Request For Quote At Abt Associates, Abuja

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Abt Associates, a major American business and government research, technical assistance, and consulting company, manages the USAID-funded Indoor Residual Spraying (1RS2 T04) Project, which seeks to reduce the burden of malaria in 14 African countries through cost-effective commodities procurement and logistics to technical expertise, and conducting entomological surveillance located in Abuja, FCT Nigeria.

Request For Quote At Abt Associates

Abt Associates is planning to contract a few transportation service providers to provide transportation services for staff on field entomology surveillance activities in the six sentinel sites located in six States of Nigeria: Lagos, Jigawa, Enugu, Plateau, Nasarawa and Rivers. Abt Associates anticipates issuing one fixed price purchase order as a result of this solicitation.

Abt Associates hereby solicits quotes from interested and responsible vendors for six (6) Toyota Prado SUVs with driver and with fueling for 15 days in the month of July and 5 days a month for every other month from February through August 20i4 in line with specifications and requirements outlined below.


Toyota Prado SUV, 5 doors, Left hand drive, 4WD/ABS, air-conditioned strong and neat cabin and chasis with complete accessories.


Interested bidders shall propose a fixed price supported by a detailed cost breakdown for the items outlined in this solicitation. The detailed cost breakdown should be sufficient to allow Abt Associates to properly evaluate the proposed fixed price as fair and reasonable, however invoices will be accepted and payments issued solely upon receipt of firm deliverables to be negotiated between Abt Associates and the winning bidder at the time of contract award.

Payments will not be made based on daily rates, actual time expended, or expenses incurred. Rather, payments will be made at prices proposed n response to this solicitation and upon the winning bidder’s ability to meet a dehverab4es schedule mutually agreed by both parties at the time of contract award.


Source Selection Method

The award will be made to the lowest bid determined to be technically acceptable in accordance with the requirements provided in this solicitation. No advanced payments will be provided by Abt Associates.


Scope of Work

Each Vehicle will be called for 45 days over a maximum period of 7 months for following project activities.

  • Transportation support based on request for entomology monitoring.
  • Transportation services for visiting officials.

General Requirements:

  • Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Provide detailed profile of the organization including registered address, functional contact email address and GSM.
  • Evidence of registration with FIRS and other relevant bodies
  • Evidence of company income tax payment to the relevant tax authority
  • Verifiable evidence/copy of similar jobs successfully executed in the past.
  • Evidence of professionally trained and licensed drivers

 Condition of Award

  • Vehicles will be in the custody of Principal Investigator at each sentinel site when in use and parked in premises as provided.
  • Provide 24 hour& notice for any planned deployment of vehicle and another 24 hours notice for redeployment.
  • Vehicle log hook should be provided by vendor and will be handed over to Abt Administration Unit on redeployment of vehicle.
  • Immediate replacement of vehicle in case of any breakdown
  • Drivers should possess Basic English skills for communication with good attitude and adherence to protocol.
  • Drivers should demonstrate strong sense of responsibility and be able to adjust to emerging task starting time.
  • Ensure good condition of vehicles.
  • Payments will be made solely upon receipt of firm deliverables to be negotiated between Abt Associates and the winning bidder at the time of contract award.

Closing date: 2nd February, 2014

Time: 5:30pm

Submission Procedure

All quotes must be submitted in two (original and duplicate) in a sealed envelope and marked RFQ-Toyota Prado. All quotes must be received before the closing date from the date of this publication. Responses to questions/inquiries are due 7 days from the day of publication.


All quotes must be submitted in hard copies to:

Finance and Administration Manager,
Abt Development Foundation-AIRS Project,
No.6 AI’Fayyum Street, Wuse Zone 3,
FCT Abuja.
Tel 08081670111; 0818479672


Email: Or


  • This RFQ shall not be misconstrued to be a commitment on the part of Abt Associates to award any form of contract to any respondent nor shall it entitle any organization to claim indemnity from Abt Associates.