Invitation for Pre-Qualification and Tender for Waste Evacuation in Satellite Towns

Posted by Chinyere on Tue 18th Sep, 2012 -

Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA)
Abuja Nigeria

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) through the Satellite Towns Development Agency (STDA) is inviting Waste Cleaning Contractors to tender for the Cleaning Services in the Satellite Towns. Competent and interested Waste Collectors (Companies) are hereby invited to submit Bids for cleaning services in the towns listed below. No single company should bid for more than one lot. A company that violates this rule shall automatically be disqualified

Amac Satellite Towns:

Lot 1: Nyanya 1 Town (Nyanya Gwandara, Federal Housing {FHA})
Lot 2: Nyanya 2 (Nyanya Gbagyi, Area A-F)
Lot 3: Nyanya Phase 4
Lot 4: Karu I (Karu Community & FHA)
Lot 5: Karu II (Phase 1-4)
Lot 6: Jikwoyi I CBN Quarters
Lot 7: Kurudu/Orozo/Karshi

Bwari Satellite Towns:
Lot 8: Kubwa along First Gate
Lot 9: Kubwa along Second Gate
Lot 10: Kubwa along Third Gate
Lot 11: Kubwa/Byazhin/Dei-Dei
Lot 12: Dutse I & II
Lot 13: Dawaki/Galadima

Gwagwalada Satellite Towns:
Lot 14: Gwagwalada Central Area.
Lot 15: Gwagwalada Area 1, 2, & 3
Lot 16: Gwagwalada Township
Lot 17: Zuba/Tunga maje

Kuje Satellite Towns:
Lot 18: Tipper Garage (Left Axis): Abuja @ 30, Pegi Estate, Kuchiako, Sauka, Anguwargade

Lot 19: Tipper Garage (Right Axis): Low cost, Sundaba, Wuru Quarters, Kayarda, Pasali & Shetuko

Abaji Satellite Town:
Lot 20: Abaji Town

Kwali Satellite Town:
Lot 21: Kwali Town

2. Period of Engagement:

The cleaning services shall last for a period of Three (3) Years.

3. Scope of Works:
The project involves the following amongst others.
i. Waste evacuation and disposal from all households, waste generating points constituting the environs at least three times weekly;
ii. Litter control on all roads daily;
iii. Sweeping of all streets daily;
iv. Silt removal from all roads daily;
v. Removal of garden waste from all the households and waste generation points constituting the environs;
vi. Vegetation control on all roads, arterials and streets up to the property line;

STDA’s aims are no litter, no waste dump and no overflowing bin within any area of coverage, roads and waste generating points constituting the environs. All the above activities are expected to cover up to the property wall on the roads.

4. Tender Document Requirements:
Waste Collection Company interested should include copies of the following documents in their submission and original to be made available for sighting during the tender opening:
i. Evidence of Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Article of Memorandum of Association.
ii. Evidence of Audited Account prepared by a chartered accounting firm for the last three years, ending December, 2011.
iii. Evidence of tax clearance for the last three (3) years, expiring December2012;
vi. Evidence of Compliance with statutory provision of Section 6 (i &ii) of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Act as amended;
vii. Evidence of registration with Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria in line with the Section 16 of Environmental Health Officers (Registration etc) Act II of 2002
iv. Interested companies should have up to date returns with the CAC and be informed that due diligence could be conducted.
v. Company’s bank statement for the last 12 months
viii. Company profile showing list of key personnel/officers to be attached to the project stating their roles, designation, qualification and experience. Enclose photocopies of professional certificates and curriculum vitae where applicable.
ix. Verifiable evidence of jobs of similar scale and type successfully executed within the last five (5) years.
x. List of Cleaning Equipment to be used for the project available for immediate inspection and their location. (Please state whether the equipment are on lease or owned and the location of the equipment for physical inspection).
xi. Verifiable evidence of remittance of pension fund contributions in line with Section 16(C) of the Public Procurement Act, 2007.
xii. Comprehensive Work Plan for the Lot of interest.
xiii. A sworn affidavit confirming that none of the company Directors has ever being convicted in any court of law in line with the Provision of Part IV, Section 16 (6e-f) of Public Procurement Act 2007.

5. Collection of Tender Documents
Interested companies are to collect Tender Documents from the Office of the Secretary, FCTA Tenders Board, Room 043, Block B (Former Public Building Block), FCTA Secretariat, Area 11, Garki - Abuja upon the presentation of a payment of N20,000.00 per lot of interest (Twenty Thousand Naira only) nonrefundable Tender Fee into FCT Treasury Revenue Account at Fidelity Bank (Central Area)Account No: 051503010000426.

6. Submission and Closing/Opening of Tender Documents

The Technical (Pre-qualification) and Financial bid documents should each be sealed and labeled ‘Technical and Financial bid& as appropriate separately, and the two separate envelopes shall be put in another envelope that should also be sealed and labeled as:” Bid for Solid Waste Collection Services in _______Town” (Lot__). The financial bids should be submitted in three [3j copies [one original and two other copies and all pages are to be duly endorsed by the authorized representative of the bidder The document is to be dropped in the Tender Box in Room 04 (Former Public Building Block), FCTA Tenders Board Secretariat, Area 11, Garki -Abuja, not later than 10:00am 31st October, 2012, being six (6) weeks from the date of this publicatioit The representatives of the bidding companies and members of the public who choose to attend are invited to witness the opening of the tenders on the, same day by 12:00 noon at FCT Tenders Board Annex, Room G9 Akinola Aguda Hall, FCT Archives & History Bureau, BehindAGIS Building, Peace Drive, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Please Note That:

i. Due Diligence shall he carried out on the companies to verify claims included in their submissions;
ii. Interested members of the Public especially Civil Eight Organization are invited to attend the opening exercise. They are expected to adhered to the Code of Conduct for Public Procurement Observers stipulated by the Bureau of Public Procurement
iii. A company is not allowed to bid for more than one (1) Lot.
iv. Only Financial Bids of the prequalified company shall be opened for further consideration;
v. The advert should not be construed as a commitment on the part of the FCTA/ STDA, nor shall it entitle responding companies to seek any indemnity from FCTA/STDA by virtue of such company having responded to this advert.