List of Pre-Qualified Contractors for the 2011 MDGS-CGS to LGAs Projects and Invitation to Bid for the Projects

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Cross Rivers State Government
Conditional Grant Scheme Project Support Unit (CGS-PSU)

Section A: Introduction

Following the screening of the applications received from contractors on response of the invitation of the Cross River State Government for Pre-Qualification for the 2011 MDGs-CGS to Local Governments projects, the underlisted contractors have been adjudged successful and are hereby invited to bid for the projects.

Odukpani Local Government Area
S/N    Name of Company                        Status

1.    STEL Integrated Ventures                Qualified
2.    Coscharis Med. & Foods Ltd.        Qualified
3.    Microvert Nig. Ltd.                            Qualified
4.    DeeJJA Ventures                            Qualified
5.    Jayma Ventures                                Qualified
6.    Dawnwatch Nig Ltd                            Qualified
7.    Esadeg Ltd.                                         Qualified
8.    Great Glakom Nig. Ltd.                     Qualified
9.    Cross Carpeters Inv. Ltd.                 Qualified
10.    Utility & Energy Solution                Qualified
11.    Efi Mbukpa Ventures                       Qualified
12.    Esinana Associates Ltd.               Qualified
13.    MJB Investment Ltd.                       Qualified
14.    Kenwaan Resources Ltd.            Qualified
15.    Escargotiere Ltd.                           Qualified
16.    Global View Energy Res Ltd.     Qualified
17.    Obi Ajulu & Sons Ventures         Qualified
18.    Microvert Ng. Ltd.                        Qualified
19.    Dual-Basol Mg. Ltd.                   Qualified
20.    Ijani – Treasures Ltd.               Qualified
21.    Powertrust Inv. Ltd.                   Qualified
22.    Joliz Engin. Serv. Ltd.               Qualified
23.    Sogram Ventures                     Qualified
24.    Tojok Resources Ltd               Qualified
25.    Alim Invest. Ltd.                        Qualified
26.    Green &Grey Nig Ltd.              Qualified
27.    Silverbrush Consult                 Qualified
28.    Entek B Nig. Co. Ltd.               Qualified
29.    Wilben Int’l Ltd.                         Qualified
30.    Caceem Nigeria Ltd.               Qualified
31.    M. Davi Co. Ent.                        Qualified

Odukpani Locations:
Construction of Solar Powered Boreholes
Health: Procurement of Referral Transport Vehicle
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks with WC
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks

Boki Local Government Area
S/N    Name of Company                            Status

1.    Tabang Holdings Nig. Ltd.                      Qualified
2.    Son-Cha Ent. Ltd.                                     Qualified
3.    Equity Realtors Nig. Ltd.                         Qualified
4.    Geo-Edifice Nig. Ltd.                               Qualified
5.    Bangfil Ng. Ltd.                                        Qualified
6.    Enila Ventures                                         Qualified
7.    Conscharis Med. & Foods Limited     Qualified
8.    Borage Nig. Ltd.                                      Qualified
9.    Danny – Rut Eng. Works                      Qualified
10.    Edokam Inter. Vent. Ltd.                     Qualified
11.    De-Boreni Nig. Ltd.                             Qualified
12.    Angeb Oil Nig. Ltd.                               Qualified
13.    ROD Ventures Ltd.                               Qualified
14.    Greathope Investment Ltd.                 Qualified
15.    Olabe Nig. Co.                                      Qualified
16.    Adekem Resources Nig. Ltd.             Qualified
17.    Powerdigits Ltd.                                    Qualified
18.    MF-Kadtwoface Vent. Nig. Ltd.           Qualified
19.    Galdok Enterprises                              Qualified
20.    Dawnwatch Ltd.                                    Qualified
21.    Bangfil (Nig) Ltd.                                  Qualified
22.    Hagbis Global Resources Ltd.         Qualified
23.    Gophina Nig. Ltd.                                 Qualified
24.    Ta-Seata Nig. Ltd.                                 Qualified
25.    Tawotomseba Multi-Purpose Vent.   Qualified
26.    Seashore Business End. Ltd.           Qualified
27.    Gee Tee Surveys Consult Nig. Ltd.  Qualified
28.    Russel Global                                     Qualified
29.    Sledge Investment Ltd.                     Qualified
30.    Dorje Concern Int. Ltd.                     Qualified
31.    Danarc Consult                                 Qualified
32.    EI-Jemi Nig. Ltd.                                 Qualified
33.    De-Pstman Project Nig.                    Qualified
34.    Era’s Multichoice Ent.                        Qualified
35.    Wan-Oshie Project Ltd.                     Qualified
36.    Utility & Energy Solutions                 Qualified
37.    Pajaman Ent. Nig. Ltd.                     Qualified
38.    Mponess Global Investment Ltd.   Qualified
39.    Interneh Limited                                Qualified
40.    Dougles David’s Ing. Ltd.               Qualified
41.    Camphlre &Cinamon Nig. Ltd.     Qualified
42.    Giant and Peers                             Qualified
43.    Blontel Ltd.                                       Qualified
44.    Eliphele Limited                             Qualified
45.    Enob Ventures Nig. Ltd.               Qualified
46.    Ashibi and Sons Co. Ltd.             Qualified
47.    Akaclem Resources Ltd.             Qualified
48.    Berryl Integrated Serv.                 Qualified
49.    Great Blessed Faith Ltd.             Qualified
50.    Nusegen Ent.                                Qualified
51.    Global Dreams Limited             Qualified
52.    Vlckotons Ventures Ltd.             Qualified
53.    Katech Construction                 Qualified
54.    Lango Ind. Nig. Ltd.                   Qualified
55.    Rebbure Ventures                    Qualified
56.    Chafel Ventures                        Qualified

