Invitation to Tender at Mercy Corps Nigeria

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Mercy Corps Nigeria invites interested and reputable Hotels/Service providers to indicate interest by submitting tender documents for the following works:

Mercy Corps is a non-religious, non-profit and non-governmental international relief and development organization working in over 40 countries worldwide helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Mercy Corps in Nigeria implements a variety of programs with the ultimate goal of Addressing Diverse and Acute Primary Threats (ADAPT) to Human Security in Northeastern Nigeria.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Invitation to Tender for Hotel & Conference facilities in Maiduguri

Mercy Corps, an International Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization is pleased to invite Hotels/Service providers to submit proposal for hotel accommodation, catering, and conference facility services in Maidugur in - Borno State, Nigeria.

Mercy Corps chooses to hold competitive proposals for selection of hotels under retainership contract for the accommodation, catering and meetings in Maiduguri, Borno State. We believe that competitive proposal is the only way to fairly select the best company for the job while ensuring good prices and preventing collaboration and corruption.

Scope of work/Specification
Mercy Corps requires the services of hotel accommodation, conference room and catering services for its guests and participants from a reputable company that specialized in this field:
  • Accommodation Services for Mercy Corps guests and participants.
  • Conference Room Services of different capacities to Mercy Corps’ guests and participants.
  • Lunch meal and tea break catering services.
  • Safety and security of guests and staff while in the facility.
  • Secure car parking space within the premises of the facility.
Eligibility Criteria
In keeping with Mercy Corps’ guiding principle for procurement, Mercy Corps Nigeria Uses only responsible service providers that possess the ability to perform successfully under the terms and conditions of a proposed procurement. In addition to the ability to perform, Mercy Corps also consider minimum standards of responsibility to determine which Service provider(s) Mercy Corps will do business with. These standards include:

  • Being eligible business under applicable laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Being in good standing with any taxation or legal authority in Nigeria
  • Having a satisfactory record of performance and business and ethics based on information available to Mercy Corps
Below are set of supplier’s eligibility criteria that form part of the above-mentioned standards:
  • The business must be registered and incorporated under the laws of Nigeria with corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • The business must be registered with CAC and FIRS and has a Tax Identification Number (TIN) and EFCC certificate.
Supplier Eligibility
Suppliers may not apply, and will be rejected as ineligible, if they:
  • Are not registered companies
  • Are bankrupt or in the process of going bankrupt
  • Have been convicted of illegal/corrupt activities, and/or unprofessional conduct
  • Have been guilty of grave professional misconduct
  • Have not fulfilled obligations related to payment of social security and taxes
  • Are guilty of serious misinterpretation in supplying information
  • Are in violation of the policies outlined in Mercy Corps Anti Bribery or Anti-Corruption Statement
  • Supplier (or supplier’s principals) are on any list of sanctioned parties issued by; or are presently excluded or disqualified from participation in this transaction by the United States Government or United Nations by the United States Government, the United Kingdom, the European Union, the United Nations, other national governments, or public international organizations.
Application Closing Date
5:30pm (WAT, 10 December, 2021.

Submission of Documents
Bidders are expected to submit bid document sealed and mark with the Tender number and title "NIG/MDG/TEN47_Hotel & Catering services for Maiduguri Field Office - Borno State" to our Maiduguri Field Office located at:
No. 38 Kinshasa Road,

Old GRA,
Maiduguri - Borno State.

Tender Basis
  • All offers shall be made in accordance with these instructions, and all documents requested should be furnished, including any required (but not limited to) supplier-specific information, technical specifications, drawings, bill of quantities, and/or delivery schedule. If any requested document is not furnished, a reason should be given for its omission in an exception sheet.
  • No respondent should add, omit or change any item, term or condition herein.
  • If suppliers have any additional requests and conditions, these shall be stipulated in an exception sheet.
  • Each offeror may make one response only.
  • Each offer shall be valid for the period of [180 days] from its date of submission.
  • All offers should indicate whether they include taxes, compulsory payments, levies and/or duties, including VAT, if applicable.
  • Suppliers should ensure that financial offers are devoid of calculation errors. If errors are identified during the evaluation process, the unit price will prevail. If there is ambiguity on the unit price, the Selection Committee may decide to disqualify the offer.
  • Any requests for clarifications regarding the project that are not addressed in written documents must be presented to Mercy Corps in writing. The answer to any question raised in writing by any offeror will be issued to that offeror. In some cases, Mercy Corps may choose to issue clarifications to all offerors. It is a condition of this tender that no clarification shall be deemed to supersede, contradict, add to or detract from the conditions hereof, unless made in writing as an Addendum to Tender and signed by Mercy Corps or its designated representative.
  • This Tender does not obligate Mercy Corps to execute a contract, nor does it commit Mercy Corps to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals. 
  • Furthermore, Mercy Corps reserves the right to reject all proposals, if such action is in the best interest of Mercy Corps.
For more clarifications on this ITT, please Click Here (PDF).