Request for interest to bid for Supply and 1mplementation of biometric Solution for deposit money banks in Nigeria

Posted by Chinyere on Fri 28th Sep, 2012 -

Central Bank of Nigeria


The Bankers’ Committee is seeking interest from reputable solution providers/system integrators to supply and implement a suitable biometric solution across all Deposit Money Banks (“the Banks”) in Nigeria. The aim is to provide a centralised platform through which banks may enrol and uniquely identify and verify the identity of each customer for ‘know your customer’ or KYC purposes, perform credit checks, verify customer’s integrity and to authenticate customers from a point of transaction device.

Qualifications for Bid

Prospective bidders are required to:
  1. Be a registered company. Advantage will be given to any company that has an affiliate or representative in Nigeria; and
  2. Have implemented similar solution with minimum enrolment capacity of 5 million subscribers.
  3. Must have implemented a large scale project of a minimum total contract sum of $5 million

Request for Proposal (RFP) Respondents
The RFP will be issued to all qualified interested bidders whose role as RFP respondents is to bid for the supply and implementation of a turnkey solution that meets the specified business requirements of the Bankers’ Committee. To participate in the REP exercise, kindly send an email to our consultants Ernst & Young at

Closing Date
All interests must be received on or before Friday 05 October 2012. Any interest received after this date will not admitted.

The Bankers’ Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, to take exceptions to these RFP specifications or to waive any formalities.