2012 Appropriated capital projects invitation for pre-qualification and financial bids

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Nigeria Arabic Language Village, Ngala
(Inter-University Centre for Arabic Studies)
Office of The Director

2012 Appropriated capital projects invitation for pre-qualification and financial bids

The Nigeria Arabic Language Village, Ngala (NALV) is a Federal Government Agency, a foremost inter university centre for Arabic studies with Headquarters at Ngala , Borno State, Nigeria wishes to invite interested reputable and competent Contractors to Prequalify and Bid for the following projects.

A. Scope Of Works/Supplies
Lot S/N Lot No. Project Title Non-Refundable Tender Processing Fees
1 NALV/CP/2012/SW/01 Teaching & Research equipment phase 1 (construction of examination hail) 10,000.00
2  NALV/CP/2012/S/02 Production of Master Plan (Surveying, Physical brief and master plan) 5,000.00
3 NALV/CP/2012/SW/03  Campus water reticulation        5,000.00
4 NALV/CP/2012/SW/04/A Construction of 2ND blocks of male students
5 NALV/CP/2012/G/04/B    Furniture to students hostels         5,000.00
6 NAV/CP/2012/G/04/C Solar facilities students hostels    5,000.00
7 NALV/CP/2012/SW/05/A Rehabilitation 1 (Provision of borehole) 10,000.00
8 NALV/CP/2012/SW/05/B Rehabilitation 11 (Roofing and painting of classrooms) 5,000.00
9 NALV/CP/2012/SW/05/C Rehabilitation 111 (Construction of main gate) 5,000.00
10 NALV/CP/20I2/SW/06 Construction of staff school (academic staff offices) 10,000.00
11 NALV/CP/2012/G/07 Furniture and equipment for Academic staff 5,000.00
12 NALV/CP/2012/G/08/A Purchase of Vehicles and Generators I (3No. Toyota hilux) 10,000.00
13 NALV/CP/2012/G/08/B Purchase of Vehicles and Generators 11 (2No. 27Kva generators) 5,000.00

A. Pre-Qualification Requirements:
To be considered for pre-qualification, interested, competent and reliable contractors are required to provide Verifiable evidence including but not limited to the following documents:
  1. Photocopy of Certificate of incorporation/Business Registration in Nigeria With Corporate Affairs Commission, Articles and memorandum of Association inclusive
  2. Photocopy of Current Company Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 (Three) Years (2009, 2010 and 2011);
  3. Photocopy of Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate.
  4. Company’s Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years. (2009, 2010 and 2011), duly signed and stamped;
  5. Evidence of Financial capabilities to execute the works/supplies. This should include certified Bank statement from refutable Bank. (Bank reference letter only is not acceptable);
  6. Comprehensive Company Profile including details of the Management and Professional staff and copy of Company Brochure with convincing evidence of Competence to undertake the relevant project;
  7. Evidence of adequate relevant equipment and infrastructure Lu handle the job;
  8. Verifiable evidence of previous experience i.e. having successfully carried out Similar supplies in the last three (3) years with their costs, locations, name and telephone number of the client and copies of award letter and Completion Certificates;
  9. Evidence of Compliance with the Federal Government Pension Reform Act;
  10. Provide evidence of registration with Federal Ministry of Works,(where applicable),
  11. Provide evidence of registration with Nigeria Arabic Language Village (NALV),
  12. Provides evidence of compliance with the provision of industrial training fund (l.T.F.) amendment act of 2011 relating to the training contribution by liable organization

B. Collection of Tender Documents (Between Monday 3rd September, 2012 and Monday 17th September, 20121
Interested companies are to collect tender documents from the office of Coordinator (municipal services department) between 10.00am and 2.00pm upon presentation of evidence of payment (bank teller) of appropriate non-refundable processing fees in UNION BANK Plc, Account No. 0024812055 Maiduguri main branch, in favour of NIGERIA ARABIC LANGUAGE VILLAGE

D. Note

i). The Pre-qualification documents must be arranged in the order listed above; submissions could be disregarded for failure to comply with this instruction.
ii). Any Company that submits fake documents shall be disqualified outright and may be reported to the appropriate authority;
iii). All interested companies must produce original of documents on the date of opening for sighting only.

E. Closing Date:
a). The completed pro-qualification and full Tender bids must be in two different sealed envelopes and clearly marked at the top hand corner indicating pro-qualification for ‘Title of the project similarly the tender envelope shall be clearly marked indicating Tender For 'Title of the project’ and all of which shall be in ONE BIG ENVELOPE clearly marked indicating Pre-Qualification And Financial Bids For ‘Title of the project’. Also name and address of the firm/company should be clearly indicated at the back of the envelope.

b) The Pro-qualification and financial bids must be returned to the Office of the Director/Chief Executive. Nigeria Arabic Language Village, Ngala on or before 10 am 19 September, 2012. The pro-qualification and financial bids will be opened immediately by 10.00 am at the Council Chamber on 19” September, 2012, willing tenderers and general public are invited to witness the opening. Only Pro-Qualified Contractors will have their tenders opened on the date of opening. The Village will thee after undertake verification of all claims made by Contractors

F. Important Information:.
i).This Advert shall not construe to be commitment on the part of the Nigeria Arabic Language Village nor shall it entail the Company to make any claim(s) whatsoever arid/or to seek any indemnity from The Nigeria Arabic Language Village by virtue of such Company having responded to this Advertisement.
ii) That the Village is not bound to accept tenders sent by post, courier service, e-mail and/or any other means of delivery other than by hand.
iii) Interested contractors may make submission for not more than two (2) projects and must show competency in each of the lots separately.
Nigeria Arabic Language Village, Ngala