Request for Proposal (RFP) at Green Habitat Initiative (GHI)

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Green Habitat Initiative (GHI) invites interested individuals or organizations to indicate interest by tendering RFP documents for the following works:

Green Habitat Initiative (GHI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability in Nigeria. Our mission is to support the promotion, adoption and implementation of sustainable policies and frameworks in order to protect and conserve our environment. The current focus of our mission is on Sustainable Development Goals number 6 (clean water and and sanitation for all), 11 (sustainable cities and communities), and 13 (climate action).

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) - Social Enterprise for WASH Services

Green habitat Initiative (GHI) is currently implementing a cooperative agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Nigeria in Kebbi State. The cooperative agreement titled “The Project for Improved Sustainability of Integrated WASH Services” is aimed at reducing water-borne diseases and associated socio-economic challenges through increasing access to WASH facilities in Kebbi State.

A recent study by the World Bank showed that 1 in 3 boreholes/handpumps (30%) fail in the first year of operation in Nigeria. The situation is worse in Sokoto where about 89.1% of boreholes are non-functional. In Kebbi State, over 3,000 boreholes are non-functional across various LGAs. This indicates failed investments and lack of proper accountability. The major challenge associated with this phenomena is lack of ownership by communities and an absence of sustainable operation and maintenance service.

Consequently, the water sector is transitioning from infrastructure to service delivery approaches by adopting preventive maintenance with the aim of providing an improved and reliable water supply. Also, private and social enterprises are emerging as important players in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector. Micro, small-to-medium, private and social enterprises (hereafter referred to as ‘Enterprise’) are pivotal in enabling or delivering sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services. GHI seeks applications from individuals or a group of persons to set up a new social enterprise that will be incorporated to provide guaranteed services for the operations and maintenance of water facilities in Kebbi State.

WASH sustainability has become a global issue, but research shows that the private and social sector has the potential of becoming a viable solution. The project is seeking for interested individuals or organizations to partner with GHI in setting up a private and social enterprise to ensure improved service delivery. This entails moving beyond voluntary, solely community-focused approaches, to equitable, sustainable service delivery for the USAID funded WASH investments in Kebbi State. The new business to be formed is expected to offer monthly maintenance service to water pumps in at least 3 LGAs in Kebbi State.

Scope of Work

The social enterprise is expected to set up a business model that comprises the following components:
  • A team of Water Engineers, business developers/managers, technicians, community mobilizers, marketers, and innovators.
  • Ensure the availability of reliable maintenance resources (spare parts and mechanics).
  • Promote willingness and ability of community members to pay tariffs.
  • Use of electronic reporting documents that include information on the borehole status, age, number of maintenance visits/repairs, and spare parts used.
  • Motivated to address social needs by evolving business solutions to create, capture and deliver value that ensure the business remains financially viable.
Required Profile
  • Team composition involving Water Engineers, Business Developers/Managers, Technicians, Local Area Mechanics (LAMs), community mobilization officers, etc
  • Demonstrable proof of capacity to set up Social Enterprise/Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs)
  • Good understanding of water sanitation and hygiene services from a development corporation and private sector perspective.
  • Excellent understanding of community development, its implementation and funding mechanisms (public and private).
  • Experience working in the north west terrain.
Expected Deliverables
  • Develop concept including business & financing model suitable to the target location (Argungu, Kalgo and Gwandu LGAs).
  • Detailed work plan for implementation of business model.
  • Effective maintenance of WASH infrastructure through timely support.
  • Supply spare parts for maintenance in time and on immediate needs.
  • Collaborate and understand the government system for management of water facilities.
  • Support and ensure security check up of water facilities
  • Support capacity building of the LAMs.
  • Update community with data on repairs carried out.
Application Closing Date
2nd December, 2021.

Method of Application
Interested and eligible firms and individual should send their CV along with a brief Technical Proposal to: using "Social Enterprise" as the subject of the mail.


The technical proposal should present the following:
  • Detailed concept of the Enterprise, highlighting good understanding of the client’s request and expectations.
  • Business Approach/Methodology for delivery of services.
  • Detailed work plan for one year engagement.
  • Resume/profile of staff with relevant work experience in the water sector. At the minimum, the profile should show the CEO of the new business to be formed, the Head of Engineering, Head of Community Mobilization, Finance and Accounting Officer.
  • Mention other resources you already own or will provide E. g. Office space, computers, trucks, etc.
  • Please note that GHI will incentive successful applicants with some company setting -up cost, training on business management, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and study tours overseas.
  • Submission should be made no later than the specified closing date.