Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Call-Off Services for Bodo Remediation Project Phase 3A - Mangrove Supply and Planting - (SPDC)

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Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) invites reputable and competent Nigerian registered companies having requisite proven experience in the Provision of Call-off Services to submit tender documents for the following works:

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) is the pioneer and leader of the petroleum industry in Nigeria. It has the largest acreage in the country from which it produces some 39 per cent of the nation's oil. The company's operations are concentrated in the Niger Delta and adjoining shallow offshore areas where it operates in an oil mining lease area of around 31,000 square kilometres.

Applications are invited for:

Title: invitation to Tender  - Provision of Call Off Services for Bodo Remediation Project Phase 3A - Mangrove Supply and Planting 

The Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) as Operators of the Joint Venture between itself and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), on behalf of the Joint Venture hereby invites reputable and competent registered Nigerian companies (Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), National Oil Spill Detection & Response Agency (NOSDRA) and Rivers State Ministry of Environment registered and licensed) with proven experience in provision of environmental services including oil spill remediation, forestry and biodiversity conservation to apply for inclusion into the bid list for the Provision of Call-off Services for Bodo Remediation Project Phase 3A - Mangrove Supply and Planting listed in the scope of work below.

The Bodo clean-up area is located between Latitudes 4.55 to 4.64 and Longitudes 7.23 to 7.28 along the eastern Niger River delta dominated by former mangrove areas, tidal flats, mud- and/or sand-shorelines and open-water channels. The objective of the mangrove re-vegetation project is to re-introduce mangrove seedlings in former mangrove areas to encourage ecosystem recovery.

Bidders will be expected to demonstrate their capability and capacity to accept and deal with the financial and technical complexities associated with a contract of this magnitude and this evidence will be required in the next stage of this Tender. SPDC hereby invites submissions from reputable and competent Nigerian registered companies having requisite proven experience in the Provision of Call-off Services for Bodo Remediation Project Phase 3A - Mangrove Supply and Planting

Scope of Work/Service Requirements
The summary of scope of work includes but is not limited to the underlisted while the detailed scope will be provided as part of the ITT:
  • Supply of healthy mangrove seedlings with a mix of red (-95%, Rhizophora sp.), black (-4% Avicennia germinans) and white (-1% Longuncularia racemose) including replacement of dead seedlings 
  • Planting of mangrove seedlings at an approximate distance of 2 m equating to a plant per 4 mover an area of 758.85 hectares amounting to approximately 2 million plants. 
  • Ensure that seedlings were healthy and properly handled and planted, giving the plant an optimum chance for survival. 
  • Additional remediation works as may be required where die off is observed and replacement of dead seedlings 
  • Provision of all labour and all logistics for supply and planting the mangrove seedlings.
Note: Bidders are advised to visit the Bodo project site in Ogoni land, Rivers State (at their cost) before submitting their commercial bids and provide evidence of community support from the Bodo Contact Committee.

Mandatory Requirements
  • To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested contractors are required to be pre-qualified in the Product/Service category in the NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) below. Only successfully pre-qualified suppliers in NJQS database Product Group - 3.03.05-Safety and Environmental (R&D) Services and 3.02.02 - Safety, Health and Environment Consultancy will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (TT). 
  • To determine if you are pre-qualified and view the product/service category you are listed for, open and access NJQS with your login details, click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group. 
  • To qualify you must have Category "A Nigerian Content Compliance Certificate (NCCC)issued by Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board for Provision of services within these scopes. 
  • If you are not listed in a product/service category and you are registered with DPR to do business, contact Nipex office at 8-10 Bayo Kuku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos with your DPR certificate as evidence for necessary update. 
  • To initiate the JQS pre-qualification process, access to download the application form, make necessary payments and contact NipeX office for further action. 
  • To be eligible, all tenders must comply with the Nigerian Content Requirements in the NipeX system.
Minimum Requirements
  • A cover letter summarizing the content of the Pre-Qualification Document, 
  • Nigerian Registration:
    • Evidence of Contractor's registration in Nigeria (Certificate of Incorporation), Contractor's legal status and profile including Nigerian shareholding and details of any formal technical support agreement with foreign companies. 
    • In the case of joint venture, attach copy of the Joint Venture Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), clearly stating the roles, obligations and responsibilities of each party. 
    • Copy of current certificate of registration of the DPR, NOSDRA and Rivers State Ministry of Environment or evidence of renewal.
N/B: Failure to provide any of these requirements shall constitute a Fatal Flaw.

Nigerian Content Requirements
Vendors are to demonstrate strict compliance with the provisions of Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act and provide the following requirements: 
  • Tenderer shall demonstrate that entity is a Nigerian-registered company with 51% or more shareholding capacity. 
  • Submit certified true copies of CAC forms 10, 02 & 07 (or its equivalent; CAC 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, etc).
  • Tenderer shall provide evidence of registration with the NCDMB NOGIC JQS and DPR.
  • Provide a project-specific organogram showing Names and Nationalities of all key personnel that will execute the work scope not limited to (Project manager, principal biologist, ecologist, graduate scientist etc.). For any position to be occupied by Expatriate personnel, tenderer shall commit to obtaining expatriate quota approval from NCDMB before project execution.
  • Tenderer shall provide detailed description of the location of in-country committed facilities not limited to administrative office, technical office. etc. for execution of the work scope.
  • In line with the NCD Human Capacity Development Initiative, Bidder shall commit to providing Project Specific training, man-hour, budget, skill development and understudy plan for Nigerian personnel utilizing OGTAN registered trainer(s) or other approved NCDMB training institution(s).
  • NCDMB approved Nigerian Content Execution Plan for authorization of the NC commitments in the scope of work or scope of supply of all call-off, work orders and purchase orders as being executed in compliance with the NOGICD Act, 2010 by the contractor or 3rd party providing the Logistics Support Services for Government Security Agencies (GSA).
  • Tenderer shall domicile 100% of project management man-hours in-country not limited to Interface management, Project control, planning, HSSE etc.
Application Closing Date
12:00 hours, 22nd November, 2021.

Submission of Documents
Only tenderer's who are pre-qualified with NJQS in 3.03.05 and 3.02.02 before the above stated closing date shall be invited to submit Technical Bid and Commercial bids as per double envelope strategy.

Additional Information

  • Proposed contract start date is Q2 2022.
  • Contract Duration: 2 years + 1 year extension option.
  • All costs incurred in preparing and processing NJQS pre-qualification shall be fully borne by interested contractors.
  • All respondents to SPDC must ensure full compliance with the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010. (NOGICD) All respondents should educate themselves on the requirements of the NOGICD and ensure full compliance. Non-Compliance is a FATAL FLAW.
  • This advertisement of "Invitation to tender" shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of NNPC/SPDC to award any form of contract to any company and/or associated companies, sub-contractors or agents; nor shall it entitle any company submitting documents to claim any indemnity from NNPC/SPDC and/or any of its partners. NNPC/SPDC reserves the right to take final decision on any of the documents received in the pre-qualification/ Technical package.
  • SPDC shall communicate only with authorized/responsible personnel of prequalified companies in NJQS and not through unauthorized individuals or agents.
  • Contractors that are prequalified for this product/service category in NJQS must ensure that the name and contact details (physical address, email address and telephone number of their company and authorised/responsible personnel are up to date in their company profile in the NJQS database.
  • Successful contractors shall be subjected to a Shell facilitated Integrity Due Diligence screening.