Request for Proposal at Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp)

Posted by Leuna on Fri 14th Sep, 2012 -

Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp)
Request for Proposal

1.) Introduction

National Pension Commission (PENCOM), the regulators of Pension Industry in Nigeria, has requested all Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) to ensure that all Retirement Savings Account (RSA) clients’ profiles are compliant with Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS) standards.

Having AFIS-comptiant RSA clients profiles is a key requirement for the commencement of the much-awaited RSA Transfer Window, which enable RSA clients to move their accounts from one PFA to another as they desire.

Incidentally, a recent verification exercise carried out on the RSA clients’ National Databank by PENCOM revealed that over 80% of the current biometric data are not AFIS-compliant. Furthermore, about 10% of the AFIS-comptiant profiles were duplicates.

A lot of multiple registration cases also existed, a challenge that impacts on the PFAS’ ability to provide excellent customer service. It is also observed that many of the RSA clients’ profiles on PFA Databases are out-dated, thereby making it extremely difficult for PFAs to seamlessly treat transactions on such RSAs or communicate with such RSA clients.

In order to achieve the expected 100% AFIS-comptiant level, it became obvious that the biometric data (and bio-data) of all existing RSA clients have to be re-captured, based on PENCOM approved standards and specifications. This has now become a matter of urgency!!

Consequently, the PFAs, through the umbrella body - Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PENOP), and in conjunction with PENCOM, decided to engage the services of competent professionals to carry out the capturing of the biometrics (and bio-data) of all existing RSA clients in Nigeria.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is therefore targeted at professionals (Vendors) who may be interested in being considered by PENOP to execute the project.

The detailed RFP can be downloaded from PENOP’s website (

2.) Intent to Respond

PENOP requests that parties electing to respond to this RFP submit an ‘Intent to Respond’. The ‘Intent to Respond’ must be via email to copying and received prior to close of business on Wednesday 19 September 2012.

Included in the ‘Intent to Respond’ shall be the following:
  • Formal name of the organization responding
  • Statement indicating intent to respond
  • Contact information of nominated officer responding, including email address and GSM numbers.
This information is required for planning of the related briefing meeting to be held on Friday 21 September 2012, and to enable PENOP invite all interested vendors for the meeting.

3.) Proposed Submission Format(s) and Date

Soft copy proposals should be submitted in PDF format and sent via email to copying Please note that PENOP is not responsible for server delivery failures and the non-receipt of the soft copy will lead to disqualification, whether or not it was sent before the deadline expiration.

Closing Date
Proposals must reach the above E-mail Addresses no later than 10:00am on Friday, 28 September 2012. Please note that late submissions will be disqualified.

4.) Format for Proposal Response
1. Executive Summary
  • Brief profile of the Company.
  • Experience in Data Capture Service and/or similar services
  • List of Client references
2. Technical Information
  • Description of the solution methodology/approach
  • Implementation Process & Timelines: Detailed work plan for the deployment of the Solution, including timeframes and deliverables.
  • Major Milestones & Achievements
  • Detailed Requirements from PENOPS/PENCOM.
3. Commercials
  • Detailed cost model, with separate headers for Hardware (Collation Server and Remote Equipments), Software (for Host Server and Remote systems), HR and Logistics, etc.; including payment terms.
  • Training on the Solution.
  • Integration
4. Support and Maintenance Plans for the Solution

5. References
Detailed list of at least three (3) Companies or Institutions that similar comprehensive services have been offered including their addresses, Contact Person(s) and Telephone numbers.

6. Appendix
  • Any other information e.g. Alternate Solution or Services to achieve results, Additional Benefits, Project Team Staffing (resumes and relevant experience and qualifications of key staff and Management personnel) etc
  • 3-Year Tax Clearance and PENCOM Certificate of Compliance.
5.) Enquiries
All enquiries in relation to the RFP should be sent via email to copying with subject as 'Bio-Capture and Update Application RFP Enquiries’.