Invitation to Tender for a Construction Project, Kogi State

Posted by Ijeoma on Fri 24th Jan, 2014 -

Kogi State Tenders Board, in line with the Public Procurement Act of 2007 hereby invites competent and reputable companies to tender for the following contract being contemplated under the 2014 Capital Projects as described hereunder:

Invitation to Tender for a Construction Project

Description of project:

  • Lot 1: Construction of GIS phase II project, Lokoja.

Site ‘A’ Construction of Housing unit as follows:

  • Lot 2: 27No. I Bedroom flat
  • Lot 3: 37No. 2Bedroomflat
  • Lot 4: 8No. 3 Bedroom flat

Site ‘B’ Construction of Housing unit as follows:

  • Lot 5: 27No. I Bedroom flat
  • Lot 6: 37No. 2Bedroomflat
  • Lot 7: 8No. 3Bedroomflat
  • Lot 8: Construction of Odenyi-Oguma/Sheria Road.
  • Evidence of company Registration (certificate of Incorporation) with C.A.C
  • Evidence of Tax clearance for the last 3 years (2010, 2011, and 2012)
  • Evidence of VAT Registration and Remittances
  • Evidence of Financial capability and Bank support
  • Verifiable evidence of similar projects executed in the past 3 years i.e. certificate of practical completion, etc
  • Copies of Auditors Report and Financial Statement (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • List of key Personnel, Equipment and location
  • Evidence of Registration with Kogi State Ministry of Works
  • Evidence of contribution to ITF Training Fund
  • Evidence of payment of non-refundable Tender fee

Collection of Tender Documents

Interested companies/contractors are to obtain Tender Documents from the Secretary, State Tenders Board, on payment of the following non- refundable fees into a specified BIR account.

  • Lot 1: N250, 000.00

Site ‘A’

  • Lot 2: N20, 000.00 each
  • Lot 3: N30, 000.00 each
  • Lot 4: N50,000.00 each

Site ‘B’

  • Lot 5: N20, 000.00 each
  • Lot 6: N30, 000.00 each
  • Lot 7: N50, 000.00 each
  • Lot 8: N250, 000.00

Submission of bid documents

  • The documents must be paginated, initialed on each page and sealed in 15 x 9.5 envelopes. The project being bidded for must be indicated at the left hand corner of the envelope and addressed to:

The Secretary,

Kogi State Tenders Board

  • Completed bid documents are to be dropped in the Tender Box located at the Office of Director Cabinet, Office of the Secretary to the Government of Kogi State.

Closing date: 6th February, 2014


Bids Opening

Bids will be opened at 12.30pm on Thursday 6th February, 2014, at the Conference Room of the office of the Secretary to the Government of Kogi State.

All prospective contractors or their accredited representatives are expected to be present at the bid opening.

Please note that:

  • The State Tenders Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids after the closing date.
  • This invitation should not be construed as a commitment on the part of the State Tenders Board to enter into any form of contract with any company or into communication with any company nor shall it entitle any company to make claims from the State Tenders Board.
  • The State Tenders Board is not bound to accept the lowest Bid.
  • Contractors are to tenderfor6nly One Lot.