Sale By Bid of a Marine Asset "As is" - Request for Pre-Qualification Applications

Posted by Leuna on Fri 14th Sep, 2012 -

Sale By Bid of a Marine Asset "As is" - Request for Pre-Qualification Applications

The Offeror, (holder of title ) to a marine Asset currently moored in Lagos State, Nigeria wishes to Offer for Sale, by bidding from interested parties to be prequalified, the said marine Asset on an “as is” basis.

The Offeror is desirous of selling the marine asset by advertising for bids, Please note that any expenses applicable to the marine Asset shall as from the date of sale (execution of the Sale Memorandum), be for the account of the Purchaser.

The marine Asset is a specially designed vessel, moored in Lagos State, Nigeria. It can be applied for several purposes, but does not have any self propulsion capabilities at present. Bidders shall be prequalified, in order to ensure that only those with capacity are selected to undertake a due diligence which comprises access to specifications of the vessel as well as a physical inspection of the marine Asset.

The criteria for pre-qualification are as set out below:

Pre-Qualification Criteria

Submission of Pre-Qualification Application
Interested bidders may submit a pre-qualification application alone or through a consortium, (a consortium being a temporary aggregation of companies in a joint or consolidated form, with a designated representative that will be responsible for each of its members).
Applicants submitting a request for pre-qualification alone shall be:
i) A duly registered corporate entity that transacts business in accordance with the laws governing the Sovereign of its domicile; or
ii) A corporation having the status of an offshore entity in accordance with recognized and internationally accepted regulations in force in the country of registration; or
iii) An unincorporated consortium coming together for the sole purpose of this bid comprising two or more companies; such a consortium must have a duly notarized Memorandum of Understanding defining the basis of existence and purpose of the consortium, as well as signifying the representative entity or authorized signatories of that consortium. Each constituent company of the consortium must meet the prequalification criteria in either (i)or (ii) above.

Conditions of pre-qualification of Applicants
To be pre-qualified, Applicants under (i) and (ii) above and each constituent member of a consortium shall submit one (1) set of hard copies and one (1) CD or flash drive of the following:
1: Statutory Documents:-
(a) Memorandum and Articles of Association.
(b) Certificate of Incorporation.
(c) Copies of the latest returns of Forms CO2 & CO7.
(d) Copies of Audited accounts for the last 3 years. (Companies less than 3 years old should submit copies of their most recent accounts).
(e) Copies of tax returns for the last 3 years.
2. Submit one (1) copy of a statement of intention regarding initial and mid-term plans for the asset.
3. Submit one (1) copy of a letter of reference from your bankers regarding capacity to acquire the asset.
4. Submit one copy of the names and contacts of Advisers to the Applicant e.g. solicitors, accountants etc.
5. Submit one (1) copy of a statement in which existing or previous relationships and possible conflicts with any party (individual or corporate) previously or currently involved in any way with the asset is clearly stated.

Closing Date
A sealed envelope containing the required submissions, should be delivered by hand with clear indication on the outside “Sale by Bid of the Asset - Request for pre-qualification” at the latest on August 13, 2012 at 5pm Nigerian Time addressed to “The Sale Agent” - Sterling Towers (2nd Floor) 20 Marina Lagos.

Or by email with the subject matter “Sale by Bid of the Asset -Request for pre-qualification” addressed to the “The Sale Agent” - Sterling Towers (2nd Floor) 20 Marina Lagos sent to: to be received no later than 5pm Nigerian Time on August 13, 2012.

Please note that by entering this process you agree:
(1) That only approved pre-qualified bidders would be invited to submit non-binding offers.
(2) That the Offerors decision is final in the Pre-qualification and bid winners process and shall not be subject to external adjudication of any sort.
(3) That the Offeror at its sole discretion reserves the right to cancel this bid process without any advance notification and at no compensation to bidders.