Construction, Supply and Installation of Miniature Agricultural Processing Machines for Cassava, Rice, Groundnut and Yam Flour

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Mercy Corps seeks qualified consultants / Organizations for the following projects:

Project/Consultancy Title: Construction, Supply and Installation of Miniature Agricultural Processing Machines for Cassava, Rice, Groundnut and Yam Flour.

Project Location(s):
Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue


Recurring violence in Nigeria’s Middle Belt has consistently undermined the region’s development. Conflict between pastoralists and farmers in the region has increasingly taken on religious overtones as predominantly Christian farmers clash with predominantly Muslim pastoralists over scarce natural resources. With funding from DFID, Mercy Corps is working to prevent and resolve conflict between pastoralists and farmers in four Middle Belt states, with an emphasis on conflicts that cross religious lines and negatively affect local livelihoods and economic growth. Our program addresses underlying drivers of community conflict by preventing the escalation of ethno-religious violence and creating incentives for government, the private sector and community members to work proactively to promote stability.

The importance of improved sustainability of dispute resolution through economic and natural resource initiatives cannot be over emphasized. Linking economic development to dispute resolution is one of the strongest lessons learned by Mercy Corps through years of implementing peace building programmes. In order to support the sustainability of dispute resolution agreements and prevent the emergence of new conflicts, local leaders with input from their community will identify and implement economic and natural resource initiatives that will address the underlying drivers of the disputes and mitigate potential impacts on agreements.

Purpose / Project Description:

Mercy Corps and partners Pastoralist Resolve (PARE) and Education as a Vaccine (EVA) are preparing to undertake a capacity building program that focuses on modern agricultural commodity processing techniques and the establishment of miniature processing centres for the processing of cassava, rice, ground nuts, and yam in some rural communities of Benue, Nasarawa, Plateau and Kaduna State. The establishment of these miniature agricultural processing centres will bring together members of conflicting groups primarily from farmer and pastoralist communities, and will address a substantial economic need—related to natural resource management—experienced by both communities, as determined through Mercy Corps’ assessments.

Mercy Corps seeks registered companies that have experience and capacity to establish agricultural processing centres in rural communities. The successful company will construct, supply and install the processing machines, and as well provide training for machine operators. An agricultural processing centre project will be implemented in 8 project sites in four states, comprising of Benue, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Plateau. After a series of consultations with community members and economic feasibility assessments, Mercy Corps will decide which type of processing centre is suitable for each project site and will instruct the successful firm accordingly.

This processing centre will help bring together the benefiting communities to add value to the agricultural commodities produced in the area. The processing centre projects are part of several joint economic activities that will foster economic interdependence and promote increased collaboration related to natural resource management, serving as the foundation for future economic and resource management programming in target communities.


The purpose of establishing these processing centres is to afford the community members an opportunity to process high quality agricultural commodity products with the capacity for higher income generation for the communities and to stimulate economic activities within the participating communities. This will also promote economic interdependence between two previously conflicting communities. This project aims to reduce resource competition, increase economic opportunity, and promote cooperation between the pastoralist and the farming communities of the focal states.

Processing Machinery Specification:

Cassava Processing Machines
  • 2 Hydraulic Presses for de-watering
  • 1 Motorized cassava grater of 2 tonnes/hour capacity
  • 1 Mechanical Sifter , 1 tonne/day
  • 2 improved gari roasting bays 3-6 kg per load made of stainless steel material,
  • 1 grinder of 250 kg powder/hour)
Rice Processing Machines
  • 1 Rice Milling Machine. 400 kg/hour capacity (Community friendly machine to be used where there is no electricity)
  • 1 Rice Destoning Machine
  • 1 Rice polishing machine
Yam Processing Machines
  • 1 Grinder (400kg/ hour capacity)
  • 1 yam cracking machine
  • 1 yam parboiler
Groundnuts Processing Machines
  • 1 Groundnut sheller (300kg/ hour capacity)
  • 1 stainless groundnut roasting bay (2-6 kg)1 groundnut oil extractor/expeller
Successful Bidder’s Activities:
The Company will:
  • Provide sketched diagram of the floor plan for the processing Centre.
  • Construct the processing Centre were the machines will be installed.
  • Supply and install the processing machines.
  • Train the selected machine operators in the communities where the project will be sited
  • Submit a brief project completion report highlighting the major successes and challenges, in the course of the project implementation.
Bidders should identify which, if not all, of the above types of processing centres they have the capacity to build, and should provide a cost estimate for establishing each of the different types of centres. A successful bid will break down the cost by building construction, cost of machinery, installation, and operation training for community members for each agricultural processing centre.

  • Construction of the processing centre where the machines will be installed (2 weeks)
  • Supply and installation of processing machines (2 weeks)
  • Train machine operators on operation and maintenance of the machines (1 day)
  • Submit project completion report (1 day)
The Successful Company will report to:
Economic and Market Development Advisor

The Company will work closely with:

Program Manager,as well as other consultants

  • The ideal company will have extensive experience in establishment of modern agricultural commodity processing centres in very rural communities.
  • The company must have the capacity and resources to deliver the project in the targeted communities within the specified time frame.
  • Bidding Company must be fully registered with CAC.
  • The Company must have all the statutory documentation.
Other documents to be submitted with bid are:
  • Copy of Certificate of registration/incorporation of the bidding company
  • Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Tax Clearance Certificate or last 3 years audited financial statement
  • References to where similar job has been performed
  • Hausa language abilities are an added advantage
Application Closing Date
27th February, 2014

Method of Application
Submit sealed bid with category clearly marked at the top of the envelope and addressed To:

The Operations Manager
No. 5 Peka Close Off Buchana Crescent,
Wuse II, Abuja.

***Please note that the communities where this project will be implemented are in very remote areas.