Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Provision of Internet Services at Family Health International (FHI 360)

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Family Health International (FHI 360) invites qualified and interested Internet Service Provider companies to tender RFP documents for the following works:

Family Health International (FHI 360) is not-for-profit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Our staff includes expert in health, education, nutrition, environmental, economic development, civil society, gender equality, youth, research and technology - creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today's interrelated development challenges.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Provision of Internet Services

Family Health International (FHI 360) Nigeria Country Office hereby seeking proposal from qualified and interested Internet Service Provider companies for provision of Internet Services at the Country Office Abuja and State Office in Maiduguri.

Scope of Services
The successful bidder will provide internet Services with fiber Optics medium for FHI360 Country Office and state offices as follows:
  • Provision of scalable and robust fiber connections that support real 1 time video and data services.
  • Fiber last mile with backup for secondary connections as indicated in table below.
  • Network Engineering and Routing services. BGP peering with integration with secondary provider in indicated locations.
  • Support and maintenance for the duration of the subscription (minimum subscription period is One year).
Bandwidth Requirements:
Lot Services Bandwidth Primary Connection Bandwidth Secondary Connection Last Mile Location
1 Fiber - Fiber 150/150Mbps 150/150Mbps Fiber Maitama Abuja
2 Fiber - Radio 50/50Mbps 50/50Mbps Microwave Radio Maiduguri

Proposal Requirement
Please read this section carefully and be sure that all requested information is included in your submission. Evaluators will neither make assumptions nor draw inferences regarding missing or incomplete information.

The submission of incomplete information could result in the rejection of proposals:
  • Detailed Company Profile with registered address, functional email, telephone numbers and point of contact for the organization
  • Evidence of company registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission, including for CAC7&CAC2
  • Tax Clearance Certificate for 2018, 2019, and 2020
  • Evidence of registration with relevant professional bodies or institutions of practice.
  • Evidence of affiliation/franchise with international carriers and backbone operators.
  • Evidence of possession of experience in similar jobs. Bidders must describe in enough detail at least 3 projects similar in size, scope, and complexity (recently completed or in progress) carried out in the last five (5) years. At a minimum, bidders must furnish the following information for each project cited:
    • A brief description of the project, inclusive of the activities/function performed and an explanation of how this experience is relevant to the scope of this RFP.
    • The reference document for the award, value of the contract at the time of award, period of performance and signed Job Completion Certificates (JCC).
    • The name, physical address, telephone number and contact email address of the client
  • Evidence of staff with relevant industry experience and certifications (attach CVs and copies of certifications)
  • Detailed network engineering and technical design with implementation plan
  • Samples of weekly, monthly Customer reports and description of monitoring platform
  • Recommendation letter from at least two organizations attesting to Satisfactory Performance in previous projects.
  • Availability of a Customer Support center with 24/7/365 operations in Maiduguri (Lot 2)
  • Documentation of Support and Escalation procedures.
  • Compliance to USG Section 889 Regulations - the proposal must include list of backend equipment and indoor and outdoor units stating model number and name of manufacturer for our review and approval.
Evaluation Stages and Weight for Selection Criteria
  • Stage one: Conformity to the tender - Proposal must have all documents listed in Section C above. Evaluators will not make inference or assumption for incomplete information or document.
  • Stage two: Technical Evaluation - Item 4 - 10 Section C above (Weight: 25%), Availability of a Customer Support center with 24/7/365 operations in Maiduguri (Lot 2) (Weight: 10%), Documentation of Support and Escalation procedures/systems (Weight: 10%), Compliance to USG Section 889 Regulations (Weight: 25%).
  • Stage three: Financial Evaluation - Service rate/price/cost (Weight: 30%).
Application Closing Date
4:00pm Wednesday, 17th November, 2021.

Submission of Proposal
Bidders are requested to submit technical and financial bids in separate envelopes, clearly indicating "Provision of Internet Services". All fee must be in Naira (NGN) and signed by authorized representative of the bidding organization.

Submission should be put in a sealed envelope and delivered to:
The Procurement Committee,

FHI360, 8 Yedseram Street,
Maitama - (FCT) Abuja.

Please Note
  • Any proposal received by FHI360 after the deadline for submission stated herein shall be rejected and returned unopened to the bidder.
  • Bidders must submit requests for clarification concerning this RFP via: not later than 5.30pm on Wednesday November 10, 2021. 
  • Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by FH1360 to any bidder.
  • FHI 360 reserves the right to vary any part of this RFP at the time of award if it becomes necessary.
  • FHI360 is Value added (VAT) exempted, but carryout Withholding Tax (WTH) deduction on commercial transactions in compliance with relevant Nigerian laws.