National Mathematical Centre, Abuja Contract Award Publication

Posted by Chijindu on Fri 05th Oct, 2012 -

Name of Project: Science and Technology Post Basic (STEP-B)
Country: Nigeria 
Project ID: NMC/NCB/GDS/01/2012 Bid/Contract
Description: STEP-B/NMC/NCB/Project/01 /2010
Scope of Contract: 

Lot 1 — Specialized Procurement of Specialized software for teaching and learning of Mathematics and software
Lot 2 — Infrastructure for the electronic classroom for electronic classroom.
Duration: 90 days
Contract Signature Date: 8th & 10 February 2011.

Lot I — Procurement of specialized software

Awarded Bidder
Name and address of Awarded Bidder: 
Godam Technologies 
Abuja, Nigeria.
Bid price at Bid Opening:  NGN N15,000,000.00
Final Bid Price: NGN 15,000,000.00

Evaluated Bidders
Name of Evaluated Bidder: Bid Price at Opening: Bid Price of Evaluated
Godam Thchnologies Abuja:  NGN 15,000,000:  NGN 15,000,000
Chams Plc, Abuja:  NGN 74,000,000:   NGN 74,000,000
Rejected Bidders:
Name of Rejected Bidder:  Bid Price at Bid Opening  

Chams PLC:   NGN 74,000,000    
Reason(s) for rejection
  • No bid security was supplied
  • Bid price exceptionally high
Lot 2— Procurement of Infrastructure of Electronic classroom
Awarded bidder
Name and Address of Awarded bidder

At & S investment Limited; 
Bid Price at Bid Opening:  NGN 2,598,260
Final Bid Price:  NGN 2,598,260
Evaluated Bidders
Name of Evaluated  Bidder(s):  Bid Price at Bid Opening:  Bid Price of Evaluate Bid

AT & S LTD:   NGN 2,598,260:  NGN 2,598,260
One World Ltd: NGN 6,970,000:  NGN 6,970,000
Iris Nig. Ltd:   NGN 2,470,000:  NGN 2,470,000
Blissy Hosp. Serv. Ltd:   NGN 6,825,450:  NGN 6,487,027.50
Dubzy Int. Sec.:   NGN 6,380,600:   NGN 6,380,600
Rejected Bidders:
Name & address of rejected Bidder(s) :Bid Price at Bid Opening Reason(s) for rejection: Reasons for Rejected

One World Ltd: NGN 6,970,000:  
Quotation on the high side
Iris Nig. Ltd:  NGN 2,470,000: 
Scanty documentation of simila.r projects earlier handled. Experience doubtful 
Blissy Hosp. Serv. Ltd:  NGN 6,825,450:
Quotation on the high side
Dubzy Int. Sec.:   NGN 6,380,600:
Quotation on the high side