NAFDAC, NICOM & NICRIB or Professional Services: Accountants, Lawyer, Architects, Insurance Brokers, Clearing Agents, etc.);
  • Evidence of Partner ID with Major IT Systems manufacturers/Assemblers (optional) or Manufacturer’s authorization letter (where applicable);
  • Other relevant supporting documents that will aid your application
Closing Date: 26th December, 2013


Method of Submission:
All Completed forms with the above documents must be addressed to:

The Senior Procurement Officer
Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative
Godab Plaza,
Plot 1073 J. S. Tarka Street, Garki, Area 3,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Your submission(s) must come in properly sealed envelopes.
For any clarification on any aspect of this Expression of Interest advert, please send an email to: quoting “Expression of Interest/Vendor Registration” on the subject of the e-mail. Kindly quote the Ref. Number for specific details about particular goods Services.

Please note:
  • As part of the prequalification process, AHNI may visit the locations of the vendors to access their capacity only the prequalified vendors would be invited to participate in the Invitation to Bid and/or the Request for Proposals. Any unsolicited attempt to influence AHNI internal selection process in favour of a particular vendor will result in the immediate disqualification.
  • AHNI reserves the right to change or cancel these requirements at any time in the EOl and/or solicitation process. The AHNI Procurement Division considers a firm’s qualifications and/or experience in the particular commodity/service area, and previous performance, when preparing a list of invitees to bid for supplies. Responding vendors, who are not manufacturers, shall provide full details of the vendor’s status as a factory-appointed wholesaler or distributor.
  • This call for expression of Interest does not amount to a commitment on the part of AHNI and nothing in this EOI shall be construed as a form a binding legal contract. AHNI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the proposals without any obligation to inform the affected applicants of the ground for the acceptance or rejection. The potential subsequent procurement will be governed by the AHNI Procurement Policy and Procedures.

We Thank you for your Interest.