Request for Expression of Interest (EoI) for Consultancy Services

Posted by Chinyere on Wed 03rd Oct, 2012 -

The Universal Service Provision Fund (“USPF”) was established by the Nigerian Communications Act, 2007 to facilitate the achievement of national policy goals for universal service anti universal access to information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in rural, un-served and under-served areas in Nigeria.

The Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF) further to the implementation of the 2012 budget and in compliance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 hereby invites qualified and reputable firms with proven experience to express interest to undertake the following Consultancies:

Lot No


Description of Consultancy


Technical Auditors for USPF Projects

To assist the Universal Service Provision Secretariat (USPS) in the supervision of its various projects to ensure completion on time, on budget and on quality.


Evaluation of Tenders

To assist the USPS evaluate the various bids it received in response to the Invitation for Proposals for 2012 capital projects


ICT for e -Health in Nigeria

To carry out Consultancy Services for the Provision of e-Health in Nigeria


Fund Manager

To act as Fund Managers for the USP

Relevant Telecommunications Experience
The proponents shall be required to demonstrate the following competencies:
  1. A general understanding of telecommunications networks.
  2. Ability in terms of manpower and expertise to work with various entities (USPF. Vendors, Operators, Community leaders etc.)
  3. An understanding of the telecommunications terrain in mral areas of Nigeria
  4. An understanding of the what the USP.F projects entails
  5. Experience with technical works, including ICT, hardware/software development/deployment and proof of previous project experience
  6. Relevant technical and business deployment potential with reference to similar projects done
  7. Strong client orientation, pro-active relationship management skills, good track records in technical capacity building and client relationship management especially in Nigeria
  8. Any other relevant information that would support your company’s proposal.

Eligibility General
Interested firms must submit the following documents:
  1. Evidence of incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission. Companies must enclose certificate of incorporation and form C07.
  2. Submit Articles and Memorandum of Association of their Company, which must show that the Company has ICT related activities as part of its objectives
  3. Must have three year Tax Clearance certificates (200c, 2010 and 2011).
  4. Evidence of Value Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate and past remittances.
  5. Audited accounts for the last three years
  6. Provide verifiable evidence of financial capacity to execute the project.
  7. Have a proper understanding of telecommunications solutions for rural areas.
  8. Show evidence of similar works
  9. Company profile and organizational structure, including names and resume of key personnel and technical staff with addresses and phone numbers
  10. Detail evidence of compliance with Pension Act, 2004 including evidence of remittances and ITF contribution

Specific Conditions
e-Health in Nigeria

In addition to the general eligibility, the prospective Consultants shall also be required to demonstrate the following minimum competencies:
  1. An understanding of the health industry and how ICT can be used to enhance healthcare delivery in the country
  2. An understanding of the ICT industry in Nigeria or worldwide
  3. Experience in operational approaches to mobile networks and broadband application services
  4. Experience in ICT/ Telecom Infrastructures
  5. Experience in Telecoms Design. Planning and Implementation
  6. Competent use of Telecoms Planning Tools such as Pathloss, Global Positioning System (GPS) etc
  7. Evidence of relevant technical experience with reference to similar projects deployed on a national scale
  8. Relevant academic qualifications
  9. Partnership with international organization(s) that have successfully delivered c-Health services
  10. Basic Corporate information including expertise to deliver on the project
  11. Measurable indicators and mechanism for verifying the indicators
  12. Demonstrate or show evidence of similar assignments carried out in the past

Fund Managers
In addition to the general eligibility the prospective Consultants shall also be required to demonstrate the following minimum competencies:
a. Membership of a relevant Professional body with a valid license to practice in Nigeria
b. Ability to comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) of any of the following:
i. International Accounting Standards (IAS)
ii. Standing Interpretations Committee (SIC)
iii. Statement of Accounting Standards (SAS)
iv. All relevant publications of the Nigerian Accounting Standards Board (NASB)
v. Auditing Standards Committee for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) or any other relevant body
c. Track record of ability to manage public sector funds efficiently for not less than 5 Years
d. The firm must show evidence of a sound financial position for the last 5 years
e. The Ideal Fund Manager must be able to demonstrate success in Managing different classes of assets

Closing Date for Submission of Documents
The Expression of Interest (EoI) should be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked USPF EoI – Lot no - at the top right corner with name of the company clearly printed on the reverse side of the envelope and must he hand delivered not later than 2.00 p.m. Tuesday November 13, 2012. to the following address:

Office of the Secretary
Universal Service Provision Fund
USP Secretariat 9th Floor
Nigerian Communications Commission
Plot 423 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama - Abuja

Please Note That:
  • Submissions after the date and time specified above will be rejected
  • This advertisement is NOT an invitation to tender as full tendering procedures will be applied ONLY to firms that meet the prescribed specifications above
  • This publication is for information only, and not to be construed as a commitment or obligation on the part of the Management of USPF
  • USPF is not obliged to shortlist any firm and reserves the right to annul the process at anytime without liabilities on its part or proffering any reasons for the annulment.
  • All costs incurred by interested parties in response to this advert or enquiries shall be borne by the firms and not the USPF.

All further enquiries regarding this advertisement should he directed by email to:

Universal Service Provision Fund