Invitation to Pre-Qualify for the Upgrading of Pollution Control Centers Facilities, Abuja

Posted by Ijeoma on Mon 03rd Feb, 2014 -

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) intends to upgrade the Facilities at the Pollution Control Centers at Port Harcourt, MOSIMI and Atlas Cove, in order to position it for rapid response and mitigation of environmental threats associated with oil spillage within these operational areas.

Invitation to Pre-Qualify for the Upgrading of Pollution Control Centers Facilities

By this publication, competent and reputable Contractors are invited to submit pre-qualification documentation as prelude to the procurement of the under listed works in section 2.

Description and Brief Scope of the Project:

The upgrade of facilities at the three locations involves the following:

Lot 1: PCC Port Harcourt
Civil Works

  • Construction of perimeter fence measuring 160m long by 3:10m high from the base; built with 230mm thick block, hollow filled with lean concrete in wall panels supported by reinforced concrete columns at intervals not greater than 3.5m;
  • Construction of 150mm thick concrete paved access road, 100m long by 6m wide on crushed stone base; the road edge lined with concrete kerbs;
  • Repair of failed external eaves ceiling measuring 115m2 with 0.75 corrugated aluminum sheets supported with hardwood struts and noggins.

Metal Shelves
Supply/installation of 20 Nos. dismountable metal shelves built with steel; each rack measuring 2.1m high and 1m wide with three storage compartments.

Electrical Works
Electrical works comprising, rewiring in steel conduct, fixing of all internal and external fittings and terminations required to restore the electrical system of the PCC to fully functional condition.


Civil Works

  • Reconstruction of external paved area of the PCC with 150mm thick concrete pavement measuring 1,262 square meters on a crushed stone base,
  • Reconstruction of the access driveway with 150mm thick concrete pavement measuring 81 meters long by 6.60m wide on crushed stone base; the road edge line with concrete kerbs;

Sewage and Plumbing Works
Modifications of existing sewage system including but not limited to piping, fittings, testing and commissioning of the system.

Metal Shelves
Supply/installation of 20 Nos. dismountable metal shelves built with steel; each rack measuring 2.1m high and 1m wide with three storage compartments.

Lot 3: PCC Atlas Cove
Civil Works

  • Rehabilitation of the PCC building including, but not limited to floor screeding, tiling and replacement of damaged windows, doors and roofing sheets;
  • Replacement of failed concrete interlocking tiles;
  • Construction of two steel gates;
  • Construction of 119m long concrete drains at the building perimeter.

Bore Hole
Reactivation of existing borehole involving flushing, fittings, testing and commissioning

Metal Shelves
Construction of 20 Nos. dismountable metal shelves; each rack measuring 2.1m high and 1m wide with three storage compartments built in galvanized steel.

Electrical Works

  • Replacement of damaged cable, lighting fittings and 100A, TPN, MCCB Crabtree control assembly;
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of 1No 10KVA Generator

Submission of Expression of Interest

All companies wishing to express their interest to bid for this project shall submit relevant documentation for prequalification as stipulated in below. Only companies that are adjudged successful shall be invited to collect tender documents upon payment of a non- refundable fee of twenty thousand naira (N20, 000.00) only for the upgrade of the Pollution Control Centers Facilities at Port-Harcourt, MOSIMI and Atlas-Cove as described in above.

All payments shall be in Bank Draft payable to: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Prequalification Requirements

  • NNPC, in compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act 2007 and Bureau for Public Procurement guidelines, request interested companies to submit the details listed hereunder in their prequalification bid documents:
  • Full details of company profile with CAC Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria, Certified true copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company and CAC Form C07 (Particulars of Directors).
  • Evidence of Company Registration with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).
  • Evidence of Company Registration with NNPC Headquarters or any of its subsidiaries in Category C or pending application for same.
  • Proof of Company’s financial capabilities, including audited accounts for the last three (3) years along a with corresponding tax clearance certificates, c Value-Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate and evidence of past VAT remittances.
  • Organizational structure and available work force with CV’S of key personnel showing evidence of adequate human capital for the required services.
  • Relevant and verified cognate experience with NNPC, or other organizations, on similar projects in the past five (5) years (Please attach job completion certificates for completed projects and status report for on-going project including year, project title, client, project value and duration, client’s contact person, phone number and e-mail address, etc.)
  • Provide, with verifiable evidence, list of relevant equipment owned and/or to be sourced by the company as required by this project;
  • Confirm willingness to commence with the execution of this project on the basis of a Letter of Intent (LOI);
  • Nigerian Content Development: Plan indicating utilization of Nigerian materials, goods, services and manpower as required by this project. Verifiable evidence of established presence in Nigeria including investment(s) and sufficient plan for training/transfer of technology to Nigerians;
  • Company’s obligation to pay taxes, pensions and social security contributions in line with Section 16 (6) d of the Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2007 and Section 1 (2) of the Pension Reform Act;
  • Company’s CASHES and QA/QC Policy; Demonstrable ability and verifiable evidence to handle very volatile .host communities and topical community issues;
  • Details of safety records for accidents, incidents, injuries and damages for the past three (3) years e.g. Lost Time Incidents, Down-Time etc.
  • Any additional information that will enhance the potentials of the Company;

Closing date: 3rd March 2014

Submission of Prequalification Documents
The requested information and any supporting documents in respect of these requirements should be submitted in one original plus three duplicate hard copies and two electronic copies (CD ROM) The documents shall be in single package, sealed and marked: “Prequalification For Upgrade Of PCC Facilities At Port Harcourt, MOSIMI And Atlas-Cove”

The seated package should be addressed to reach the address given below, before the closing date of this publication:

The Secretary,
E&T Tenders Board, NNPC,
Block D, First (1st) Floor, Room 99,
NPC Towers, Central Business District,

Please note that:

  • Your company shall provide NNPC with a letter of Authority to verify all claims made in your submissions.
  • For Joint Venture or Partnership, the previous experience being claimed may include those executed by Joint Venture or Partnership where applicable as well as the individual relevant experiences.
  • Please note that this is not an Invitation To Tender Only Companies adjudged qualified by NNPC under this prequalification procedure shall be invited to participate in the competitive tender.
  • NNPC reserves the absolute discretion and right to either accept or reject any documents and it shall not be required to assign a reason for refusal to invite your company to participate in the bidding exercise or to enter any correspondence concerning the selection of any contractor for the services.
  • All costs incurred by your company as a result of this prequalification exercise and any subsequent request for information shall be to your account.
  • The prequalification and any related process neither creates any commitment by NNPC nor establishes any legal relationship.