Invitation for Pre-Qualification and Tender at the Jigawa State Government

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The Jigawa State Government invites interested contractors to indicate interest by submitting tender and pre-qualification documents for the following works:

The Jigawa State Government invites applications for:

Title: Invitation for Pre-Qualification / Invitation to Tender

The Government of Jigawa State in its effort to increase access to portable water supply in the small towns wish to embark, through the Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (STOWA), hereby invites tenders from reputable contractors for the construction of 24no. New solar powered water schemes, Upgrading and Conversion of 15no. motorized water supply scheme to solar water supply schemes, Rehabilitation of 34no. Small towns water supply schemes and Renovation of STOWA administrative block at Shuwarin head office across the State and head office. The works are divided into lots (LOT 1-17).

Scope of Works
  • Construction of 24no. new solar powered water schemes at Kaudan (Auyo LGA), Gidan Kuka, kishin Gawa and Jiba (Dutse LGA), Tsang ayawa Gabas, Zage, Masanawa, Gidan Tsamiya, Kagara, Malamawar Dangoli Zawaya and Jibanin (Kiyawa LGA), Wayu (Taura LGA),Karofi (Birnin Kudu LGA), Tagama (Gwaram LGA), Duwala and Garin Dogo (Garki LGA), Atuman and Gidan Barwa (Jahun LGA), Gamayin, Gidan Kanya (K/Hausa LGA),Shagariyo (Malam Madori LGA) and Danzomo kudu as well as Gangarar Danzomo (Sule Tankarkar LGA)
  • Upgrading and Conversion of 15no.motorised water supply scheme to solar water supply schemes at Sansani, Hantsu, Takalafiya (Miga LGA), Ajura (Garki LGA),Kafin Madaki (Buji LGA), Lafiya (Guri LGA), Sabalari, Abaya (Dutse LGA), Maruta, Fagam A, Fagam B (Gwaram LGA), Gamayin A (K/Hausa LGA),Jale, Dabuwaram (Kaugama) and Tsohuwar Bariki (Hadejia LGA) 
  • Rehabilitation of 34no. small towns water supply schemes at Garin Baki,Hammadi, Bakar Kuka, Santarbi,Gari Goto, Takwasa Magaji Da'u, Takwasa Maigari,Unguwar Neno, Laminta and Jarmal (Babura LGA), Rukutu, Digawar Danzomo, Santarbe, Takure and Masama(Sule Takankar LGA),Buji Tsallake (Buji LGA), Limawa and Kudai (Dutse LGA), Unguwar Bako (Garki LGA), Gabari (Hadejia), Masallacin Izala(Malam Madori LGA), Aujara, Harbo Sabuwa and Magama (Jahun LGA), Ubba and Marke (Kaugama LGA), Sabon Garin Takanebu (Miga), Kazalewa, Toyawa and Imam Hassan (K/Hausa LGA), Malamawar Gujungu (Taura) and Gidan Daci,Nafara and Gidan Bayi (Kiyawa LGA) 
  • Renovation of STOWA administrative block at Shuwarin head office
Mandatory Requirements
Companies interested in the projects are to submit company profile which must contain the following: 
  • Certificate of incorporation with cooperate Affairs Commission
  • Certified true copy of memorandum and article of association
  • Tax clearance for the last three years
  • Evidence of registration with Jigawa state works registration board in relevant category
  • Company's audited account for the last one year
  • Evidence of financial capability and Banking support
  • Verifiable evidence of Company profile and technical qualification of key technical personnel registered with relevant professional bodies (COREN,CORBON,QSRBN,ARCON etc
  • That the company have fulfilled all obligations to pay taxes, pensions and social security contributions
  • Evidence of similar projects executed (letter of award and completion certificate) at least three (3) in the past five (5) years.
  • Description and list of relevant construction/building equipments
  • Company average annual turnover of not less than N10 million
  • VAT registration and evidence of past remittance
  • A sworn affidavit certifying as follows:
    • That the document submitted for the pre-qualification exercise are not only genuine but correct
    • That none of the director of the company has been convicted by any court law
    • That the company is not bankrupt iv) That none of the officers of Jigawa State/Local government is a present or former director of the company.
Application Closing Date
12:00 hours Wednesday, 15th December, 2021.

Opening of Bids

Bid opening shall take place at the conference hall of the Jigawa State Ministry of Water Resources by 12.00Noon same day. The representatives of the bidders and the general public are invited to witness the public opening of bid.

Collection of Tender Documents
Interested bidders are to collect bid documents from the office of the secretary procurement committee Jigawa state, STOWA, Shuwarin, Kiyawa Road, Dutse on payment of non-refundable tender fee of Twenty Thousand Naira only (N20, 000.00) from the date of publication of the advert and between 9:00am to 4:00pm Mondays to Fridays, except on public holidays.

Submission of Tender Documents
Completed tender documents and company profile with the covering letter of company's letter head in three copies (one original and two photocopies) shall be submitted in sealed envelope marked with company's bid invitation number at the top left hand corner, and addressed to: 
The Aq.Managing Director Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (STOWA),
Kiyawa Road, 

Dutse - Jigawa State.

The financial bid should be accompanied with bid security of 2% of the bid price either in form of insurance bond or bank guarantee addressed to The Ag. Managing Director, Small Town Water Supply And Sanitation Agency (STOWA), Shuwarin, Dutse, Jigawa State. Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days (3month) after Bid opening.

General Information
However, bidders should note the following information's:
  • Bids submitted after deadline for submission will be returned un-opened.
  • Only financial bids of successful pre-qualified bidders will be opened, while those for the un-successful bidders will be returned un-opened
  • This advert shall not be constructed as commitment on the part of the Jigawa State Small Towns water supply And Sanitation Agency nor shall it entail a company to make any claims whatsoever and/or to seek any identity from the Jigawa State Small Towns water supply And Sanitation Agency by virtue of such company having responded to this advert
  • All cost will be borne by the bidders as the Jigawa State Small Towns water supply And Sanitation Agency will not be held responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any interested party (i.e) in connection with any response to this invitation.
  • The Jigawa State Small Towns water supply And Sanitation Agency reserves the right to annul the procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities
  • Alternative bid will not be accepted Vii. Bidders with the same subsidiary relationship are not allowed to partake in the same lot.
  • REF No.: JG/MOWR/STW/WORKS/NCB/2021/001.