Request for Proposal (RFP) at the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC)

Posted by Future on Fri 10th Dec, 2021 -

The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) invites Interested organisations/ NGOs/OSCs to indicate interest by tendering RFP documents for the following works:

The Lake Chad Basin Commission is an intergovernmental organization that oversees water and other natural resource usage in the basin. There are eight member governments-i.e., Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Algeria, the Central African Republic, Libya, and Sudan chosen for their proximity to Lake Chad.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) - Selection of a National CSO or NGO for the Implementation of Capacity-Building Activities of Communities and Other Actors for Improves Monitoring and Management of the Lake Chad Basin as Part of the GEF-UNDP-LCBC Project

The Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) received from GEF/UNDP funding to cover the cost of the project "Improving the Management of the Lake Chad Basin by Implementing the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the Lake Chad Basin to Strengthen Climate Change Resilience and Reduce Stress on the Ecosystem". It intends to use part of this grant to make payments for service contracts for NGOs/CSOs specialised in capacity building of stakeholders both within the LCBC Executive Secretariat and stakeholders in the Member States.

The services provided under these contracts aim to make available to LCBC, NGOs/CSOs specialised in the implementation of capacity building activities for communities and other stakeholders to improve the monitoring and management of the Lake Chad Basin ecosystems as part of the LCBC GEF UNDP project.

The 9-month assignment aims to help build the technical and operational capacity and awareness of national riparian communities to facilitate the implementation of sustainable natural resource management practices in the Lake Chad Basin at local and transboundary levels. The mandate of the national organisation/NGO/CSO, the background and specific objectives of the assignment are outlined in terms of reference.

Interested organisations/NGOs/CSOs shall provide RFP containing the following information:
  • A presentation sheet of the organisation/NGO/CSO (area of expertise and resources);
  • Relevant references concerning the performance of similar contracts with mandatory mention of the following information: Name of assignment, country, period of implementation;
  • The list, competencies, and responsibilities of key personnel with their Curriculum Vitae;
  • Knowledge of LCBC.
N/B: The eligibility criteria, short-list and selection procedure will be under the Administrative, Financial and Accounting Procedures Manual of LCBC.

Application Closing Date

6:00pm (N'Djamena time), 24th December, 2021.

Submission of Documents
Completed documents and RFP clearly marked "Request for Proposal for selection of a national CSO or NGO for the implementation of capacity-building activities of riparian communities and other actors for improved monitoring and ecosystem management of the Lake Chad Basin as part of the GEF-UNDPLCBC Project" shall be submitted at the:
Executive Secretariat,
Lake Chad Basin Commission,
P.O.Box N'Djamena - Chad,
Tel.: 00235 22 52 41 45 / 22 52 40 29 Fax: 00235 22 52 41 37

Interested organisations/ NGOs/OSCs may obtain additional information at the address above or Click Here to download the detailed ToR on the website of LCBC.