Invitation for Pre-Qualification for the Provision of Engineering Infrastructures For Five (5) Sites Under Satellite Towns Development Agency (STDA)

Posted by Chinyere on Tue 18th Sep, 2012 -

Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA)
Satellite Towns Development Agency (STDA)

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), through the Satellite Towns Development Agency (STDA) is inviting competent and interested Companies to submit Pre-Qualification Documents for any of the following projects.

The Projects:
Lot EWIC 1:     Provision of Engineering Infrastructures to Wasa Affordable Housing Site.
Lot EWIC 2:     Provision of Engineering Infrastructure to Mamusa West District.
Lot EWIC 3:     Provision of Engineering Infrastructures to Gidan Daya Urban Renewal Site.
Lot EWIC 4:    Provision of Engineering Infrastructures to Wasa Resettlement Site.
Lot EWIC 5:     Provision of Engineering Infrastructures to Abuja @30 Village.

A. Scope of Works:
I. The Scope of Services for Lots EWIC1-5:
The scope of work includes;
(i) Site clearance and earthworks
(ii) Road works (Sub-base & Stone base course, kerb stone, Asphaltic kinder & wearing course)
(iii) Storm water drainage system
(iv) Foul Sewer Network (for Lots EW1C1-3 only)
(vi) Culverts and Bridges
(vi) Concrete lined drains
(vii) Retaining Walls
(viii) Street lighting
(ix) Electric Power supply with various sub-stations
(x) Water supply Pipelines involving primary and secondary lines
(xi) Telecommunication ducts (for Lots EWIC l-3 only)

C. Pre-Qualification Requirements
Eligibility Requirements (without which the firm shall be disqualified)
i. Evidence of Registration of the firm with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);
ii. Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 years expiring December, 2012;
iii. Evidence of compliance with the Provision of Pension Reform Act 2004 which stipulate Registration and up to date Remittance of employee Pension Fund contributions in line with Part IV, section 16 subsection 6d of the Public Procurement Act, 2007;
iv. Evidence of Firm’s Contributions to Industrial Training Fund (ITF);

Additional Requirements

v. Corporate Profile of the firm including CVs of key personnel, registered address, functional contract e-mail address and GSM phone number(s);
vi. Evidence of Registration of Key Personnel with COREN and other relevant professional affiliation;
vii. Evidence of up to date Annual returns with CAC (2011);
viii. Evidences of similar jobs successfully executed or being executed;
ix. Sworn affidavit in line with the provision of Part IV, Section 16, subsection 6(e & f) of the Public Procurement Act, 2007;
x. Evidences of having relevant equipment for the project;
xi. Evidences of compliance with local content requirements.
xii. Evidence of Financial Capability including Company’s Current Bank Reference and Statement of Account for the last 12 months; Companies with a Annual Turnover of less than N2.0 Billion (Two Billion Naira) need not apply and shall be disqualified;

D. Submission and Opening of Pre-Qualification Documents
Three (3)copies of Pre-qualification Documents (one original and two other copies) must be enclosed in a sealed envelope clearly marked at top right hand corner Confidential and boldly written ‘Pre-qualification for_______(Title of Project)_________for Lot (__) as appropriate. The pre-qualification documents should ha sealed and labeled as ‘Pre-qualification Bid’ in three (3) copies (one original & two copies) and be dropped in the Tender Box in Room 043, First Floor, Block B, FCTA Tenders Board Secretariat, Area 11, Garki – Abuja, not later than 10:00am 3rd October, 2012, This Tender is for a period of two (2) weeks. The representatives of the bidding companies and members of the public who choose to attend are invited to witness the open in of the pre-qualification bids on the same day by 12:00 noon at FCT Tenders Board Annex, Room G9 Akinola Aguda Hall, FCT Archives & History Bureau, Behind AGIS Building, Peace Drive, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Please Note That:
i). Due Diligence could be carried out on the companies to verify claims included in the submissions;
ii). Interested members f the public especially Civil Right Organization are invited to attend the opening exercise. They are expected to adhered to the Code of Conduct for Public Procurement Observers stipulated by the Bureau of Public Procurement
iii). A company is NOT allowed to bid for more than one (1) Lot. A company that violates this rule shall automatically be disqualified.
iv). Only pre-qualified firms shall be invited to collect tender document (Financial bids) for the projects;
v). Response to this Invitation shall not obligate FCTA/STDA to consider any responding firm for the award of any contract. All cost incurred shall be borne by the responding firm:
vi). The advert should not be construed as a commitment on the part of the FCTA/ STDA, nor shall it entitle responding companies to seek any indemnity from FCTA /STDA by virtue of such company having responded to this advert.