Public Notice on Reactivation of Nigerian Content Consultative Forum (NCCF), Bayelsa State

Posted by Ijeoma on Thu 13th Feb, 2014 -

This publication serves as notice to all stakeholders in the Oil and Gas Industry including but not limited to: Operators, Services, companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Financial Institutions, Regulators and other organizations connected to the oil and gas industry that the board shall hold consultative engagements with established sectors of the industry under the Nigeria Content Consultative Forum (NCCF) for the quarters of 2014. The Consultative Forum is being convened to provide platform for information sharing on upcoming projects and local capabilities; and to also develop proposals and recommend policies for Nigeria Content Development from 2014 onwards.

Public Notice on Reactivation of Nigerian Content Consultative Forum (NCCF)

Nigerian Content Implementation 2010 dateSince the creation of the Board  in April 2010 the drive for Nigerian Content implementation has been underpinned by provisions of the (NOGICD) Act and the medium term targets of the Honorable Minister of Petroleum Resources aimed at employment generation, domiciliation of service within Nigeria Asset ownership, in-country retention of industry spend% increased community impacts and technology acquisition.

Specifically; Nigerian Content implementation has largely revolved around the following concepts and outcomes:

  • First consideration for Nigeria service providers: Over 50% of contracts are now performed by Nigerians.
  • Training and Education: Over 10,000 trained in engineering, fabrication and petro tech skills are now participating in the Oil & Gas industry and linkage sectors
  • Manufacturing: Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate (NCEC) scheme is stimulating local manufacturing under partnerships between local companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Pipe Mill Pilot scheme: 3 new mills are being developed to support existing mill;
  • Marine asset ownership: Ownership of Marine vessels and offshore Rigs by Nigerians is growing steadily.
  • Fabrication: Over 30% by weight of total fabrication is carried out in local yards.
  • Engineering: Over 5% of total Engineering Man-hours is performed in Nigeria.
  • Expatriate Quota Management: A Biometrics data capture scheme has been launched as a tool for monitoring the use of expatiates in the oil and gas industry
  • Local Infrastructure Development: Over $5bn new investments have been has been Invested In the upgrade of existing development of new yards to support increase in scope of work
  • Impact on Communities: Industrial Parks scheme launched to promote manufacturing of key Oil & Gas components by community based SMES in Partnership with OEMs

Thrust of NCCF Sectoral Groups
In the next phase of our implementation program starting from QI 2014, the Board is determined to sustain the momentum by expanding shop floors for manufacturing focusing on utilizing Nigerian owned assets linking local Research and Development activities to Industry; creating long term employment and increasing funding support for financing of oil and gas investments by Nigerian banks.
Pursuant to Section 58 of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Act 2010 the board has created the following sectoral committees of NCCF to enrich the content of its Nigerian Content Initiatives.

  • Fabrication
  • Finance; insurance & legal services
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Education training
  • Materials and Manufacturing
The established sectoral committees of NCCF shah form an integral part of the Boards apparatus for realizing its objectives.

Structure and Governance of NCCF
Pursuant to Sections 37 and 58 of the NOGICD Act on the structure of the NCCF the public is invited the note the following

  • Membership of each sectoral committee shall consist of service companies, professional bodies, academia/subject matter experts, relevant regulatory agencies and any other entity considered germane to Nigerian content development.
  • Each sectoral committee shall have a standing technical panel which will hold periodic sessions to harvest ideas and solutions that will assist the Board achieve its overall mandate of local capacity development and creating opportunities local companies.
  • Each Sectoral committee shall appoint its chairman and secretary from among the technical team. The Chairman shall be responsible for submitting the resolutions of the committee to the management of NCDMB.
  • Each sectoral committee shall hold a minimum of one meeting per quarter and submit practical resolutions of Nigeria Content development to the Board
  • NCDMB shall fund activities of the sectoral groups

Schedule of First Quarter Consultative Engagements For 2014 First Quarter

  • Activities: Morning
  • Day 1: Shipping & Logistics, Finance, Insurance & Legal
  • Day 2: PETAN, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Day 3: Essential Services
Activities: Afternoon
  • Day 1: Education & Training, Information & communication Technology
  • Day 2: Engineering, Fabrication
  • Day 3: Close out session

The inaugural meeting Quarter engagement will hold in Mardi 2014 Selected Companies/Individuals will be notified of their nomination, the NCCF sectoral committee they are aligned to end calendar of NCCF activities for 2014 with specific dates and venue for engagement of their respective committees.

Who Should Attend
The follow entities shall form the core membership of the Technical teams:

  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC- NAPIMS), PTDF, IOCs Marginal field and indigenous operators, Council for the Registration of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) PETAN and other relevant professional bodies.
  • Relevant Government agencies and stakeholders to be selected from expressions of interest received in line with the criteria stated below.

Expression of Interest (EOI)
Interested Subject Matter Expert researchers members of the Organized Private Sector or entities and individuals outside the institutions identified above are requested to submit EOI to the Hoard indicating the sectoral committees they wish to participate in and area of Interest. The EOI should contain the following details.

  • Company or Individual profile demonstrating deep experience in any of the sectoral groups
  • Fifty (50) word abstract showing clear understanding of the issues, growth opportunities and aspirations for the selected sectoral committee;

Closing date: 28th February, 2014

Method of Submission
All EOI are to be submitted in two hard copies and electronic copy in sealed envelopes and clearly marked “Expression of interest for NCCF” Applicants are required to register with NJQS at (htt:// and upload their EOI. All enquires on this public notice should be sent to:  

All EOI should reach Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) on or before the closing date and addressed to:

The Executive Secretary
Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board
4 Lambert Eradiri Road
Revenue House
Onopa Yenagoa,
Bayelsa State


  • Late submission will not be accepted