Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) Headquarters Invitation for Tenders for the Supply of Laboratory Equipment for FERMA Mobile Laboratories.

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The Federal Roads MatntenanceAgency (FERMA) is desirous of procuring laboratory equipment and upgrading of the existing mobilelaboratories to consolidate on the gains of the already procured ones for the sole purpose of facilitating Road Maintenance activities across the country from the 2012 Appropriation. To this effect, suitably qualifled Corneactors are invited to tender for the "Supply and Installation of Laboratory Equipments for the Four [4] FERMA Mobile Laboratories" and Upgrading of the Eight (8) Zonal Laboratories.

A. Supply of Supply and Installation of Laboratory Equipments for the Four (4) FERMA Mobile Laboratories
Lot 1. Asphalt Testing Equipment
1. Marshall Hand Hammerwith Finger guard [4]
2. Hammer Pedestal with ASTM top Plate [4]
3. MArshall Mould Holder [4]
4. 100mm Marshall Moulds [24]
5. 100mm 6-ton Hydraulic Mould Extractor [4]
6. Extractor Bowl + Lid [8]
7. Ploog Extraction Machine [4]
8. 3000 grams Centrifuge [4]
9. 1500 grams Centrifuge [4]
10. Sample Splitter 10 Chutes 1 1/12" -37mm [4]
11. Sample Splitter 14 Chute  1/2" - 12mm [4]
12. 5,000kg Capacity Stability Machine with indicator lights [4]
13. Stability Mould/ Breaking head to meet ASTM D 6927 [4]
14. PAckage of Marsjhall COmpaction Paper [4]
15. 29.4 litre Water BAth (Digital) - 500mm x 500mm x 250mm [4]
16. Heating Oven- Forced (8 Cubic ft) [8]
17. Sieve Shaker with Stainless Brass Frame- Style Sieves only [4]
18. 200mm Style Nest of Sieves- all Sizes [8]
19. Vaccum Pumps- Light Use [4]
20. 2kg Silica Gel [4]
21. Vaccum Flask- 100mm Complete [4]
22. 4 Postition Vaccum Manifold [4]
23. Vacuum MAnometer [4]
23. 12 Feet (3.600mm) Vacuum Tubing [4]
24. 450mm x 450mm x 75mm galvanised pans with handles [16]
25. 200mm Wash Sieve with Mesh [4]
26. 15kg Electric Balance Scale [4]
27. Quart (1,000cm3)Flat Scoop [4]
28. Quart (1,000cm3) Round Scoop [4]
29. Stainless Steel Bowls -243.75mm Diameter [4]
30. Stainless Steel Bowls - 400m Diameter [4]
31. Pocket Thermometer (0-250°) [8]
32. Long Dip Asphalt Laboratory 0-250° [24]
33. Long Cuff heat-Resistant Gloves [4]
34. Infrared Thermometer [4]

Lot 2.  Concrete testing Equipment
1. Conctete Compression Machine- Test Mark [4]
2. Pressure Meter [4]
3. Roller Meter- Volumetric Air Meter [4]
4. POcket Penetrometer [4]
5. Rubber Mallet [4]
6. J-Ring Test Set for Self- Consolidating Concrete [4]
7. Slump Cone completer set with Rod, Plate, Trowel, etc [4]
8. Scoop #2 (1 Litre) [4]
9. Stick off Plate 300mm square [4]
10. Tampering Rod [4]
11. Concrete Dial Thermometer [4]
12. Schmidt Hammer - NDT Brand
13. Cube Mold and Plastic 3 Gang for Cement [4]
14. Capping Compound [4]

