Consultants Needed at the Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN)

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The Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) invites interested and reliable consultant(s) to indicate interest by tendering applications for the following works:

The Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) is a non-governmental, non-profit making coalition, made up of organizations with a shared vision to transform Nigeria into a country where every citizen has food and is nutrition secured. They pursue this lofty goal by engaging government and non-state actors to raise awareness, sustain commitment and actions to effectively tackle under-nutrition in Nigeria. The coalition was formally launched on the 7th of August, 2014.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Consultant to Develop Factsheets, Position Papers, Policy Briefs on the Link of Nutrition to Children Vaccination, Childhood Killer Diseases, Family Planning and Human Capital Development

About PINNS 2.0 Project
The Partnership for Improving Nigeria Nutrition Systems (PINNS 2.0) is a project designed to strengthen the Nigeria nutrition systems to be more Result-driven, Effective, Serviceable, Efficient and Transparent (RESET). This is to facilitate the delivery of nutrition interventions and to hold government accountable on commitments made to allocate, release and use funds transparently for implementation of high-impact nutrition interventions in Nigeria through evidence-based advocacy.

Several factors, including lack of food, improper feeding and caring practices, economic and political structures, low status and lack of education among women, and others, cause malnutrition in Nigeria. Therefore, a multi-sectoral approach is required for reduction and eventual eradication of the scourge. The UNICEF conceptual framework (UNICEF 2013) brings to the fore the need for multi-actors, disciplines, sectors and systems in this effort as evidence increasingly suggests that solving malnutrition can benefit from a systems approach (WHO 2009; Hammond & Dube’ 2012).

The project is a continuation of the just completed PINNS 1.0 and connects the importance of optimal nutrition to attaining Nigeria’s Human Capital Development goal by 2025. The project will continue to support the Nigeria nutrition system to be more Result-Driven, Effective, Serviceable, Efficient and Transparent (RESET).

PINNs project adopts a systems approach to strengthening bodies burdened with the responsibility of reducing malnutrition in Nigeria. It pays attention to the unpredictable interaction among factors, sectors, disciplines and determinants of nutrition, bringing to the table key tools and technical support required for the effective coordination and implementation of programs. PINNs seek to focus on strengthening governance, policy implementation, effective coordination, financing, building the capacity of state actors, generation and effective communication of evidence, and promoting accountability. This collective effort will contribute to a reduction in malnutrition, improving the nutritional status of Nigerians, particularly women and children. The organizational capacity of CS-SUNN to become a leading voice on nutrition advocacy in Nigeria by deepening expertise gained from the Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health (PACFaH) project and building new ones is also one of the goals the project intends to achieve.

The Assignment
CS-SUNN requires the services of a consultant to produce factsheets in infographic format, position papers and policy briefs on the link between nutrition, and children’s vaccination, childhood killer diseases, family planning, Human capital development, and other relevant issues.

CS-SUNN believes that the documents will contribute to establishing a shared and accepted understanding among various stakeholders on the importance of adequate nutrition. We expect the document to show the role adequate nutrition plays in promoting efficacy of vaccines given to children, preventing child-hood killer diseases, family planning (in the context of child-spacing), and Human Capital Development (HCD).

Specific Objective of the Assignment
  • To show the role nutrition plays in promoting the efficacy of children vaccination, prevention of childhood killer diseases, HCD and family planning.
  • To undertake an in-depth study on how nutrition impacts vaccination responses, averts childhood killer diseases, supports birth-spacing and attainment of HCD.
  • To get the support of stakeholders in “non-nutrition core sectors” (non-nutrition professional bodies, academia, health associations, state-and non-state actors, health advocates, media etc) on the relevance of nutrition to the aforementioned related sectors.
  • To identify and establish the roles of these stakeholders in integrating nutrition in decisions and actions related to health interventions for women and children.
  • To provide recommendations on both immediate and long-term approaches/strategies that CS-SUNN and other nutrition stakeholders can use to ensure transformative advocacy agendas to bridge the existing gaps in the links between nutrition and other relevant issues.
Consultant Requirements
  • Master’s degree in public health, Health Planning, policy and management, Health Economics and financing, Public Policy, nutrition, sociology and related disciplines nutrition and or related field.
  • Degree in Data Journalism, Graphics Design, Infographics Design and Digital Marketing.
  • At least 7 years’ experience of working in and or managing immunization, family planning, nutrition or related field projects/programmes.
  • For specialty and quality delivery of the dual component of this consultancy; public health issues (nutrition, vaccine, family planning, child health and Human Capital Development) and graphics design, we expect the team of consultant (s) brings to the table essential skills and experience in public health programming on one hand and a team of professional graphics, infographic/digital design experts on the other as these are key to attaining the deliverables for the tasks.
  • Proven experience developing briefs, position papers, infographics. Journalistic writing, excellent simple, persuasive writing skills in English, ability to extract critical facts from written sources and collating them in a coherent and creative manner, knowledge of visualization, and graphic design are critical. (an example of relevant previous work mandatory and will be kept confidential if required).
  • Proven experience working with government authorities, stakeholders in the immunization, family planning and nutrition circle, as well as civil society organizations, academia, media, health associations/groups.
  • Proven experience in coordinating or leading similar projects.
  • Shows a clear understanding of the TOR and the outputs expected from the assignment.
  • Shows a clear understanding of the TOR and the outputs expected from the assignment.
Application Closing Date
27th January, 2022.

Submission of Documents
Interested candidates should send their complete offer via mail to:

Please address correspondence to:

The Executive Secretary,
Civil Society Scaling-up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN)
​Plot 203 Cadastral Zone B02,
Off Oladipo Diya Way (Beside Coded Suites),
Durumi District,
F.C.T - Abuja.

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