Plateau State Ministry of Works Invitation to Tender for the Design and ConstructIon of Roads

Posted by Charles on Wed 26th Sep, 2012 -

The Plateau State Government through the Ministry of Works is to undertake the Design and ConstructIon of the following roads:

1.) The dualization of Bukuru Express Road- Bukuru Town- New Government House Road with Spur Uma Bread and Kungiya Phase 1 (25km)
2.) Construction of Rukuba Mango-Farin Lamba-KAssa Road with Spur to School of Accountancy, Dochai, Wereng Phase 1 (24km)
3.) Jingre-Amo-Katako-Karanbana Road (26km)
4.) Jebbu Bassa-Binchi-Buyu Road with Spur to Zagun (18km)
5.) Gunji-Shiwer-Dokpai Road with Spur to Tiplik (33km)
6.) Bisichi-Korot-Fan-Mangu Halle Road with Spur to Heipang, Nding, kassa, Kwi and Rawuru (70km)
7.) Construction of 2No. Roads within Jos and Bukuru
i Rafield-Rahol-top-Fwavwei Road (8km)
ii. Kuru Kanadap-rahol-Vwana-Hwak road (10km)

8.) Tahoss-Rim-Bisichi-Shunung Road with Spur to Lwa and Jol-Rankung-Gashish (50km)
9.) Pankshin-DuK-Tambes-Jeneret Fier-Takkas with Spur to Mile 8 (35km)
10.) Bet-Lobiring-Dorowa-Mazat-Kuba Road with Spur to Nding Phase 1 (14km)
11.) Mangu-Bwai-Mushu Road (16.5km)
12.) Jos-Mazah road (10km)
13.) Langtang-Garkawa-Yelwa-Shendam Road with Spur to Lalin (70km)
14.) Construction of a Flyover and Interchange including under pass and Slip Roads at old Airport Junction
15.) Construction of a Flyover and Interchange Including under pass and Slip Roads at Secretariat Junction
16.) Construction of a flyover and interchange Including under pass and Slip Roads at British America Junction
17.) Construction of Parks at J.D Gomwalk Secretariat Complex Jos
18.) Construction of Bukuru LowCost- Nyango Gyel Road Network
19.) Dualization of Miango Junction Wildlife Park-Rukuba Barracks Satelite Market road (14km)

1.0 Scope of Work
The scope of works essentially involves but not Limited to the following
a. Site Clearance and Scarification works
b. Earthworks
c. Drainage works (drains, pipe culverts and box culverts)
d. Bridge works
e. Pavement and surfacing with two coat and surface dressing
f. Asphaltic concrete surfacing
g. Stone pitching, grassing, Road markings, Road signs and other works.

2.0 Tenders are hereby invited from reputable contractors who must be registered with the Federal Works Registration Board and the Plateau State Tender Board as a road contractor.
Furthermore applicants shall meet the following Pre-qualification criteria:
i. A substantial turnover in construction works supported by evidence from highly reputable banks
ii. Evidence that the contractor has equipment and personnel to execute projects of this nature and complexity

3.0 Interested Civil Engineering Contractors shouLd collect the relevant Documents on or before 9th October, 2012 from:
Office of the Direct of Planning, Research and Statistics,
Plateau State Ministry of Works Headquarters, Jos.
Contractors are expected to pay a non-refundable tender fee of N250,000.00 (Two hundred and fifty thousand naira only) for each of the listed road projects above to the Finance and Accounts Department of the Plateau State Ministry of Works Headquarters, Jos.
However contractors who had purchased Tender documents on any of the mentioned road earlier advertised are to collect the documents free of charge for resubmission.
Completed Tender documents are to be signed, sealed in an envelope clearly marked -CONFIDENTIAL and boldly written:
The Honourable Commissioner,
Plateau State Ministry of Works, Jos.

Closing Date
Tenders are to reach the above office not later 16th October, 2012; accompanied with photocopies of the following documents:
1. Company Registration Certificate
2. Tender Fee Receipt
3. Tenderer's Current Tax Clearance Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate
4. Company's audit accounts
5. A bid security in an amount not less than 2% of bid price in the form of Bank Guarantee issued by a reputable bank
All submitted documents are subject to verification by the Ministry
All Tenders will submit their tenders in compliance with clause 12(1) of standard Conditions of Contract (Road Works) Vol. 1 Revised Edition July 1999 which spells out the need for sufficiency of tenders.

In addition, all tenderer are requested to:
a. Inspect the roads and the works required to be constructed and assure themselves of the scope and nature of works
b. Ensure that tender price will adequately cover the execution of the works without further demand on government.
Please note however, that the Ministry is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender
The tenders received shall be publicly opened after the closing date of Tenders. Tenderer or their representatives shall be invited to witness the opening

The Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Works Plateau State, Jos