Request for Quotation (RFQ) at the United Nations Secretariat

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The United Nations Secretariat invites interested and qualified vendors to indicate interest by submitting quotation documents for the following works:

The United Nations Secretariat is one of the six major organs of the United Nations, with the others being the General Assembly; the Security Council; the Economic and Social Council; the defunct Trusteeship Council; and the International Court of Justice. The Secretariat is the United Nations' executive arm. The United Nations Secretariat carries out the day-to-day work of the UN as mandated by the General Assembly and the Organization's other main organs.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Anti-Racism Learning and Advisory Services

Description of Requirements
In this Request for Information (RFI) the UN Secretariat's Office of Human Resources seeks to identify potential commercial companies or organizations that possess the expertise in anti-racism practices and principles to provide learning opportunities to HR staff.

The United Nations Secretariat’s Staffing Diversity and Outreach Section (SDOS) (of the Strategic Talent Management Service (STMS) in the Global Strategy and Policy Division (GSPD) of the Office of Human Resources (OHR) within the Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC)) is seeking to identify qualified vendors to provide targeted anti-racism and DEI training for human resources professionals.

SDOS serves as both an external (talent outreach) and internal (talent management) arm of OHR, providing human resources support services to 93 entities across the UN Secretariat. Given the wide breadth of reach and interaction, it is critical to ensure that personnel are provided with focused time to unpack and think through personal, inter-personal, structural/ institutional, and systemic manifestations of racism. The goal of this training is to better equip the team with tools to foster anti-racism in human resources practices and understand how racism manifests, consciously and unconsciously, in the workstreams of talent acquisition and staff-focused diversity & inclusion programming.

SDOS is assessing the possibility of delivery of the following training in coordination with a vendor:
  • Collaborate with the SDOS focal point for Anti-Racism to develop a series of 4 to 5 anti-racism training sessions to be delivered to the SDOS team
  • Provide 4 to 5 Anti-racism Training Workshops for SDOS personnel.
Specific Requirements / Information (If any)
The Request for Information is intended to identify potential vendors with verified experience to supply the requested services. Interested vendors are requested to respond to the following questions. The responses are requested to be sent to Ms. Yamin Thu ( with a copy to Ms. Yiting Hui (

  • A brief general description of your organization, its structure, years in business and the line of business dealing with similar services
  • Brochures and/or methodologies of the related services
  • A list of recent engagements for providing similar services
  • What is your organization’s experience in delivery of anti-racism/ race-awareness training in diverse organizational settings?
  • What is your organization’s experience in developing targeted course material and engagement for anti-racism/ race-awareness training?
  • What is your organization’s past experience working with the United Nations or similar international organizations?
  • What is your organization’s experience training human resources professionals?
  • What is your organization’s off-the-shelf anti-racism / race-awareness training curricula? Could any sample training material be shared?
  • What are available duration's of different off-the-shelf anti-racism / race-awareness training's?
  • What is your organization’s typical fee model and range for off-the-shelf training's? Please provide training catalogue if it is available.
  • Typical engagement modality with international organizations such as the UN e.g. commercial pricing, public sector pricing, partnership with cost sharing arrangements, pro-bono, low-bono arrangements
  • Preferred contracting legal entity for doing business with UN Secretariat (if there is preference)
  • Available pricing models and rate range for different level of personnel / expertise for advisory services
  • Information on any Long-Term Agreement with entities within the UN System.
Application Closing Date
23rd December, 2021.

Submission of Documents
Interested vendors/organisations who wish to participate in the quotation process should please Click Here

  • Companies can only participate in solicitations of the UN Secretariat after completing their registration (free of charge) at the United Nations Global Marketplace (
  • Please verify that your company is registered under its full legal name on the United Nations Global Market Place ( and that your application for registration as vendor has been submitted to the UN Secretariat in the same site, to be able to participate in any potential solicitation process as a result of this RFI.
  • While companies can participate in solicitations after completion of registration at Basic Level, we strongly recommend all companies to register at least at Level 1 under the United Nations Secretariat prior to participating in any solicitations.
In case you have difficulties submitting your response electronically, please contact , directly for instructions.

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