Invitation to Tender for the Construction of Roads

Posted by Chinyere on Thu 27th Sep, 2012 -

Jigawa State Government
Ministry of Works and Transport

Reference to our invitation for Pre-qualification of Civil Engineering Construction Companies dated 3rd September, 2012, the following have qualified to tender for the road projects: -

1.    M. Atara Construction
2.    Airen Construction Company Limited
3.    Kareto Development Company
4.    Desert Merchants Limited
5.    Golden Construction Company
6.    Triacta Nigeria Limited
7.    H&M Nigeria Limited
8.    SKY Technical & Construction Company Limited
9.    De-Pacific Investment Limited
10.    Alkab Nigeria Limited
11.    China Zhonghao Nigeria Limited
12.    Gerawa Global Engineering Limited
13.    Watlinx Limited
14.    Mother cat Limited
15.    Masbel Nigeria Limited
16.    RSM Nigeria Limited
17.    Dantata & Sawoe Construction Co. Limited
18.    Rocad Construction Limited
19.    CGC Nigeria Limited
20.    Datum Construction Nigeria Limited
21.    Hayat Roads Construction Limited
22.    NOL Group of Companies
23.    Stateco Nigeria Limited
24.    Roc Rock Construction Limited
25.    Qumecs Nigeria limited
26.    Birak Engineering & Construction Co. Limited
27.    Changshu Central South Construction Limited
28.    G2 Construction Limited
29.    Philco Limited
30.    Santex Engineering Limited
31.    AG Vision Construction Nigeria Limited
32.    Vicinanza Construction Limited
33.    Edil Belmonte Limited
34.    Retro Construction Limited
35.    NBH Nigeria Limited
36.    Borini Prono & Co. Nigeria Limited
37.    Amirco Universal Concept
38.    Performance Engineering Company Limited
39.    Lemna Nigeria Limited
40.    Cosmos Engineering Limited\
41.    ASYudin Nigeria Limited
42.    Global Trust Engineering
43.    RHAS Nigeria Limited
44.    Comvil Nigeria Limited
45.    Foundation Solid limited
46.    Mayinco Construction
47.    ALBAK Nigeria Limited
48.    Kaibo International Nigeria limited
49.    Starmex ES Limited
50.    Asasco Nigeria limited
51.    Les Maison Properties Limited
52.    ZAF Construction Limited
53.    SANBUKR Limited
54.    AL-MOPUL Global resources limited
55.    Hamacontruct Limited
56.    AL-Usabs Nigeria Limited.
57.    ATITY Construction Company Limited

These Companies are therefore to obtain the Tender Documents from the office of the Secretary Ministerial Tenders Board, after the payment of non-refundable fee of three hundred and fifty thousand naira (#350,000.00) only per project in cash or certified draft in favour of the Ministry of Works and Transport, Dutse - Jigawa State.

The projects are as follows:
i. Construction of Limawa - Warwade - Jidawa - Sakwaya - Dutse Road
ii. Construction of Unguwar Mani - Korayel - Maracjanta - Gwiwa Road and (Spur from Korayel-Rorau).
iii. Construction of Danladi Hammado - Sule-Tankarkr Road
iv. Construction of Babaldu - Wurno - Jangargari - Buji - Falageri - Sagu Road
v. Construction of Sukullufi - Kale - Gunka - Darai - Kuka Kwance - Harbo - Tsakuwawa and (Spur from Kuka Kwance - Aujara).

All bidders are also requested to:

Inspect the road site and the works required to be accompanied to ensure that there is no deficiency in the scope.
Ensure that their bids adequately cover the execution of the works without further demands on Government.
It has to be noted that the process is not bound to consider the lowest bidder.
Submit their proposed Work Plan, methodology and Logistics.
Submit all bids and other tender documents in sealed envelope and the title of project clearly stated.
Enclosed a photocopy of the receipt as evidence for the payment of the fee for tender documents.
Submit a bid security in an amount not less than 3% of the bid price and address to:

The secretary,
Ministerial tenders Board,
Ministry of Works & Transport,
Block 46-53 Old Secretariat
Dutse - Jigawa State

Closing /Opening Date
Tenders are to be submitted not later than 10th October, 2012. The opening of bids shall be performed on Wednesday, the 10th October, 2012 at the Conference Hall of Development Centre, Dutse - Jigawa State by 12.00noon.

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Works & Transport