Request for Proposal (RFP) at Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNI)

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Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNI) invites interested and eligible Payroll Managers to indicate interest by submitting RFP documents for the following works:

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNI) is a not-for-profit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Our staff includes expert in health, education, nutrition, environmental, economic development, civil society, gender equality, youth, research, humanitarian services and technology - creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Proposal (RFP) for Payroll Management Services

AHNI is supporting the government of Nigeria (GON) to enhance sustained cross-sectional integration of HIV/AIDS services by building Nigerian capacity to deliver sustainable high quality, comprehensive, prevention, treatment, care and related services in various states within Nigeria.

ARNI is hereby seeking for the services of interested and eligible Payroll Managers to provide Payroll Management Services as per the scope below.

Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Ensures monthly computation and finalization of AHNi’s payroll, this would be carried out in strictest confidence based on the information provided by AHNi.
  • The payroll manager will render additional services of assisting AHNI in capturing and screening the information provided by AHNI to ensure that they are In accordance with AHNI's policies and procedures and all government regulations.
  • A time schedule would be agreed between the payroll management company and AHNI, stipulating the deadlines for:
    • Submission of employee's date
    • Submission of reports to AHNI for vetting before finalization of payroll
    • Submission of reports to AHNI for record keeping.
  • The Payroll management company would be expected to prepare all standard payroll reports, after each payroll period as follows:
    • Payroll Summary
    • Allowance and deductions report
    • Salary reconciliation reports
    • All statutory deductions schedules (NHF, NSITF, PENSION, and PAYE).
  • The payroll management company would prepare accounting journals for payroll cost and accounting journals for financial month end provisioning in the format required by AHNI.
  • Ensure all employees are paid in a timely manner for the hours worked in the pay period of every month.
  • The payroll manager is responsible for ensuring all information of employees are accurately captured and in accordance with the employee’s pay rate and time reported on the timesheet, with appropriate deductions.
  • Monthly pay slips should be sent to staff before the actual payment is received.
  • The Service Provider shall after each payroll processing cycle produce all the agreed payroll reports and make same available on the platform only to authorized representatives of AHNI;
  • The Service Provider shall present to AHNI the agreed payroll and post-payroll payment transaction schedules necessary forAHNI to initiate electronic payment of salaries and other payroll related payments on the platform.
  • The Service Provider shall close the payroll for each processing period and make the platform ready to receive variation inputs for the next payroll processing period.
  • The payroll manager should ensure a backup plan in the event of an interruption of services due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • The payroll manager is expected to be available to answer questions from Staff regarding payroll as the need arises.
Minimum Eligibility and Pre-Qualification Requirement

  • Company Profile, registered address(s) official/functional emails, telephone numbers and point of contact for the company
  • Evidence of legal registration document of the company (CAC registration certificate, FORM CO7 and FORM CO2)
  • Latest Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Evidence of Financial Capability (most recent audited account)
  • Evidence of Valid Registration with relevant professional body(ies)
  • Bank Reference Letter duly addressed to AHNi Procurement Committee
  • Evidence of Payroll Management Services for Organization's preferable NGO's with minimum of 400 staff and above of similar scope and complexity within the last 3 years: Bidders must provide copy(ies) of Awards (signed Contracts).
Cost of Service Proposal
Financial Quotation:
  • Financial Quotation and required Commercial Terms. Financial quotation must include cost of provision of Payroll management services broken down into monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Financial quotation must also include a proposed work plan for the payroll management.
Evaluation and Selection Criteria
Bidders must ensure that all requested information above are included in the submission. Proposals will be evaluated as follows:
Stages of Bid Evaluation Evaluation Description Evaluation Application
1st Stage Complete Conformity to RFP Submission Requirement Pass or Fail
2nd Stage
Conformity to Minimum Eligibility and Pre-qualification Requirement listed 1-7
Pass or Fail
3rd Stage Conformity to Financial Quotation listed (i.e., Clear workplan, Delivery Leadtime, Price and discount)
Pass or Fail
4th Stage Consideration for Award Price Reasonableness, Responsiveness, and Acceptable Delivery Timeline

Application Closing Date
5:00pm Tuesday, 25th January, 2022.

Submission of Documents
Technical Documentation (Criteria 1-7) and Financial Quotation including commercial terms (Criteria 8) MUST be separated, signed by the authorized representative and submitted in sealed envelopes. Your submission must be appropriately titled, addressed and submitted to:
The Procurement Committee,
Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNI),
#8, Yedseram Street,
Maitama - (FCT) Abuja.

Additional Information to Bidders
  • For clarification on any aspect of this RFP, please send an email reflecting RFP title to:
  • AHNi is Value Added Tax (VAT) exempted but deducts withholding tax (WHT) in compliance with relevant Nigeria Tax Laws
  • All proposal document submitted including price must be valid for six (6) months from the proposal due date.This include but not limited to cost, terms, conditions and service level agreement.
  • The duration of the contract is 12 Months from the date of commencement subject to renewal.

  • AHNi reserves the right to select and negotiate with those company it deems in its sole discretion to be qualified for competitive bid and to terminate negotiation without incurring any liability. Issuance of bid document does not constitute a commitment by AHNi to award a contract.