Request for Proposal (RFP) at Promenade Estate Cluster 1

Posted by Future on Fri 03rd Dec, 2021 -

Promenade Estate Cluster 1 invites interested and qualified Facility Management Service provider to indicate interest by submitting RFP documents for the following works:

Promenade Estate Cluster 1 located along the Logokoma axis of Abuja is a combination of 2 bedrooms to 5 bedroom duplexes and it comprises of 62 houses. Promenade Estate 1 Resident Association seeks to offer an all-round service to residents, including 24 hours facility management service on the estates. Hence, the Association is seeking the services of an interested and qualified Facility Management Service provider.

We invite applications for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RfP) for Facility Management Service Provider

The bids should be submitted in accordance with the specifications, terms, and conditions shown in this Request for Proposals (RfP). This RfP is being released to identify an experienced Facility Manager to carry out the services as detailed in this document. Prospective respondents are advised to read this information carefully prior to submitting a proposal.

  • The Facility Management Company will oversee the management and operations of all the physical facilities of the estate.
  • Provide oversight and responsibility for the buildings, grounds, parking lots, equipment, building systems, general security, and housekeeping, ensuring the facilities are fully operational, safe, clean and neat.
  • Oversee and perform maintenance/repairs for the estate building, equipment (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) and property, or act as representative with outside contractors and inspectors coming onto the property or into the building.
Scope of Work
  • Monitor facility usage, operations and equipment maintenance.
  • Prepare and implement annual budget for building facility maintenance.
  • Update and maintain usage records and invoice clients accordingly.
  • Maintain accurate records of equipment functioning status and other systems in building.
  • Develop schedule for regular evaluation of facilities.
  • Participate in development of policies and procedures affecting usage supplies and facilities.
  • Ensure all equipment and other facilities are functioning well.
  • Initiate interventions to solve problems in facilities.
  • Develop and execute system for regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities.
  • Supervising teams of staff across different units e.g. Security, Cleaners, Gardener, etc.
  • Dealing with emergencies as they arise
  • Ensuring that facilities meet compliance standards and government regulations
  • Interfacing with AEDC, AMAC or any other organization that may be required for compliance approvals or fees.
  • Planning for the future by forecasting the facility’s upcoming needs and requirements
  • Overseeing any renovations, refurbishments, and building projects
  • Drafting maintenance reports
  • Managing residents’ complaints and implementing procedures for emergencies etc.
N/B: Please note that this list is not exhaustive.


  • Extensive experience and a proven track record in the facility management business
  • Reliable coverage services
  • Sound experience in similar projects
  • Ability to provide 24-hours facility management services
  • Ability to respond immediately to emergency situations, whilst maintaining high quality standards of service delivery
  • Presentation of full company profile and documentation
  • Knowledge of security practices and protocol related to facility management
  • Knowledge of safety practices and applicable regulations
  • Knowledge of the approaches and techniques involved in budgeting, labor relations, contract management, project management, record keeping, etc.
proposal Guidelines and Format
Prospective companies are required to submit their proposals in the following format:
  • Approach and Strategy: Kindly provide a brief statement on the following:
    • An understanding of the role as detailed in this RfP
    • Detailed workplan for execution of the tasks. Workplan shall include things you intend to achieve during this engagement with timeframe
    • A statement on your present capabilities as well as your plans in this regard.
    • Would you envisage that any portion of this contract would be sub-contracted? What portion and why? Kindly let us know.
  • Corporate Profile: This should include the following information:
    • Corporate profile document of the company.
    • Details of the personnel of the company.
    • Incorporation documents.
    • Compliance certificates.
    • Any other relevant and statutory documents.
  • Similar experience in past projects and their coverage area. Consultant shall demonstrate ability to render the required services by providing evidence of similar projects successfully executed, including references and recommendation letters:
    • A listing of your top 3 clients in the last 2 years
    • A statement of relevant experiences to the type of contractual arrangement the Fund is seeking.
  • Execution Plan: The proposal must include a detailed description of your company’s plan to execute the services that are the subject of this RFP. This execution plan should explain how your company intends to execute the particular services. The plan should identify those services that will be performed by on-site staff and those that would be performed by subcontractors to your company, if any.
  • Financials/Management Fees:
    • A schedule of proposed fees with indicative payment terms shall be provided.
Proposal Requirements
Proposals shall contain the following information in the order listed:

Introductory Letter: The introductory letter should be addressed to:

The Chairman.
Promenade Estate 1 Resident Association (PERA),
Promenade Estate, Cluster 1
Lokogoma - (FCT) Abuja.

The letter should include contact name, mailing address and telephone number of the company. The cover letter shall include a statement acknowledging the conditions stated in the RfP, referencing any exceptions contained in the response, and be signed by a representative of the Company.

The Proposal. The proposal shall include:
  • Company Profile
  • Approach and strategy
  • Experience in past projects
  • Financial (Management Fee)
Supportive Information:
  • This section may include graphs, charts photos, maps, etc. in support of the respondent’s qualifications and competence.
Method of Application

Interested and qualified company should send their proposal to: using the title as the subject of the mail. If you have any enquiries kindly send an email to:

  • Proposals should be typewritten and submitted as attachment with easy to read font size and style.
  • Pages should be numbered.