Request for Quotation at Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN)

Posted by Future on Tue 25th Jan, 2022 -

The Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) invites eligible vendors / suppliers to tender RFQ documents for the following works:

Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) is the specialized agency of the Catholic Church in Nigeria coordinating development and Humanitarian interventions. Founded in 2010 by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), she has rapidly grown into the league of foremost development institutions in Nigeria. Clearly evident in her tracts is the increasing number of lives and communities that have been impacted or transformed through her interventions.

Leveraging the Church’s structure Caritas Nigeria serves as the umbrella organization for all the regional institutions of the Church through which the implementation of development-oriented programs and interventions are carried out.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Quotation for the Supply of Laboratory Consumables

Scope of Work
Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) is requesting for quote for the items listed below:
S/N Item Description Item Specification Quantity Unit of Measure Delivery Location
1 Normal saline {500ml} Bema 768 Bottles CCFN, Abuja
2 Savlon (750ml) Savlon 192  Bottles CCFN, Abuja
3 Distilled water (pk of 25) Bema 192 Gallon’s CCFN, Abuja
4 Disposal cusco Speculums Skytec 9600 Packs CCFN, Abuja
5 Acetic acid BDH 192 Gallon’s CCFN, Abuja
6 Lugol's iodine (500ml) Bema 192 Bottles CCFN, Abuja
7 Spray Container (500ml) Unbranded 164 Bottles CCFN, Abuja
8 Waste disposal bags Gil Biohazard 192 Packs CCFN, Abuja
9 Wooden Spatula Skytec 4800 Packs CCFN, Abuja
10 Cotton Wool Agary 384 Rolls CCFN, Abuja
11 Gauze Agary, U-Mec 384 Rolls CCFN, Abuja
12 Face Mask Skytec, Divine 960 Packs CCFN, Abuja
13 Sterile gloves Agary 384 Packs CCFN, Abuja
14 Non sterile gloves Agary, Unicare, Neogloves 192 Packs CCFN, Abuja
15 Bleach Jik 384 Bottles CCFN, Abuja
16 Disposable Apron Unbranded 4800 Packs CCFN, Abuja
17 Macintosh (7x6 bed) Unbranded 164 pcs CCFN, Abuja
18 Bucket with Tap Dana 82 PCS CCFN, Abuja
19 Torch Light + Battery Lontor, Qasa, Tiger 164 PCS CCFN, Abuja
20  Artery forceps (long) Lifecare 66 Pair CCFN, Abuja
21 Sponge holding forceps (long) Lifecare 66 Pairs CCFN, Abuja
22 Forceps jar Lifecare 66 PCS CCFN, Abuja
23 Sterilizing drum Techmel 33 PCS CCFN, Abuja
24 Kidney dish (big) Pyrex, U-Mec 66 PCS CCFN, Abuja
25 Gallipot (big) Pyrex, U-Mec 66 PCS CCFN, Abuja
26 Green material for sterilization Pillow case 33 PCS CCFN, Abuja
27 Cheatle forceps Lifecare 33 Pairs CCFN, Abuja

N/B: Delivery of the Job shall be within 10 Days from the date of award.

Application Closing Date
9:00am, 31st January, 2022.

Submission of Documents
Eligible vendors should send in their quotes in two separate documents (Technical and Financial Bids) via email at:

  • Vendor proposals shall remain valid for 30 calendar days from the deadline for receipt of quotations.
  • Please note that CCFN reserves the right to reject part or all of any submitted bids that does not meet prescribed requirements.
  • 5% WHT will be charged to the total amount of the selected bid.