Lot 3. Soil Testing Equipment
1. Auger Sol Sample System (Auger Kit) [4]
2. Auger Tube Kit 36 INL [4]
3. Soil Digiital Moisture Meter- Delhorst Gypsum Black [4]
4. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Set [4]
5. Speedy Moisture Tester [4]
6. Compaction hammer 5kg [4]
7. Compaction Hammer 2.75kg Standard Proctor Modified [4]
8. Mold 100mm Standard Proctor/CBR
9. Sample Ejector for Both 100mm & 150mm Size Mold [4]
10. Density Drive Tube 100mm Bevelled [4]
11. Liquid Limit Test set ((ASTM D 4318 and ASHTO 189) [4]
12. Sand Cone & Jug [4]
13. Sand Cone Density Base Plate [4]
14. Speedy Brush 12mm [4]
15. Soil Mortar and Pestle [4]
16. Trowel 250mm [4]
17. Density Drive Hammer 100mm [4]
18. Soil CBR Test Load Frame, Manual [4]
19.  Spacer Disc for CBR Test Machine [4]
20. 150mm Load Cell [4]
21. 100mm Load Cell [4]
22. Surcharge Weight 2.5kg Not Slotted [4]
23. Surcharge Weight 2.5kg Slotted [4]
24. Triaxial Test Load Frame Digital Master Loader [4]

Lot 4. Shared Lab Equipmnet
1. Coring Machine - 150mm Drill bt [4]
2. Electromagnetic Density Guage [4]

B. Laboratory Equipment For Upgrading of the Eight (8) Zonal Laboratories.
Lot 5.
1. ACCUTEK Digital Series Concrete Crushing Machine, 110V/60Hz, CapacIty: 250,000 lbf (1,112kN); Pump: 1hp -Supplied with standard Platens for testing 6" x 12" cylinders, frame stand and download software and RS232 Cables [8]
2. Platen Set for 2" (50mm) Concrete Cubes [8]
3. Concrete Test hammer, Original Schmidt type N (N/mm2). consisting of test hammer, carrying case, grinding stone, operating instructions and certification [8]
4. Speedy Moisture set, 6G [8]
5. CBR Set - Laboratory HAnd Operated, Metric, Includes:
(1No)24 -9345 - CBR Loading Press; (1N0) 78 -0860 -Proving Ring, 11,200lb (50kN); (1No) 88 -4100 - Pentration Dial Indicator; (4Nos) 24 -9229 - CBR Molds; (4Nos) 24 - 9240 - Filter Screens; (2Nos) 24 - 9260 - Swell Plates; (1No) 88 - 4100 - Dial indicator; (4Nos) 24 - 9244 - Slotted Surcharge Weights; (1No) 24 - 9063 - Compaction Hammer; (1No) 24 - 9010 Straight Edge; (1No) 24 - 9238 - Spacer Disc; (1No) 24 -9520 Box of Fitter Paper; (1No) 24 - 9262 Tripod Attachment and (4Nos) 24 - 9245 — Surcharge Weights [8]
6. Rubber Mallet [18]
7. Ohaus balance 4500kg [8]
8. Glass Bottle [16]
9. Moisture Content Plate [8]
10. 100ml Wash Bottle [24]
11. 1000ml Measuring Cylinder [24]
12. 500ml Measuring Cylinder [24]
13. 250ml Measuring Cylinder [24]
14. Measuring Wheel/Counter [8]
15. Funnel [8]
16. Flat & Elongated Caliper [8]
17. Stop Watch [8]
18. Bulk Density Canister [8]
19. Spatula [16]
20. 4.26mm Sieve 8" dia. Stainless Steel Mesh FH [16]
21. 2.80mm Sieve 8" dia. Stainless Steel Mesh FH [16]
22. 1.18mm Sieve 8" dia. Stainless Steel Mesh FH [16]
23. 0.425mm Sieve 8" dia. Stainless Steel Mesh FH [16]
24. Micro Deval Test Set Complete with Jars, stainless Steel Ball Chargers, Timer- Automatic(Aggregate Abrasion Loss Test) [8]
25. Sand Equivalency Kit Complete in Carrying Case (flakiness, and Clay Content Test) [8]

