Consultants Needed at the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) invites interested and eligible consultants to tender applications for the following works:

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization with 60 years of experience in helping to create a safer and more dignified life for refugees and internally displaced people.

NRC advocates for the rights and provides assistance, protection and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide. NRC has been operating in Nigeria since late 2015 providing assistance with Emergency shelter, Livelihoods and Food Security, Water, sanitation and hygiene sectors, Information and Legal Counselling and Education.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Consultancy - Evaluation on Durable Solutions in Nigeria: Building tools for Better Advocacy and Programming

The conflict in Northeast Nigeria has been ongoing for over a decade and has led to 2.9 million IDPs within the country as well as around 118,195 Nigerian refugees across the border in Cameroon (UNHCR 2021). While a reduction in hostilities in 2017 led to the signature of a Tripartite agreement between the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria and UNHCR, a study commissioned by NRC in 2019 found that capacities to safely return refugees remained low in practice. In addition, the study uncovered emerging dynamics of cross border returns along three key lines: preparedness for return, support to return movements (and protection challenges thereof), and possibilities for durable solutions and reintegration. One gap found in the NRC study was in the understanding of living conditions – for both IDPs and former IDPs – and to what capacity durable solutions were implemented and/or met.

In 2021, the Tripartite commission laid out a plan for the resumption of activities, with a new objective of 5,000 refugees to be voluntarily repatriated. This resumption of activities kicked off in early March 2021, with a first group of Nigerian refugees being repatriated from Minawao Camp, marking the beginning of a new phase for return and reintegration of Nigerian refugees. Gaps in knowledge on living conditions and service availability for refugees, IDPs and former IDPs remain in place; therefore, as the Tripartite commission resumes repatriation plans in 2021, the timing is right for an assessment of durable solutions for IDPs and former IDPs / refugees, tailored to improving advocacy, programming and capacity when it comes to return and reintegration in the long term.

The evaluation will:
  • Contribute to the body of evidence on durable solutions among refugee returnees, IDPs and Former IDPs in Nigeria
  • Provide specific recommendations on steps to be taken
  • Build a strong knowledge and evidence base for strategic advocacy and programming
Scope of the Assessment

The study will cover the three following locations: Bama, Banki and Maiduguri. For these three locations, the study will address the following questions, and sub questions:
  • How are durable solutions currently being met for refugees and IDPs that have returned to their areas of origin in Nigeria?
    • To which extent the returnee populations have access to durable solutions (security, access to social basic services,livelihoods, land and shelter, etc.)?
    • What are the existing access constraints? (for populations’ access to social basic services)
    • What are there turnee populations’ needs, intentions and aspirations?
    • Which factors were instrumental in contributing to progress towards durable solutions?
  • What actions are needed to ensure more effective and consistent durable solutions processes in these locations? Which practices can enable effective pathways towards durable solutions in targeted locations?
NRC’s Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Offer the Consultant(s) relevant sources of data from within NRC.
  • Provide timely feedback at every stage of the consultancy
  • Provide support in liaising with potential data sources and actors across the region and broadening buy in for the project
  • Organise brainstorming with NRC`s relevant staff to gather input and feedback to facilitate the Consultant(s) understanding of substantive matters 
  • Make payment to the Consultant(s) in line with the contract and upon receipt of the agreed, high quality, deliverables
  • NRC will not provide logistical support.
Responsibilities of the Consultant(s):
  • Respect NRC’s policies and fully adhere to the NRC code of Conduct and consultancy service procurement guidelines
  • Make available both soft and hard copy documents and datasets related to the study as well as the list of interviews (and their transcription), sources, and partners consulted or used for the research
  • Finalize the research based on the agreed time frame
  • Respect reporting requirements and provide high-quality deliverables in a timely manner
Required skills and Experience
  • Advanced University degree in social studies, political science, international relations or relevant field of study
  • Minimum 10 years’ proven experience in conducting similar assignments, including on Nigeria and the LCB (Lake Chad Basin) context.
  • Extensive knowledge of the context and displacement trends across the LCB
  • Proven track record of research conducted with and for international organizations, including in the humanitarian and development sector
  • Strong analytical and writing skills with proven experience in producing high quality research with ability to present complex information in a simple and accessible manner
  • Exceptional organizational skills, ability to work independently in order to meet deadlines
  • Ability to travel across northeastern Nigeria for research purposes
Application Closing Date
11:00am (Dakar Time), 21st February, 2022.

Submission of Documents
All bids must be submitted by email to:

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