Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Janitorial Services, Abuja

Posted by Ijeoma on Tue 24th Dec, 2013 -

The U.S. Embassy Abuja seeks an experienced and reputable contractor to provide Janitorial services at Plot 1075 Diplomatic Drive. Central Business Area, Abuja, The contractor shall possess all permits, licenses, and any other appointments required for the performance of work under this contract, all at no additional cost to the Embassy. The contractor shall perform this contract in accordance with local laws. The contractor shall provide evidence of past and present records of similar services to reputable organizations.

Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Janitorial Services
In Order For Prospective Contractors to Be Considered for the Solicitation Process, They Must Meet The Following
  • Provide All Requisite Permits, licenses, Certifications. Or Accreditation
  • Have an Established Business with a Permanent Address and Office in Abuja
  • Have No Political or Business Affiliation Which Could Be Considered Contrary to the Interests of the United States
  • Provide proof of experience, past performance, customer’s names, addresses, contact numbers, previous contractors for whom similar services were provided
Closing date: 6th January, 2014

Please note:
  • Proposals that does not contain theses criteria in the solicitation may be deemed Technically Unacceptable
  • Only Prospective Offerors who meet the above requirements need express interest to: