CBN Request for Proposals for the Provision of Alternative Energy (Wind) under its 2012 Budget for Capital Projects

Posted by Charles on Mon 10th Sep, 2012 -

The Central Bank of Nigeria situated at Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way, Central Business District, Cadestral Zone, Abuja, Nigeria proposes to undertake, under its 2012 Capital Projects, the Provision of Alternative Energy Source (Wind Generator(s)) at its CBN Katsina Branch.
The project involves feasibility studies to identify suitable locations, procurement of relevant permits and land lease, transportation & logistics, erection of wind generator(s), connection to facility, commissioning of system, maintenance and decommissioning of system at the end of useful life.
Consequently, the Bank invites proposals (RFP) from reputable firms interested in providing the services to the Bank as described above.

Bidders Meeting
There will be an opportunity for prospective Bidders to meet with the Bank’s staff for a Question and Answer session at CBN Main Auditorium, Ground Floor Wing C on 30th August, 2012.
Bidders Meeting details:
Date: Thursday 30 August, 2012
Time: 2.00pm (local time)
Location: Office of the Head, Projects Planning & Implementation Division, Procurement and Support Services Department, Central Bank of Nigeria
Participation at the Bidders Meeting is not mandatory; however, it is limited to two (2) people per firm. The purpose of this meeting is to give vendors the opportunity to ask the Bank questions about the intended works. If you are intending to send representatives to this meeting please send an RSVP to Engr M.K. Nuhu-Koko, who can be reached at Office of the Head, Projects Planning & Implementation Division, Procurement and Support Services Department, Central Bank of Nigeria. Please provide us names and titles of those attending by 23RD August, 2012.

Interested firms are required to submit Technical and Financial proposals prepared in English Language with the following requirements which shall be used as criteria for preliminary selection.
MANDATORY (without which the firm will be disqualified)
(i) Evidenceof registration with CorporateAffairs Commission.
iii) Certified true copy of Memorandum and Article of Association.
(iii) Evidence of payment of tax for the last three (3) years as at when due, (such evidence should reflect the value of the projects undertaken by the firm in the last three (3) years).
(iv) Evidence of Employees’ Retirement Savings Account (RSA) with Pension FundAdministrator.
(v) Evidence of remitting employer and employees’ pension contribution to appropriate Pension Fund Custodian.

(vi) Evidence of Transferring all Pension Funds and Assets prior to the commencement of the Pension Reform Act to Licensed Pension Operators.
(vii) Evidence of Compliance with the Industrial Training Fund (Amendment) Act2011 requiring firms to fulfil their statutory obligations to pay training contributions in respect of theiremployees.
(viii) Evidence of Compliance with the Financial Reporting Council of NigeriaAct,2011; requiring registration with the Financial Reporting Council (FRC)of Nigeria.
(ix) A sworn affidavit disclosing whether or not any officer of the relevant committees of the Bank or BPP is a former or present director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and confirming that all information preserited in its bid are true and correct,

Technical Proposals
The technical proposals shall be developed based on the requirements below;
i) The capacity of power targeted. The amount of power targeted in this RFP is 1500KW.
ii) Operation Date. The Operation Date for the project shall be no later than December31, 2013.

iii) Site Control. The Proposal must be predicated on the use of land to which the Bidder has or will have project development rights. Not later than thirty (30) calendar days following final selection, each of the selected Respondents must have established formal site control and shall have provided evidence of the same to CBN. Such establishment of site control is a required step towards achieving cost, development, and operation assurance.
iv) Production features and production capability. The Detailed description of the respective process of wind generation from stage Ito the final stage, i.e. connection to facility; highlighting the product features; including tentative programme of works with milestone/time scliedulesfrom placement of orders to delivery of equipmentto installation and commissioning; and include a modular budget tied to milestones.
v) Experience in gathering respective empirical data. The Respondents shall include references of wind studies conducted; including an Environmental lmpactAssessment(EIA) model that has been employed in the past
vi) Total number of wind farms/projects completed/underway
vii) Overall units constructed
viii) Total MWs of windfarm constructed
ix) Range of turbine output and respective production figures

Financial Proposals

i) Terms, Conditions and Pricing. Respondents shall include all costs in their Proposals necessary to deliver capacity and energy to the CBN system including, but not limited to, construction of the wind generator(s), transmission (if necessary) development secunty post-development secunty all costs related to interconnection maintenance transportation and logistics and decommissioning of the generator(s) All Proposal terms conditions and pricing are binding through the final selection notification and subsequent negotiations (if required).
ii) Cost of components and mandatory spare parts. Respondents shall include a priced list of components and mandatoryspare parts to support the system fora period of five years.
iii) Cost of training. Respondentsshall include costof training in technical, managementand projectskills.

General requirement
Introduction. The Respondents shall include general information detailing;
  • Corporate profile of the firm including Curriculum Vitae of key personnel supported by professional licenses (where applicable), registered address, functional contact email address, GSM phone number(s), facsimile number(s).
  • Year corporation was founded
  • Audited accounts in the last three (3) years duly stamped by Licensed Auditors.
  • Years of experience in wind farms, turbine andlorwind park development/production
  • Evidence of participation in similar projects (of value not less than N250 Million).
  • Verifiable reference of related services rendered in the last three (3) years (attach letters of engagement)
  • References of satisfactory performance on similar projects from three (3) prevIous clients.
Selection Procedure
The short listed companies may be required to come and make a formal presentation to the selection panel of the Procurement & Support Services Department, CBN.

The final selection procedure will include but not be limited to the following criteria:
1. The submitted Presantation/information
2. Validation of proposed time schedules
3. The total budget and pricing of key elements
4. Employment creation in line with the FGN local content act, to create employment for the local population
5. Strategy for Education and Training on wind and other related technologies for local staff
6. Maintenance and Service Arrangernents for the proposed lifespan of the project; to include a service level agreement with terms and conditions of maintenance to that facility, and a detailed skills development program.
Bid Submittal

1. General Information
a. Currency. Prices and figures must be clearly stated in Nigerian Naira.
b. Extensions. CBN will not grant any extensions to the RFPschedule andwill notaccept late Proposals. Any Proposals received after the scheduled date will be disqualified and the Respondent will be notified.
c. Reservation of Rights CBN reserves the right to accept or reject in its sole discretion any or all Proposals for any reason at any time after submittal CBN also reserves the right to select an offer that is not the lowest price if CBN determines that to do so would result in the greatest value to CBN.
d. Failure to Comply. Failure to comply with all requirements of this RFP will be grounds for rejection ofa Proposal in CBN’s sole discretion.
e. No LiabiIlty Respondents that submit Proposals do so without legal recourse against CBN or its directors, management, employees, agents, contractors or Independent Monitor based on CBN’s rejection of the Proposal or for failure to execute any agreement tendered by CBN, CBN shall not be liable to any Respondent or to any other party, in law or equity, for any reason whatsoever relating to CBNs acts or ommissions arising out of or in connection with this RFP.
f. Return of Documents. None of the materials received by CBN from Respondents in response to this RFP will be retumed. All Proposals and exhibits will become the property of CBN..
2. Proposal Content

RFP Submission Fee. A non-refundable RFP submission fee of N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Naira only) in Bank Draft per Respondent is required in order to qualify its Proposal(s)for consideration. The Draft shall be made payable to the Central Bank of Nigeria.
3. Changes to RFP, Schedules and Addenda
CBN reserves the right at any time to unilaterally revise, suspend or terminate this RFP process and any schedule related thereto in its sole discretion without liability to any Respondent.  Any such changes will be posted on the CBN Website and a message will be sent to all Bidders.
4. Collusion
By submitting a Proposal to CBN in response to this RFP, the Respondent certifies that the Respondent has not divulged, discussed or compared its Proposal with other Respondents and has not colluded whatsoever with any other Respondent or parties with respect to this  or other Proposals.
5. Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions
a. Compliance. Each Respondent is responsible foracquiring and/orverifying thatit is in compliance with all licenses, permits. certifications, studies, reporting requirements and approvals required byfederal, state and local government laws, regulations and policies in orderfor itto contractfor and perform in accordance with its Proposal.
b. Binding Agreements.. All executed contracts will be binding, in accordance with theirterms.

c. Costs. Respondent shall be liable forall of its costs and CBN shall not be responsible for any of Respondent’s costs incurred in responding to this RFPor in connection with the negotiation and execution of any contract as a result of the RFP process.
Applications for RFP accompanied by the relevant documents should be forwarded in sealed envelop marked at the top left corner and boldly written; RFP for the Provision of Alternative Energy (Wind) under the 2012 Capital Project at the CBN Katsina Branch Office”
And addressed to:
The Secretary, Major Contracts Tenders Committee
2nd Floor, Wing C, CBN Head Office Complex, Central Business District,
Abuja, FCT Nigeria.
Closing Date: All submissions must be received at the above Office not later than 120 days from the date of this publication.
Bid Opening Details:

Bid Opening Date: Thursday 29 November, 2012.
Time: 2:00pm (local time)
Location: Office of the Secretary, Major Contracts Tenders Committee, Procurement and Support Services Department, Central Bank of Nigeria
Important Notice
Only shortlisted firms will be contacted