Request for Expressions of Interest(EOI) at Lagos State Water Corporation

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Lagos State Water Corporation
2nd National Urban Water Sector Reforms project
(Cr 4086-UNI)
Implementing Agency: Lagos Water Corporation(LSWC)
Non-Governmental(Civil Society)
Organisations Consultancy Services for Services for citizens Financial Responsiveness

Request for Expressions of Interest(EOI)

1. This request for expression of interest follows the general procurement notice of the project which appeared in UN Development Business No. 673 of 28 February, 2006

2. The Federal Government has received a credit of USD$ 200million from the international Development Association (IDA) and intend to apply parts of the proceeds of the credit for eligible payments under the contract mentioned below.

3. The service seeks to improve reliability and financial viability of ISWC by complementing the technical and the operating Improvements ma stakeholder outreach programme (Citizens Participation System) which would be established to strengthen relationships of LSWC with the World flank, Civil Society, Customers and other stakeholders.

4. This consultancy service will provide selected community organizations with training and engage as the LSWC and community’s primary contact during the project implementation
a. Petted and possibly beyond.

5. Obtaining the long-term support and acceptance of consumers through efficient consumer outreach is vital for the LSWC to provide services on a sustainable basis. Therefore, complementing the technical and operating improvements will be a comprehensive stakeholder outreach program that will be geared towards achieving improved revenue generation, cost recovery, financial viability, re-building relations between the communities and utilities, thereby furthering the sustainability of the project’s achievements. In this context, the project will establishment citizen’s Financial Responsiveness system to ensure that water service provision reflect demands of all user groups and water is treated as an economic good.

The objectives of the Citizen’s Financial Responsiveness Systems are:
  • To establish relationship between the World Bank, LSWC and Civil Society based on partnership for thy delivery of water services
  • To promote citizens participation in water supply services.
  • To promote willingness to pay from customers and enable LSWC’s financial sustainability by stimulating stakeholder actions that are geared towards improving willingness-to- pay on the part of water-served stakeholders
  • To sensitize and mobilize water consumers towards achieving cost recovery for water supply services
  • To educate consumers, organize workshops/seminars on water supply and sanitation, conservation, revenue generation and environmental issues
  • To educate water consumers on responsibilities to LSWC under existing water law
  • To refer costumer complaints to LSWC for prompt reponse
  • To build knowledge and capacity of (30) partners, customers and customers representatives in key water provision issues. (ix) To re-establish a database of Community Based Associations.
Selected Criteria
The Consultant will be selected in accordance with the World Bank Guidelines. Selection and Employment of Consultant by World Bank Borrowers (2004, revised 2010) and required to provide documents showing
  • Tobe a legal non-profit. non-governmental organization in Nigeria, with adequate capacity at both community and high levels, based in Lagos State with at least 4 (four) wears of experience us urban community development/ local service provision.
  • To have good standing in the society to allow for credibility in carrying out this assignment.
  • To have an established relationship with the institutions responsible for water provision (any state in Nigeria)
  • The availability of qualified staff to prepare and timely deliver the deliverable.
  • Knowledge of main urban water sector issues in Nigeria, preferably in the project areas and demonstrate capacity and interest to increase skills and knowledge as part of assignment
  • To be a member of an established Organizations with Networks of Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria.
With the renewed focus of LSWC on Commercial viability and there-engagement of a CSO Consultant, LSWC now invites interests from qualified Civil Society Organizations (CSO)/Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) to develop and then implements stakeholder Financial
Responsiveness System as described above. This consultancy will engage the CSO partners to draw the attention of the public to the services rendered by LSWC. The contracts with the selected CSO partners will be for 12 months.

All Documents should be submitted in 4 copies to:

Office of the Group Managing Director
Lagos Water Corporation
5th Floor, Lagos Water Corporation Headquarters
Water House, Ijora Causeway
ljora Lagos
Attention Project Coordinator
Email: , +234 01 7741973

Closing Date
10th October 2012