Federal Executive Council - FEC Approved Contracts For November 19, 2008

Posted by Chijindu on Fri 05th Oct, 2012 - nigeriantenders.com

1.) Contract Item / Service:  Contract for the Supply of combustion inspection materials for Delta IV units, at Delta Electric Power Business Unit Uchelli, Delta State
Name of Company: Messrs MJB International
Cost:  USD504,000.00 (At prevailing exchange rate)
Date:  19th November, 2008

Duration:  3 Months
2.) Contract Item / Service:  Construction of Block/Concrete Wall Fence Phase II, at the Permanent Site of the Petroleum Training Institute, Osubi, Okpe Delta State
Name of Company: Messrs Obukohwo Civil and Building Engineering Company Limited
Cost: N55,581,499.43

Date:  19th November, 2008
Duration:  December 31, 2008
3.) Contract Item / Service:  Renewal of Security Services Contract for Messrs Kings Guards Nigeria Limited by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Name of Company:  Messrs Kings Guards (Nigeria) Limited
Cost:  N72,774,000.00
Date:  19th November, 2008
Duration:  Jan. 2008 – Dec. 2009

4.) Contract Item / Service:  Purchase of Office Accommodation for NEPAD Nigeria Office
Name of Company: -
Cost:  N457,145,488.80 
Date:  19th November, 2008

Duration:  -
5.) Contract Item / Service:  Contract for the Procurement of 4No. Flight Support Aircraft Refuellers 36,000 litres for the Nigerian Airforce
Name of Company:  Messrs Richfield Technologies Limited  
Cost:  N320,774,736.00

Date:  19th November, 2008
Duration:  10 Weeks
6.) Contract Item / Service: Contract for the Procurement of Arms and Ammunition for the
Nigerian Navy 

Name of Company:  Messrs VTB Import/Export
Cost:  N601,335,947.28 (At prevailing exchange rate)
Date:  19th November, 2008
Duration:  3 Months

7.)  Contract Item / Service:  Procurement of Lifesaving Items (Fragmentation Jackets)
for the Nigerian Army
Name of Company:  Messrs Royalton (Nigeria) Limited
Cost:  N199,920,000.00 

Date:  19th November, 2008
Duration:  6 Weeks
8.) Contract Item / Service:  Contract for the Procurement of Tetron Fabric (Uniform Materials) for the Nigerian Army

Name of Company:  Messrs Becoc (Nigeria) Limited
Cost:  N122,225,000.00
Date:  19th November, 2008
Duration:  4 Weeks