Invitation For Pre-Qualification Of Contractors To Tender For 2011 Mogs-Cgs To Local Governments (Ooukpani, Bokij & Yala)

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Cross River State Government

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Invitation For Pre-Qualification Of Contractors To Tender For 2011 Mogs-Cgs To Local Governments (Ooukpani, Bokij & Yala)

The Cross River State Governments fully committed to the improvement of service delivery towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the target year 2015. As part of the collaboration with the Federal Government to execute special projects under the 2011 CGS to LGAs, the state is inviting contractors to tender for projects as follows:

Water: Construction of Solar Powered Boreholes
Health: Procurement of Referral Transport Vehicle
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks with
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks

Health: Construction of PHCs
Health: Renovation of Laboratory
Health: Renovation/Completion of Ward
Health: IMNCH Implementation
Health: Procurement of Essential Drugs
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks with Head Teachers Office & First Aid Room
Education: Renovation of Classroom Blocks with Head Teachers Office & First Aid Room
Education: Purchase of 4,000 One-Seater Bench/Desk
Education: Construction of VIP Toilets

Health: Renovation of Drug Store
Health: Supply of Medical Equipment
Health: Procurement of Ambulance
Health: Construction of WC Toilets
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks
Education: Renovation of 6 Classroom Blocks
Education: Purchase of Teaching Materials
Education: Purchase of 5,000 Two-Seater Benches
Education: Construction of Pour Flush Improved VIP Toilets with Hand Washing Facility
Water: Drilling and Installation of Solar Powered Boreholes

Criteria I Guidelines For Pre-Qualification For
The MDGs-CGS 2011 Projects
  1. Completion of pre-qualification form.
  2. Evidence of incorporation or business name registration.
  3. Registration with Cross River State Due Process and Price Intelligence Department in the relevant category.
  4. Evidence of Due Process Registration with LGAof interest
  5. Company Profile.
  6. Company Audited Account for the past three (3) years (2009,2010, &2011).
  7. Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate for the past three (3) years (2009, 2010, & 2011).
  8. Evidence of PAVE tax payment by the company staff.
  9. Evidence of Financial Capability and Bank Support
  10. Experiences/Technical Qualification and experiences of key personnel. (Company's Resume/Profile including details of key professional staff strength to be deployed to render services).
  11. Similar projects executed and evidence of knowledge of the service required.
  12. Equipment and Technology Capacity.
  13. Proof of joint ventures/alliances/partnerships (if applicable).
  14. Valued Added Tax (VAT Certificate and evidence of past VAT remittances.
  15. Evidence of Registration with relevant Professional Regulating Bodies and current payment of professional fees.
  16. Evidence of Business Premises Registration.

Closing Date
Completed documents (Forms) must be signed and submitted or delivered to the address within two (2) weeks from the date of this publication in a sealed envelope not later than 12:00 noon. The submission should be clearly marked "PRE-QUALIFICATION TO TENDER FOR MDGS-CGS TO LGAs 2011 PROJECTS" to the Department of International Development Cooperation (address is indicated below). The project area of interest should be indicated at the top right hand corner of the envelope e.g. Construction of Solar Powered Borehole (with treatment plan), or supply of hospital equipment, as the case may be.

  1. Please note that this is not an invitation to tender. Pre-qualified companies (limited liability and Enterprises) will be communicated to and/or published on the Department's Website.
  2. This advertisement should not be misconstrued as a commitment on the part of Cross River State MDGs Office nor shall it entitle companies to make any claim whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from the MDGs Office or the State Government;
  3. The State MDGs-CGS Committee reserves the right to verify any clalrnt s);
  4. Full bidding procedures shall only be applied to contractors that have been pre-qualified and found capable of executing the project(s); and
  5. All submissions are to be done within 2 weeks of this publication and not later than 12:00 noon on the final day.
  6. The PSU shall consider all submission after 12:00 noon invalid in line with the state procurement law.

The Head of Project Support Unit

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