Invitation for Expression of Interest (EoI) for the Operation and Management of the Marina Resort Calabar under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model, Calaber

Posted by Ijeoma on Fri 07th Feb, 2014 -

The Government of Cross River State within its aspiration for tourism development is seeking to partner with a credible private party under a Public Private Partnership arrangement in the redesign, rehabilitation, finance and operation of the state owned exclusive water front facility, the Marina Resort Calabar.


Invitation for Expression of Interest (EoI) for the Operation and Management of the Marina Resort Calabar under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model

The Marina Resort is a serene tourist attraction, strategically situated on a sizeable portion of land overlooking the Calabar Marina.
Major highlight of the project description include:

  • Colonial style storey building which functions as a lounge/bar;
  • A standalone mini-hall bungalow;
  • One-storey 13-room guest house with an adjoining events hall;
  • Children outdoor play ground with a circular building utilized as a snack café & A carousel;
  • African-style huts;
  • A walkway along the waterfront;
  • Sizeable lawn and parking space
  • Other key Traffic drivers in the Resort include:
  • A four-screen (public viewing) cinema and,
  • A slave history museum

Project Scope & Focus
The key focus of the project is private sector engagement in the delivery of exclusive leisure and entertainment offerings in partnership with the contracting authority in a manner that enables value for money in sustainable terms to stakeholders throughout the concession period.
Highlight of the project scope include but not limited to:

  • Facility management including redesign, renovation and operation of the Resort in the most efficient manner to deliver value to stakeholders;
  • The injection of private finance to enable timeous project rollout and operational expansion;
  • Innovative and customer-centric hospitality offerings with flexibilities that enable out-of-the-box desired outcomes;
  • Deployment of the right caliber of personnel with the right industry experience and network;
  • Full knowledge of the niche market, the national, regional & local operating & regulatory environment; and,
  • Private sector driven operations & efficiency with the contracting authority regulating the intended PPP relationship

Requirements from Interested Bidders:
For pre-qualification, prospective bidders (firms or individuals) should possess relevant and verifiable operating experience in the industry. Bidders would be required to provide the following information:

  • Corporate credentials and clarification on funding support &technical competence in the required services;
  • CVs of key project team indicating task assignment, intended partnerships etc.;
  • Evidence of at least three (3) years verifiable experience in the required services stating project(s), reference and description of work done;
  • Proposed outline business/operational plan.

Submission of Expression of Interest (EoI)
Interested firms or individuals may obtain further project information (via e-mail on on the EoI pre-qualification criteria prior to submission of interest before closure

The execution of the project will be for a defined concession period under the Redesign, Rehabilitate, Finance, Operate & Transfer (PPP) model. EoI submissions demonstrating technical competence only without financial considerations at this stage must include:

Five (5) original hard copies of the technical proposal and One (1) soft copy (in CD or flash drive) of the technical proposal to be delivered in a sealed envelope and submitted to the below address. The sealed envelope must be clearly marked:
EoI-Concession of Marina Resort Calabar and addressed to:

Director General
Bureau of Public Private Partnerships
33A, NsefikEyo Layout,
Off NdidemUsanglsoRoad Calabar,
Cross River State
Phone number: 0815 567 3995

Closing date: 28th February, 2014

Time: 5:00pm

Please note:

  • Bidders would be required to register with the State Due Process Office (Details to be provided on request).
  • Official Receipts, signifying submission would be issued for all submissions.
  • That this invitation does not constitute a commitment on the part of CRSG or its agencies to award the project to any firm or consortium expressing interest on the project. Response to this notice shall not entitle any of the interested parties to any claims against CRSG or its agencies by virtue of such firm or consortium having responded to the invitation.
  • Further details on the project scope would be provided on request to interested bidders should log on
  • All costs incurred by respondents as a result of this EoI invitation and any subsequent