Expression of Interest (EOI) - Selection of Consultant to Carry Out Flood Mitigation Plan Study at the Lagos State Government

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The Lagos State Government invites qualified and reputable consultant(s) to indicate interest by tendering EOI documents for the following works:

Lagos State Government invites applications for:

Title: Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) - Selection of Consultant to Carry Out Preparation of Isheri North Flood Mitigation Plan Study

The Lagos State Government is desirous to engage the services of a consultant to carry out the preparation of Isheri North Flood Mitigation Plan Study.

The objectives of the consultancy service include the:
  • Development of a robust understanding of the present and future flood risk for the entire Isheri North, taking into account social, environmental and economic factors;
  • Development of an overarching flood risk management strategy that sets out the policies, regulations and institutional arrangements needed to manage flood risks;
  • Preparation of a comprehensive understanding of the hydrological system in Isheri North as well as an inventory of drainage patterns along drainage routes;
  • Active engagement of stakeholders and communities in the decision-making process to encourage buy-in;
  • Suggestion of remediation measures to flooding to alleviate negative impacts on the standard of living, minimise health risks to the residents and improve the overall living condition of the inhabitants;
  • In long term, preparation of spatial and land development planning, based on flooding maps in order to mitigate flood risk;
  • In short term, the results of the study will enable appropriate contingency planning for extreme flood events, based on actual flood hazard maps;
  • In near future, measures for extreme flood adaptation will be planned in detail and put in place.
N/B: The successful Consultant would be required to complete the proposed study within 9 months.

Scope of Work
The successful Consultant is expected to fully deliver the plan taking into consideration the detailed scope of work as indicated below:
  • Detailed Risk Assessment: Policy and Institutional Arrangement for Flood Risk Management in the project Area: Assess current policies and programs, map institutions involved in flood risk management in Isheri North, identify gaps, and needs;
  • Mitigation Measures: Using best practice, both locally and from experience in other parts of the world, develop possible options for structural and non-structural mitigation measures based on likely future scenarios (city's growth by 2065 and climate change).
  • The consultants will assist the client in choosing optimal options for preparing a comprehensive flood risk management plan that will provide sustainable flood management solutions for the project area;
  • Characterize the storm water drainage problems in the project area.
  • Establish guidelines and standards for all works.
  • Pool of Priority Works: The consulting team will identify a pool of priority works which will be prepared. This will be based on existing available information and initial ground investigation to be undertaken. Those no-regret infrastructure works will be designed to mitigate flood risk on the short to medium terms. Potential tasks include enhancing flood resilience of critical public infrastructure including developing contingency plans and undertaking structural improvements for critical infrastructure such as hospitals, airport, public buildings, including ensuring access/egress and functionality (power and other critical services.
  • Development of a comprehensive Isheri North Flood Resilience and Management Plan. This will comprise of suitable downstream integrated catchment management plans, area-specific flood risk management and urban drainage master plans including proposed institutional arrangements.
  • Detailed Design and Project Implementation: The consulting team will carry out additional investigations for the project detail designs, and preparation of Tender Documents for chosen options of works for implementation.
Pre-Qualification Condition
The State Government would consider Consultants duly registered to practice in Nigeria and with proven capabilities on such assignment. To apply, the Consultant must show evidence of considerable experience and track records of good performance in the aforementioned services. For that purpose, documented evidence of recent and similar services shall be submitted with contractual agreement and evidence of completion.

Determination of the similarity of experience will be based on the nature of the services provided; technical expertise and regional experience. In addition, the Consultant is to submit and fulfill the following documentation and conditions:
  • A covering letter summarizing content of the pre-qualification documents.
  • Certificate of Incorporation of Company/Firms registration in Nigeria.
  • Evidence of current registration with Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (PPA).
  • The Firm's general structure and detailed curriculum vitae profile/particulars of staff of the Firm or Consortia with areas of specialization.
  • The last 3-Years Audited Financial Statements and latest Management Accounts (2018, 2019 and 2020).
  • Evidence of similar job done on the scale of the advertised project in the last five years (evidence of Letter of Award and Certificates of Job Completion).
  • Last 3 (three) years Company Tax Clearance Certificate (2018, 2019 and 2020).
  • Detailed methodology as well as work plan to be used in line with objectives and scope of service project.
  • Evidence of last three (3) Years Development Levy for Two (2) Directors.
  • Sworn Affidavit confirming that all document submitted are authentic.
N/B: Only Consultants who maintain a current Registration Status with the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency will be eligible to participate in the process.

Application Closing Date
12:00 Noon Tuesday, 21st December, 2021.

Submission of Documents
The Selection process shall be conducted on the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency's E-Tendering Portal Expression of Interests (EOI) must be submitted online in English Language clearly titled "Selection of Consultant to carry out Preparation of Isheri North Flood Mitigation Plan Study".

However, interested Consultants who are willing to submit Expression of Interests (EOI) are required to log on the e-Portal of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA): to upload all the necessary Pre-Qualification Conditions.


  • It should be noted that this EOI does not constitute a commitment on the part of the State and/or the Lagos State Ministry of The Environment, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources to award the project to any Consultant(s) expressing interest.
  • Furthermore, submission of documents shall not entitle any of the interested parties to any claims against the State and/or the Lagos State Ministry of The Environment, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources by virtue of such party having responded to the EOI.
  • All costs incurred by respondents as a result of this Eol and any subsequent requests for information shall be for the respondent's account only.
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 8am - 4pm:
The Procurement Unit,
Office of Drainage Services & Water Resources,
Block 16, Alausa Secretariat,
Ikeja, Lagos State.