Conditions to Tender
  • Evidence of registration with CAC as a Contractor.
  • Tax Clearance certificate for the last 3 years
  • Registration with PENCOM
  • VAT regtstrtion and evidence of past VAT remittance
  • Terms of Warranty.
  • Spare parts availability
  • Training facility for our Technical Staff/Operators
  • Evidence that the Supplier is either an Original Equipment Maufacturer or is an accredited Representative/Dealer of the Original Equipment Manufacturer in Nigeria.
  • Audited financial report for the last three years
  • Comprehensive Company profile to include verifiable list of previous similar Contracts successfully executed within the last three years with names of clents, evidence of award and practical completion.
  • Asworn affidavit indicating that all the documents submitted are genuine and verifiable
  • A sworn affidavit that none of the Directors have been convicted of any criminal offence including financial impropriety.
  • Evidence of similar previous supply and installation of highway engineering laboratory equipment to any Ministry, Department or Agency
  • Must possess relevant qualifications and experience as would enable the Agency seek, from time to time ethics on highway based research and on other modern equipment for tests in line with global best practices.
  • Evidence of affiliation with foreign highway research institutes would also be an added advantage.
  • The installation would be made at the following locations, Sokoto, Maiduguri Benin and Ilorin.
Collection of Tender Documents
interested Bidders are to make payment of non refundable sum of Twenty Five Thousand Naira (N25,000.00) only in bank draft per bid in favour of Federal Roads Maintenance Agency payable in Abuja and which must have been converted to a receipt at Revenue Office, Accounts Department, Ground Floor of the FERMA Headquarters.
Bidders are to collect Bidding documents after showing original and Photostat copies of payment receipt between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm, Mondays to Fridays on or before 12noon of 11th October, 2012 from:
The Assistant General Manager (Procurement)
Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA)
HeadQuarters Annex, Abuja
N0 7 Eldoret Close, Off Aminu Kano Crescent,
Wuse II, Abuja
Ground Floor, Room GF 003

Submission/Opening of Tender Documents
Interested firms are to submit their bids per Lot in one envelope, sealed and clearly marked on the top left hand corner "CONFIDENTIAL" and top right hand corner "TENDER FOR (indicate Lot/title of proocurement)_______" clearly marked "Original" at the bottom right hand corner and addressed to:

Closing Date
The Tender submissions must be delivered by hand not later than 12 noon of 11th October, 2012 to the Office of the Assistant General Menager (Procurement), FERMA Headquarters Annex Abuja, No, 7 Eldoret Close, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Ground Floor, Room GF 003. (Include one (1) copy clearly marked "copy" at the bottom right hand corner).
All Bids will be publicly opened immediately at the close of bid submissioin at the Rockview Royale Hotel, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.
The Representatives of Companies that submitted bids, Representatives of Professional Bodies and the Civil Societies are invited to witness the opening.

Please Note that:
  • The Works attract a 2% Bid Security clearly attached to front of submitted Bid Document.
  • The works may not attract advance payment.
  • Contractors who have worked for the Agency and have history of abandonment, termination and-or lack capacity need not apply.
  • No Bidder is to wrote the Company name on any of the envelopes.
  • Only correctly addressed bids will be received.
  • The Agency will not enter into-unnecessary correspondence with any Contractor except when deemed fit and in the interest of the hid.
  • All cost inccured by any Company in respect of this advertisement are at her own expense and the Agency shall shall not entertain any claim whatsoever in this regard.
  • The Agency reserves the right to verify any claim made by any of the Bidders
  • The Agency reserves the right to terminate the bidding process at any prior to signing of the contract agreement
  • Late submissions will be rejected.
  • TheAgemcy is not bound to patronize any bidder and reserves the right to annul the selection process when unforseen and justifiable developments warrant such action, without incurring any liability and assigning any reason thereof.
Note: Non adherence to any of the Instructions above attracts automatic Disqualification.