Boki Locations:
Construction of PHCs
Health: Renovation of Laboratory
Health: Renovation/Completion of Ward
Health: IMNCH Implementation
Health: Procurement of Essential Drugs
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks with Head Teachers Office & First d Room
Education: Renovation of Classroom Blocks with Head Teachers
Education: Renovation of Classroom Blocks with Head Teachers Office & First Aid Room
Education: Purchase of 4,000 One-Seater Bench/Desk
Education: Construction of VIP Toilets

Yala Local Government Area
S/N    Name of Company                            Status

1.    Maji Miracles Nig. Ltd.                        Qualified
2.    Gershouse Eng. Services Ltd.         Qualified
3.    Jobpro Services                                   Qualified
4.    ImplementingTech. Ltd.                     Qualified
5.    Katch Const. Co. Ltd.                          Qualified
6.    Ekutik Investment Ltd.                         Qualified
7.    Caceem Nig. Ltd.                                 Qualified
8.    Dawnwatch Ltd.                                    Qualified
9.    Sheriff & Gold Ltd.                                 Qualified
10.    Asbeco Nig. Ltd.                                 Qualified
11.    Olive Energy Res. Ltd.                       Qualified
12.    EI-Jemi Nig. Ltd.                                 Qualified
13.    Fanet Co. Ltd.                                     Qualified
14.    Kedio Eng. Ltd.                                   Qualified
15.    Maestro Contracts Ltd.                     Qualified
16.    Abonada Mbgbe Nig. Ltd.                Qualified
17.    Esecynate Megbe Nig. Ltd.             Qualified
18.    Tegwax Services                              Qualified
19.    Syngenta (Swiss Biostadt Ltd)      Qualified
20.    Cravngs Hotel Ltd.                           Qualified
21.    DeeJJa Ventures                             Qualified
22.    Rural Shelta Ltd.                              Qualified
23.    Efa’s Multichoice Ent.                      Qualified
24.    U & I Nig. Ltd.                                    Qualified
25.    Jakdee Nig Ltd.                               Qualified
26.    Ijado Integrated Servicers             Qualified
27.    Lengomess Service                       Qualified
28.    Sampat Enterprises                       Qualified
29.    Eltonage Global Services             Qualified
30.    Jayma Ventures                             Qualified
31.    Myke Rayne Resource Ltd.         Qualified
32.    Dawnwatch                                     Qualified
33.    Gofeyo Nig. Ltd.                             Qualified
34.    Star Engineering & Const. Co.   Qualified
35.    Ebi Edim Invest. Ltd.                    Qualified
36.    Akpana Network Co. Ltd.             Qualified
37.    Bermaux Services Ltd.                 Qualified
38.    Edal Consult Ltd.                           Qualified
39.    Adah Ape Co. Ltd.                          Qualified
40.    Utility & Energy Solution               Qualified
41.    Topical Ng. Enterprises               Qualified
42.    Coscharis Medical & Food Ltd.  Qualified
43.    EGL Resources                            Qualified
44.    Crudelink Nig. Ltd.                       Qualified
45.    St. Kings Package Nig. Ltd.       Qualified
46.    Holtrack Nig. Ltd.                          Qualified
47.    Dansoba Consult                         Qualified
48.    KNnockout Consult                      Qualified
49.    Outreach Const. Ltd.                    Qualified
50.    Three Points Investment             Qualified
51.    Jack Dee Nig. Ltd.                         Qualified
52.    Blontel Ltd.                                     Qualified
53.    Asibek Nig. Ltd.                             Qualified
54.    Chaemson Nig. Ltd.                     Qualified
55.    F. A. Liberty Nig. Ltd.                     Qualified
56.    Alim Invest. Ltd.                             Qualified
57.    Kedo Engineering                        Qualified
58.    Bridge End Educ. Serv.               Qualified
59.    Green Circle Energy                    Qualified
60.    Joe T Construct Nig                     Qualified
61.    Bell-Hill Nig. Ltd                           Qualified

Health: Renovation of Drug Store
Health: Supply of Medical Equipment
Health: Procurement of Ambulance
Health: Construction of WC Toilets
Education: Construction of Classroom Blocks
Education: Renovation of 6 Classroom Blocks
Education: Purchase of Teaching Materials
Education: Purchase of 5,000 Two-Seater Benches
Education: Construction of Pour Flush Improved VIP Toilets with Hand Washing Facility
Water: Drilling and Installation of Solar Powered Boreholes

Closing Date
3rd October, 2012

Section B: Collection of Tender Documents/Submission of Tenders

1. This advert is an invitation to the pre-qualified contractors listed .above to pay the sum of N5,000.00 to Cross River State Revenue Account No. 039009013437801, Code No. 402228, ECOBANK Plc, Calabar for the collection of requisite tender documents/submission of Tenders to MDGs Project Support Unit, New Secretariat Complex, Calabar

2. Persons/Organizations tendering shall at their expense visit site of works and obtain for themselves necessary information to facilitate their tender. Tenderers are to note that the Cross River State Project Support Unit (PSU) is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender and the decision to award the contract any contractor is final.

3. Tenders must comply strictly with the provisions of the tender documents. The Cross River State MDGs Office reserves the right to verify any claim(s) by tenderers.

4. Tenders must be accompanied with evidence of current payments in compliance with the state Due Process and list of vendors on each project tendered for.

5. Tenders must be enclosed in a wax sealed envelope with project tendered for and LGA clearly marked at the top and addressed to, and delivered by hand or mail to:

The Head of Project Support Unit
Department of International Development Cooperation
State Planning Commission Building
New Secretariat Complex
Calabar- Cross River Sate